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Nothing To Give But My Heart Chapter 1688

After teasing her, Yuchi Yishu rubbed the back of her head. “Look at that secret admirer of yours. Did you give him your number?”

Tang Yuanyuan looked annoyed. Why would she do that? Since they were already engaged, which meant that she now belonged to someone, she would never do that.

“Judging by your question, does that mean if someone asks for your number, you would give it to her?”

Yuchi Yishu raised his eyebrows. “That would very much depend on you. If you agree, I don’t mind.”

“You can’t do that!” Tang Yuanyuan yelled at him and refuted his words. “You aren’t allowed to give anyone your number. You have a fiancée!”

Yuchi Yishu grabbed her fair and lean wrist and pulled her into his arms. “Fine. I won’t do that then. No one else can have my number apart from you. Are you happy now?”

Tang Yuanyuan snorted. “Not only that—you aren’t allowed to speak more than three sentences with any other woman. Furthermore, stay away from those women who are into you.”

Tsk. Yuchi Yushi was amused. “Since when did you become so unreasonable? Last I remember you were a naïve little girl. Look at how bossy you are now.”

“You are my fiancé; why can’t I be bossy around you?” Tang Yuanyuan pouted. “Yuehan and Xiaolu told me that you were such a good catch, and if I didn’t watch you properly, you might get snatched away by others. That’s why I—”

Before she could finish, Yuchi Yishu lowered his body, pulled her into his arms, and held her tightly. He responded in a deep voice, “Is that who you think I am?”

Tang Yuanyuan was startled.

“My heart belongs to you already. How can I still be snatched away? Are they just going to snatch my empty shell?”

At this juncture, Tang Yuanyuan began to blush as she gently bit her lower lip. She indeed felt that no one could snatch Yishu away from her. Otherwise, he would not have been single for so many years. Not only were they each other’s first love, but they were also childhood friends. If Yuchi Yishu were to change his mind or be easily snatched away by others, there might not be any more good men in this world.

“Alright, please take what your two roommates said to you with a pinch of salt. Let’s go home.”

“Sure.” Tang Yuanyuan opened her arms. “Give me a piggyback.”

“You are no longer a kid. Are you sure you want that?”

“I don’t care.” Tang Yuanyuan pouted. “Didn’t you used to give me piggyback rides back in the days? You haven’t done it ever since we started dating.”

Her words made Yuchi Yishu laugh, and he gently knocked her on her head. “I really don’t know what’s in your head. The reason we never did it anymore since we started dating is that I’ve turned them into cuddles. Instead of thinking about the piggyback rides, why don’t you think about how many times I’ve cuddled you?”

He has a point. Tang Yuanyuan could not bear the embarrassment. So, she remarked, “I don’t care. They are equally important to me.” As she finished, she jumped on his back, put her hands around his neck, and let out a satisfying smile.

“Fine. We’ll take turns.”

The Tang Family’s initial thought was for them to get married right after Tang Yuanyuan graduated from college, but the Ye Family felt that the decision should ultimately be up to Tang Yuanyuan and that she should decide when to get married.

However, Mrs. Tang felt that Yuchi Yishu was such a good catch. So, after Yuanyuan graduated from college, Mrs. Tang began asking her when she was planning on getting married, and her response to her was always that she was not in a rush. After getting the same response a few times, Mrs. Tang began to get anxious.

“Come on, Yuanyuan. This is such a good opportunity. When are you going to cherish it?”

Tang Yuanyuan was bemused. “We’re already engaged, so he’s not running away. Why are you so anxious?”

“Who told you that? Every man is the same. They always think the grass is greener on the other side. Since you guys have been together for so long, if you don’t get married now, what are you going to do if he has a change of heart?”

“He won’t.” Tang Yuanyuan shook her head. “He’s not that kind of person.”

“You’re not him. How would you know?”

“Mom, I don’t know about all the other men, but Yishu is definitely different. So many girls were going after him before, and many of them were extremely pretty. However, when did you ever see him date any of them?”

Mrs. Tang had to agree with her. “You have a point. So, if not now, when are you going to get married?”

“I don’t know yet. I feel that since I’ve just graduated college and ended a stage of my life, it might be too soon to transition straight into marriage. I want to enjoy my last bit of freedom before getting married.”

“Did you tell him about this already?”

“Uh-huh.” Tang Yuanyuan was somewhat embarrassed by this as it was on the day of her graduation when she asked him about it while he was giving her a piggyback right back home.

“That means he’s also asked you the same question before? Good then. That means he’s still looking forward to getting married.”

A year later, Tang Yuanyuan still did not feel like settling down anytime soon and had not brought up the matter of their wedding. As Yuchi Yishu grew older, his parents began to urge him, even to the extent of secretly asking the Tang Family what Tang Yuanyuan’s thoughts were. This made Mrs. Tang feel helpless.

Another six months later, there was still no news about any wedding plans from them. As the clock was ticking, the parents from both families received the news of Tang Yuanyuan’s pregnancy, which was discovered during a banquet where she kept vomiting no matter what she ate and ended up being sent to the hospital.

Both parents and Yuchi Yishu went to the hospital with her. Initially, they thought she was having some stomach issues, but the test results that came out shocked the two families to the core. Tang Yuanyuan was pregnant.

Since then, being pressed for time, the two families started putting together the wedding for them. Tang Yuanyuan was mad at Yuchi Yishu and began hitting him when no one else was around in the ward. “It’s all your fault for not wearing protection. I’m not done enjoying my unmarried life yet!”

Yuchi Yishu willingly took all her angry blows. In the end, he held her wrist. “You’ve already hit and yelled at me. Isn’t it time for you to calm down now?”

“What do you mean? Now everyone will know I got pregnant before I’m married! It’s so embarrassing!” Tang Yuanyuan was actually shy about it rather than being embarrassed as she reckoned that it would be awkward when the news got out. When the doctor told her that it had nothing to do with any stomach issues but that she was pregnant, all that she wanted to do then was dig a hole and jump into it. It was way too awkward.

“How’s it embarrassing?” Yuchi Yishu pulled her into his arms. “We’ve been engaged for such a long time. Isn’t this something expected? It would be strange if you’re not pregnant.”

“How’d it be strange?”

“People might think that I’m infertile. But isn’t it great now? Young lady, it’s time to settle down.”

“But…” Tang Yuanyuan pouted. “I’m still too young.”

Yuchi Yishu exhaled. “That’s right; you are, but I’m not.”

“You have a point.” Being about five to six years older than her, Yuchi Yishu was not as young anymore.

“Alright then. Let’s have the wedding, shall we?”

“Dad and Mom have already started preparing.”

“Oh, I’m slightly nervous about it.”

“Don’t be. I’m here.”

“Does giving birth hurt?”

“I’ll be there with you.”

“If it does, can we just have one child?”

“Sure. We’ll have just one.”

“If it’s a baby girl, would Dad and Mom want me to have another boy?”

“They won’t. It’s up to us.”

“Oh, great! Let’s get married then!”

—The end—


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