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Snatched a Billionaire to be My Husband Chapter 1079

Chapter 1079 Husband and Wife

Later, while Hayden was recuperating in the hospital, Freya also stayed there.

The Gollust family was worried that Freya wouldn’t have a good rest in the hospital due to her pregnancy, so they also booked the ward next door to offer Freya a place to rest.

Moreover, the verdict for Maura had been announced. She had been sentenced to death with a reprieve for escaping custody during the sentence and committing intentional murder, taking into account multiple charges.

After Hayden had recuperated for a month, Freya’s due date came.

Brian brought Hayden, who was on crutches, to the ward where Freya was currently staying to propose marriage.

Hayden was quite nervous at first, worried that Maeve would not agree.

But fortunately, Maeve’s attitude eased a lot.

Facing their marriage, she said, “In the future, you must take good care of Freya and the baby, so Duncan’s soul in heaven can be comforted.”

Hayden nodded repeatedly. “I will. Thank you for accepting me

again. I will definitely use my life to protect Freya and the baby in the future.”

Maeve knew that Hayden’s words were not just empty talk. He had also taken practical action, and she had witnessed it. It was enough.

After discussion, the two families decided to hold Freya and Hayden’s wedding in half a year.

The Gollust family entrusted their acquaintances to register the marriage certificate for Hayden and Freya.

On the day they received the freshly released marriage certificate, Freya’s amniotic sac ruptured, and she was quickly rushed into the delivery room.

Hearing Freya’s heart-piercing yells in the delivery room, Hayden walked around on crutches outside, extremely anxious.

With the crying of a baby, everyone was overjoyed.

When the nurse delivered the six-pound baby girl to Hayden, Hayden was very excited.

However, he was more concerned about Freya in the delivery room. He stayed there until Freya was sent out of the delivery room. He held Freya’s hand tightly and placed a soft kiss on Freya’s forehead. “Babe, thank you…”

Time flew. In the blink of an eye, Freya and Hayden’s wedding day came.

On that day, Georgia brought Efren, Cora, and Byron over.

The appearance of several big shots made the wedding more magnificent, and the number of people attending the wedding ceremony was unprecedented.

Fortunately, the wedding was held on the hotel lawn, which could accommodate numerous people.

Seeing Freya wearing a white wedding dress and slowly entering the venue under the wedding march, Georgia couldn’t help but sigh; “I really want to get married again.”

Efren immediately tapped her on the head. “Nonsense!”

Georgia smiled awkwardly.

On the other hand, Byron took the initiative to ask Cora, “Do you want to get married again?”

Cora joked, “Are you willing to let me marry someone else?”

“No. Even if you get married again, the groom can only be me!”

As Byron said, he lowered his head and kissed Cora’s red lips, which made Cora blush with annoyance.

At the wedding, the pastor began to ask the bride and groom.

“Mr. Hayden Gollust, are you willing to marry Miss Freya Mcbride as a wife, regardless of poverty, wealth, disease, or health, until death separates you?”

“Yes, I do.” Hayden’s voice resounded firmly.

“Miss Freya Mcbride, are you willing to marry Mr. Hayden Gollust as a wife, regardless of poverty, wealth, disease, or health, until death separates you?”

“Yes, I do.” Looking at Maeve, who was already full of tears off the stage, Freya also burst into tears.

Hayden hurriedly held her hand tightly, and Freya quickly looked back at Hayden.

The pastor continued, “I will announce the two of you are husband and wife. Now, the groom can kiss the bride…”

Hayden half lifted Freya’s veil, put his head in, and kissed Freya’s lips.

The scene was so beautiful that the audience applauded continuously. At the same time, tens of thousands of balloons were released into the air, announcing that the couple, from school to marriage, had finally become husband and wife…

The end.


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