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When There Is Nothing Left But Love Chapter 1855

Chapter 1855 Set Up A Trap

Ashton was worried for a legitimate reason. Hence, I guessed that everything had turned out for the best.

Ashton had almost gathered all Nathaniel’s incriminating evidence. The latter had also exposed his identity, so he would not escape for too long.

Although the police would patrol the villa, Ashton still felt that the place was unsafe for us to stay in. Hence, he sent us to John’s house late at night.

John was staying in Louis’ precious yard. The place was kept under strict surveillance by the security guard there. Moreover, there was a military base not far from the place, so Garrett’s people would not get near.

The moment we entered the house, I jolted when I heard a loud voice. “Mrs. Fuller!”

When I regained my senses, I finally noticed that Joseph was right in front of me.

He’s alive!

“Joseph!” I exclaimed. “Y-You’re not dead! You’re alive!”

Joseph smiled as he explained awkwardly, “Yes. I’m still alive. I went into hiding for detox and recuperation. I must’ve embarrassed Mr. Ashton since I’ve recovered so slowly.”

“It’s not embarrassing.” I felt warm inside as I stretched out my arms to hug him. “Give me a hug. It must’ve been hard on you.”

Joseph turned to look at Ashton for permission before he gave me a brief hug.

“Thank you, Joseph,” I mumbled gratefully.

Joseph smiled without uttering a word.

Just then, Audrey and Gregory ran down the stairs and threw themselves at me.



“I missed you so much…”

“I missed Daddy too!”

“I miss you too!”

Seems like my senses have malfunctioned. Why do my tears taste sweet today? The next morning, Benson was dressed in his military uniform when he visited us.

“Congratulations, both of you. The darkest days are already over.”

Lying in Ashton’s arms, I looked at him to exchange glances with him before I smiled. Then, I invited Benson into the house.

After serving the tea, Ashton asked Benson the question I was concerned about the most. “Did you get any news about Nathaniel?”

Benson had just sipped his tea as he heard Ashton’s words. He slowly placed his cup down as he shook his head with remorse. “We’re still investigating. The same goes for Mr. Jensen and his men. It’s like they’ve disappeared into thin air. There’s absolutely no news about them.”

“Does that mean that Nathaniel might have escaped?” I frowned my brows worriedly.

Putting aside his identity, Nathaniel was highly intelligent. Once he had avoided the police, with his capability, it would be a matter of time for him to make his comeback.

Ashton and our family had never owed him anything. We did not deserve to live under constant threat and endless harassment.

“Mrs. Fuller, don’t be pessimistic. You should trust us. Those who I’ve intended to capture have never gotten far. Please don’t worry and enjoy your time with your family and forget about this issue.” Benson did not even see Nathaniel as a threat.

I did not blame him at all.

One would only be terrified when mishaps befell him.

Looking at the children who were playing in the living room, I could not stay calm. Ashton is suffering now because of all the grudges from the previous generation. I can’t let history repeat itself and have my children suffer from hurting each other. I can’t let that happen.

As my heart sank, I looked at Benson and said, “Mr. Zimmerman, we can’t be on the passive side. There are almost a hundred billion people in K City. It’s impossible to find a needle in the haystack. Why don’t we change our plan, and try setting up a trap?”

“Oh?” Benson raised his eyebrow, looking interested. “How do we set a trap?”

Glancing at Ashton, I explained sternly, “I can’t guarantee that my method will definitely work, but we can give it a try…”

The next morning, an ambulance drove into the Stovall residence and sent me to the best private hospital in K City. After a diagnosis, I was sent to the emergency ward.

The social media was soon awash with news, and some netizens predicted that I only had a month left to live.

That was actually a trap to arrest Nathaniel. Yet, the person who appeared was Rebecca.

In order to let Nathaniel get into the hospital, all the patients on my floor were transferred away. Instead, soldiers came to disguise themselves as patients and their family. Rebecca managed to get in because the guard was slacking.


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