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Nothing To Give But My Heart Chapter 1687

Soon enough, the Ye Family and the Tang Family had set the wedding date. Also, they put together a grand engagement ceremony for the two.

On the day of the engagement, Yuan Yuehan and Zhang Xiaolu came dressed extravagantly. After spending much time with Tang Yuanyuan, their personalities had somewhat been influenced by each other.

However, the two had gotten much better. They would no longer play mind games with Tang Yuanyuan; instead, they would just tease her.

“It’s your engagement dinner, but we look more attractive than you. Are you going to be mad at us?”

Zhang Xiaolu jumped in right away, “Why is she going to be mad at us? The most gorgeous guy in North City now belongs to her. Besides, he won’t even pay attention to us. She must be over the moon.”

As she finished, she went up to Tang Yuanyuan. “Am I right?”

Feeling somewhat embarrassed, Tang Yuanyuan began to blush. Frankly speaking, she was not bothered by how they were dressed because of how extravagant they usually were.

“Anyway, congratulations on the engagement. Your dreams finally came true.”

“Thank you,” Tang Yuanyuan responded while blushing.

“By the way, you don’t keep in touch with Meng Kefei anymore, do you?” Zhang Xiaolu added before Yuan Yuehan stopped her from talking. “What are you saying?”

Zhang Xiaolu was startled before she smiled and continued, “It’s been so long, and it’s just a question.”

The mention of Meng Kefei was like a wound in Tang Yuanyuan’s heart. Tang Yuanyuan smiled drily. “No worries. I’m okay with that question, and indeed we don’t keep in touch with each other anymore.”

“Good then. That’s life. People come and go. After college, we may have to part ways as well.”

What a sad topic this was.

“But that’s okay as long as the person you love is with you all the time. That matters more than anything else.”

She’s right. As long as Yuchi Yishu is with me, nothing else matters.

Yuan Yuehan and Zhang Xiaolu met a couple of new friends at the engagement dinner. After the dinner, they hung out a couple of times, and shortly after, they both got into a relationship. As they all got busy with their own lives, they did not see each other that often anymore.

Due to work commitments, Yuchi Yishu had not been able to spend too much time with Tang Yuanyuan; this was partially because Tang Yuanyuan was still in college. After their engagement, nothing much happened.

During college, when Tang Yuanyuan was signing up for clubs one day, she ran into Meng Kefei.

When they two met each other, Tang Yuanyuan initially thought that Meng Kefei would avoid her. Much to her surprise, Meng Kefei came up to her.

“Are you thinking of joining this club as well?”

Tang Yuanyuan felt odd to hear Meng Kefei’s voice again after all these years of not seeing each other. As such, Meng Kefei thought that Tang Yuanyuan would not speak to her.


“I’m in this club. If that bothers you, you can find another one to join.”

Tang Yuanyuan was shocked when she heard that.

“By the way, I want to apologize for what happened in the past.”

Meng Kefei let out a smile. “Every time I think about it, I can’t help but feel that I was so childish. Back in the days, you would go all out for me, but I took it out on you because of personal greed.”

Feeling slightly choked, Tang Yuanyuan did not respond.

“But I’ve already thought it through, and I still owe you an apology.”

“N-No. It’s fine.” Tang Yuanyuan shook her head. “You don’t owe me anything. I was the problem back then. We are both from different worlds. I shouldn’t have forced you into blending in and made decisions for you just because I thought they were good for you.”

“From different worlds?” The smile on Meng Kefei’s face became slightly dimmed. “You’re right. We don’t come from the same world.”

“So, I’m the one who’s supposed to apologize.” Tang Yuanyuan smiled gently.

Meng Kefei was startled as she heard that. “I cut you off at your coming-of-age ceremony—don’t you hate me for that?”

Tang Yuanyuan shook her head.

“There’s no reason for me to hate you. If I were you, I probably would’ve done it way worse. After putting myself in your shoes, I can understand it.”

At this point, Meng Kefei finally got closure when she realized that Tang Yuanyuan no longer had any bitterness toward her.

That also meant that Meng Kefei had been suffering by herself all these years when Tang Yuanyuan had already forgotten about the incident.

“Fei,” Tang Yuanyuan called out to her. “This may be my last time calling you like that. It has been my utmost pleasure being your best friend back in the days, all things considered. There was never a time I regretted being your bestie. I totally understand where you’re coming from. I suppose your life is pretty good right now, so I’ll never make any decisions for you again. I’m doing well myself. Besides, I’ve come to the realization that it takes fate to be friends.”

Meng Kefei did not respond.

“Anyway, I wish you all the best in your future endeavors and finding someone like-minded. I’ll pass on this club and find another one then.”

After that, Tang Yuanyuan magnanimously waved her off and left without a second thought.

Meng Kefei stood there and watched her walk away; her fists were clenched on both sides of her body.

Since Tang Yuanyuan had such a large heart in forgiving and blessing her, if she were to say something else to her right now, it would just show how narrow-minded she was.

And just like that, a friendship that lasted many years ended.

Meng Kefei quickly closed her eyes. When she opened them again, there was nothing left in her but sorrow. In the end, she turned around and walked away.

This encounter was just an interlude in Tang Yuanyuan’s life. As she endeavored to live her life to her fullest, she did not treat this encounter as something too important.

She used to think that it was a shame how things between them had turned out, but when she saw Meng Kefei standing in front of her earlier, she suddenly realized that there was nothing regrettable about it.

After all, Meng Kefei had been through so much suffering just to be her friend. It seemed that the right decision to make was to leave her.

As for Yuchi Yishu, whenever he managed to get a break from work, he would come and spend time with Tang Yuanyuan. The two would even go on short vacations during longer holidays, and they had traveled around every place in China in about two to three years.

The next thing on their list was to travel overseas to visit some places. Time flew by, and it was college graduation season.

On the day of her graduation, Yuchi Yishu came to pick her up. At the same time, a junior of Tang Yuanyuan confessed his feelings for her.

When Yuchi Yishu was standing at the school entrance waiting for her, she was stalled by that junior when she was on her way to Yuchi Yishu. That junior of hers was nervous as he looked her in the eye.

“H-Hello, Yuanyuan. Can I add you on WeChat?”

Add me on WeChat?

Tang Yuanyuan glanced at Yuchi Yishu, who was not too far away, and he was also looking toward her. This made her feel uneasy for some unknown reason.

“Erm… I have a boyfriend already.”

The junior blushed. “Ah?”

After that, Tang Yuanyuan pointed to the direction where Yuchi Yishu was; he looked over, apologized, and left embarrassingly.

After he left, Tang Yuanyuan quickly walked up to Yuchi Yishu.

“Looks like you’re quite popular.”


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