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Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort Chapter 2341

Chapter 2341 The Finale 10

Amid the howls of laughter from the guests before the stage, the couple successfully exchanged their rings and proceeded to kiss each other.

Rounds of applause were heard as the pastor announced that the ceremony had been completed. The two people had officially become man and wife.

At last, Zachary was able to heave a sigh of relief. Smiling radiantly, he gave Charlotte a tight embrace. Charlotte was so excited that she shed tears while being in his arms.

They held three weddings in total. The first two ceremonies were interrupted by accidents, whereby her life was in danger, followed by his. Finally, they managed to complete the ceremony without a hitch on the third attempt.

At long last, they had become lawfully wedded husband and wife.

Even though it was a normal ceremony, they had to go through a great ordeal just to get it done perfectly. However, it was also the reason that they appreciated the hard-earned happiness.

Sitting downstage, Danrique and Francesca looked at the couple before the altar and could not help exchanging glances with each other. At that moment, they were overwhelmed with mixed emotions.

The fact that another couple was determined to be together despite the hardships seemed to have made them learn to cherish their loved ones more, as well as understand the meaning of happiness better.

He held her hand tightly and whispered into her ear, “Let’s get married as soon as we go back.”

“We can do that, but let’s not invite so many people.” Francesca looked around, and a pucker gradually formed between her brows. “I think that marriage is a personal matter. We can just invite our family to the wedding.”

“No problem. It’s up to you.”

As Danrique kissed the top of her head, he caught Zachary’s gaze. The latter seemed gratified to see their exchange.

In response, he expressed his gratitude with a gesture. It’s all thanks to Zachary that my wife is back by my side again!

After the ceremony, Ben and the others invited the guests to dine on the lawn. As for Zachary and Charlotte, they greeted the other guests before they stayed with Danrique and his family.

Since it was rare for them to gather together, the six children went to play among themselves happily.

Zachary and Danrique watched the children, quirking their lips into alluring smiles. Then, they tilted their heads to see their wives chatting with each other merrily. It was impossible not to chuckle at the joyous atmosphere.

“Let’s take a seat over there!”


With a glass of red wine in their hands, the two men looked for a quiet corner to sit on. Then, they continued to gaze lovingly at their wives and children, who were not far from them.

Zachary took a sip of his wine and asked, “How’s it going? When will you be holding the wedding?”

“We will do it as soon as we head back. You must bring Charlotte and the children to attend our wedding.”

It was rare to see Danrique behave so amicably.

“Okay.” Zachary clinked his wine glass against Danrique’s and added in a low voice, “I received news yesterday afternoon. Federico from Danontand has passed away. If nothing goes wrong, William will ascend the throne next week.”

“You’re very well-informed,” Danrique remarked with a smirk. “I only knew about it an hour ago.”

“Federico had always wanted to rope me in. Thus, his trusted subordinate kept in touch with Ben,” Zachary explained nonchalantly. Then, he added, “That friend of yours, William, is not an ordinary man. Moreover, it seems like he managed to take away your right-hand man.”

“Are you talking about Hazel?” Once again, Danrique’s quirked his lips. “They are quite suitable for each other. It’s good that she left. Frannie won’t be jealous anymore.”

Zachary laughed. “It’s the same with me. She only wants men to stay around me.”

“Mmh. Even the female bodyguards of my family are dating members of your family. I don’t have any females around me anymore…” Danrique commented. “Now that I’m left with Norah and the others, Frannie can rest easy.”

Zachary laughed once again. “I see that you have potential!”

“Huh?” Danrique arched his brow.

“It’s only been a few months, but you have become more approachable. You are now humorous as well.” Zachary looked at him approvingly.

“It’s because I spent a long time with the children…” Danrique smiled in resignation. “The three children are as difficult as their mother. One was already enough to keep me busy. Now that there are three others, I’m so tired that I’m no longer a ruthless man.”

“Haha! It’s a good thing!”

The two men laughed merrily. Meanwhile, Francesca and Charlotte turned to look at them. “What are they talking about? Why are they laughing happily?” the former muttered.

“I reckon they are talking about us.” Charlotte continued with a smile, “Men will either talk about business or women when they are together.”

“I can accept it if they are talking about us. If they talk about some other women, I will castrate him!” Francesca blurted out.

Charlotte chortled with glee.

“What are you laughing at, Charlotte? Do you think that I’m not gentle enough?” Francesca asked in a hurry.

“No, you’re good. That’s the only way you can keep Danrique under control!”

“You’re right,” Francesca replied after giggling.

The two women laughed happily as well. Warmth akin to the sun in the winter filled their gazes as they watched the children play with each other.

Perhaps that was how simple happiness could be.

They believed that all of them would live happily ever after.

The End.


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