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Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort Chapter 2339

Chapter 2339 The Finale 8

The wedding took place as scheduled on the next day. Everyone had their hearts in their mouths, worried that something untoward would happen again.

After all, emergencies happened during the previous two weddings. Thus, the frightened Nacht family executed everything carefully, fearful that accidents might occur again.

Zachary did not sleep a wink the entire night and got out of bed at about five in the morning. He then personally checked all the processes of the marriage ceremony to avoid any undesirable incidents.

Ben, Bruce, and the others were no exceptions. Tense with nervousness, they inspected every step cautiously. At eight in the morning, the make-up artist and stylist arrived and began to get Charlotte dressed and do her make-up.

Meanwhile, the children were having their breakfast. They were going to dress up as well after finishing their meals.

According to the customs, Zachary should head to the church first, but he changed the rule as he wanted to go with Charlotte and the kids. Refusing to let any mishap befall his loved ones, he insisted on being by their side at all times.

The wedding car set off for the church at the top of the mountain at ten o’clock. The guests arrived at the venue one after another, except for Danrique, the wedding witness.

Zachary instructed Ben to call Danrique and inquire about the Lindbergs’ whereabouts, but the bodyguard claimed that the latter’s phone was switched off. It seemed that they were still on the private jet.

That had Zachary estimating the time needed for Danrique and his family to arrive at the church. Even if they were to arrive at the airport at that exact moment, it would take them more than an hour to reach the mountaintop. Given that his cousin-in-law’s phone was switched off, he reckoned it must mean that their plane had not landed yet. As such, it was unlikely for the wedding witness to make it before the auspicious time.

Despite feeling unhappy, Zachary had become composed and thus would no longer get angry because of such issues. All he did was instruct Sean to look for Johann and have the old man prepare to be the wedding witness should Danrique fail to arrive in time.

In fact, Johann witnessed the progress of Zachary and Charlotte’s relationship from the very beginning. No matter what happened to the Nacht family, he always supported and protected them. Thus, he was also a suitable candidate for the wedding witness.

As time ticked away, the clock struck half past eleven in the blink of an eye.

Everything was ready, and the guests had arrived and been seated.

Clad in a black suit, Zachary stood before the altar as he stared at the door nervously.

At that moment, he recalled that he was in the same nervous state while waiting for Charlotte at that spot during their first wedding. Although it seemed to go well, an unexpected situation occurred as they exchanged rings.

Henry was incensed when he found out about Charlotte’s real identity and forced Zachary to get rid of her but keep the children. Charlotte was poisoned with a deadly poison at that time, and the only person in possession of the antidote was Zara.

To save Charlotte’s life, Zachary had no choice but to agree to Henry’s demands.

He personally got someone to send her to T Nation. Even though she cried in agitation and questioned him in confusion, she could not turn the tide.

In the end, she was sent away forcefully and even encountered an attack in T Nation. Not only did Sharon humiliate her, but it also resulted in the gruesome death of Mrs. Berry.

That tragedy became the greatest obstacle between Zachary and Charlotte.

If it were not for Danrique’s timely act of taking Charlotte away, she probably would have died in Coldbridge long ago.

At the recollection of the past, Zachary felt incredibly emotional and remorseful. I will love her for the rest of our lives to make it up to her. Moreover, I want to give her every wonderful thing in this world. I’ve been waiting for this day for a very long time…

Time continued to pass, but the door still had not opened.

Anxiousness washed over Zachary, and he checked the time on his watch, only to find out that it was already five minutes later than the expected time. According to the original plan, the door should open at ten to twelve. Then, Danrique will walk Charlotte up the aisle to where I am… But it’s five to twelve now. The door isn’t opened yet, and the bride I’ve been waiting for hasn’t appeared.

He felt uneasy. Could it be that something went wrong again?

Instantly, he shot a look at Ben, who explained that Bruce had gone to check on the situation.

Even so, Zachary believed that Bruce would screw up at the most crucial moment, so he rushed out to have a look. Right at that moment, the door was suddenly pushed open.


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