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Nothing To Give But My Heart Chapter 1686

Nonsense? I don’t think so.

However, as her back was against the tree trunk, she began to grow flustered.

What on earth is he trying to do?

“Why aren’t you talking?”

Yuchi Yishu came closer to her as he noticed that she was not being responsive. His warm breath landed on her face, causing her to be nervous. “I…”

As he drew closer to her, he could see signs of tears on her face. He then gradually lowered his head and gently kissed them. Tang Yuanyuan was startled before she subconsciously tightened her grip on Yuchi Yishu’s sleeve.

“Are you scared?”

Tang Yuanyuan was so nervous that she did not know how to respond. As much as she seemed to hope that this would happen, she was almost freaking out when he had only kissed her tear stains.

Right at this moment, she could feel him sucking the tears off her face.

“I-I’m not scared.” Since she had said it, she had to bear the consequence of her words; though, she did indeed hope that their relationship could be taken to the next level.

“Careful what you wish for.”

“So what—”

Before she could finish her sentence, the soft lips that were hovering over her face moved to her lips; she was completely shaken.

In that split second, her brain almost exploded, and she had finally experienced how kissing felt like.

Yuchi Yishu started rather gently. Gradually, he became more affectionate—the kiss was gentle yet powerful. He propped open her teeth in order to invade her further.

In the beginning, it was somewhat difficult for her to breathe, and she subconsciously tried to push him away, but to no avail. Yuchi Yishu was aggressive, which made Tang Yuanyuan realize for the first time that his gentleness was just cursory.

Her strength meant nothing to him at this moment.

After a while, Yuchi Yishu released her and rested his forehead against hers.

“Do you still feel that I don’t like you?”

When he blurted out this question, Tang Yuanyuan was like a cooked shrimp—all curled up. This question made her feel even more embarrassed as she subconsciously hid her head in his arms.

Yuchi Yishu happily embraced her.


Fireworks exploded and the sound of cheering and shouting broke out from the crowds at the square. As it was time to watch the show, Tang Yuanyuan quietly looked over toward it from Yuchi Yishu’s embrace.

Since the two were behind the tree, they could only see the fireworks through the leaves.

Why did it start so soon? Didn’t Yishu say it wouldn’t start until half an hour later?

Does that mean we kissed for almost half an hour?

Half an hour?!

The thought of Yuchi Yishu jumping into the dominant position and making the kiss last so long made Tang Yuanyuan blush.

My goodness. That was such a long kiss!

It was no wonder her head felt dizzy. It was as if she was out of oxygen.

“Do you want to watch the fireworks here or at the square?” Yuchi Yishu’s voice sounded out from above her. “If we stay here, we’ll only be able to see the fireworks and not the fountain show.”

Tang Yuanyuan did want to watch the fountain show, but perhaps she was feeling too embarrassed to be somewhere crowded. Therefore, she shook her head. “Let’s just stay here.”

She was shocked to hear herself in a hoarse voice. Then, she subconsciously put her hand over her mouth, only to realize that her lips were swollen.

Perhaps her awkward reactions had amused Yuchi Yishu. He snickered, “Really? We only get to watch this once a year. If we don’t watch it this year, we’ll have to wait until next year.”

With her hand over her mouth, Tang Yuanyuan remained silent.

“Huh?” Yuchi Yishu gently knocked her with his forehead, and she snorted. “I’m not going there!”

“Are you upset again? Did I do such a bad job?”

Yuchi Yishu locked her arm and pulled it down; once again, his lips landed on hers. She quickly put her hands on his chest to resist it.

“I-I can’t do this anymore. My lips are swollen.”

“I know that.”

“Shall we watch the fireworks for just a little more before heading back?”

Tang Yuanyuan nodded. There was perhaps nothing else that she wanted to do at this point.

Even though they were watching the fireworks, Tang Yuanyuan was too distracted by what happened earlier and could not stop thinking about it. Besides, the fact that he was still right next to her made her feel uneasy.

Just a few moments later, Tang Yuanyuan suggested heading back.


When they arrived, Tang Yuanyuan did not even say goodbye to Yuchi Yishu. She opened the car door right away and started running. Seeing her run unsteadily made him chuckle.

However, he did not drive home right away. His car was parked there for a long time before he took out his phone and sent her a message.

‘Get some good rest tonight. I’ll come and pick you up tomorrow morning.’

The original plan tonight was for Yuchi Yishu to spend New Year’s Eve with her outside, but it seemed like she felt too embarrassed to linger outside and wanted to come home. As such, Yuchi Yishu did not want to force her as he did indeed lose control of himself tonight.

She only asked for a kiss, and it was not difficult for him to fulfill that.

But he somehow lost control of himself and ended up kissing her for almost half an hour.

He was reminded of what Zhong Chufeng told him previously about how you would not be able to resist yourself from kissing a person you love. This had never crossed his mind until tonight…

At this point, Yuchi Yishu put down his seat, closed his eyes, and rubbed the spot in between his eyebrows. Slowly, he moved his fingers down to his lips and let out a smile.

Her lips are indeed softer than mine.

After Tang Yuanyuan got back home, she went straight into her room and shut the door behind her. With the lights off, all that she could hear in the dark right now was her panting and her heartbeat.

What happened tonight had crossed her line.

She touched her lips and blinked.

The entire night Tang Yuanyuan dreamed about Yuchi Yishu’s scent and lips. She kept tossing and turning in bed and was unable to fall asleep. The moment she closed her eyes, the only thing she could see was Yuchi Yishu’s face, and the only thing she could hear was his voice.

After that, she heard the midnight bell together with a beep on her phone. It was a message notification.

So, she picked it up and had a look.

It was a message from Yuchi Yishu.

‘Happy New Year.’

It was exactly midnight.

A smile flashed across her face as she replied, ‘Happy New Year.’

Happy New Year, my boyfriend, added Tang Yuanyuan in her heart. Someone whom she thought was unattainable had become her boyfriend. If Tang Yuanyuan felt that it would be surreal and insecure for the two to be together, after tonight, Tang Yuanyuan felt more secure as she began trusting him.

Even though it was a seemingly superficial kiss, it meant a lot coming from someone as restrained and cautious as Yuchi Yishu.


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