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Snatched a Billionaire to be My Husband Chapter 1077

Chapter 1077 Please Hold On!

Because a car accident happened, everyone nearby came to watch. Some kindhearted people rushed into the hospital to find medical staff, and some helped to control the driver of the car.

When the kind people dragged the driver out of the car, Freya saw Maura’s distorted and sinister expression.

“You guys ruined my family. I just made him pay the same price. Hayden is dead. And you will be the next.”

Maura’s mother died of illness in the past two days. The Chambers family’s offspring found a lot of connections and helped her get released temporarily to attend her mother’s funeral.

But Maura knew that after her mother’s funeral was over, she would return to that damned prison again.

Instead of continuing a meaningless life like this, she would like to take revenge.

So she took advantage of the distraction of the police guarding her and drove away.

Then Maura sold her jewelry and used the money to find out that Hayden was currently in New York Hospital, so she went straight to Hayden.

She didn’t expect to have an unexpected discovery at the entrance of the hospital.

She saw Freya and her bulging belly!

Freya and Hayden had caused the Chambers family so much misery. How did they still have the audacity to be together and have children?

Maura came up with a plan at that time. She would let the three of them go to heaven together to apologize to her mother.

Unexpectedly, Hayden would notice her actions and push Freya away at the most critical juncture.

Maura was annoyed that she did not kill Freya at the same time, so she fiercely threatened Freya.

If she hadn’t been controlled by others, she would have rushed towards Freya now.

But Freya didn’t even listen to her yelling and rushed to Hayden.

“Hayden, wake up!

“Hayden, you can’t die!

“Didn’t you say that you wanted to watch the baby be born with your own eyes?”

Hayden was bleeding profusely from his body and head. Freya

could not be sure if he had a fracture, so she did not dare to touch him at will for fear of causing another injury.

She could only hold his hand and call him over and over again.

As Maeve saw Hayden, who was lying motionless on the ground, and Freya, who was crying so hard, her heart was as painful as pierced by a knife.

“Hayden, you can’t die.”

Maeve also cried loudly.

After the medical staff arrived, they quickly carried Hayden away and sent him to the emergency room.

The rescue lasted nearly two hours, and Freya almost cried to death.

Maeve couldn’t do anything. She could only pray for Hayden in her heart over and over again.

She even said to Hayden in her heart, “Don’t you want to be with Freya? As long as you survive, I promise you can be with Freya. Please! Please hold on.”

Maeve knew that if Hayden died, Freya would not be able to endure the repeated blows.

Maybe God had heard her prayer. The lights in the emergency room finally went out after more than two hours.

The doctor announced, “The patient has been rescued, but the collision caused his brain hemorrhage. If he can wake up within seventy-two hours, and the brain hemorrhage can be absorbed, he will be fine. But if he can’t, the chances of him waking up in the future are very slim…”

In other words, Hayden may become a vegetable.

Freya almost fainted when she heard the conclusion.

Maeve tried her best to support her. “Freya, Hayden must care about you and the baby, and he will be fine. Let’s wait for him to wake up…”


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