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Marrying the Man in the Dark Chapter 935

Chapter 935 Don’t Go Out

Yolanda brought it upon herself and got arrested. Now that Damien wants to sue her, Dad booked a flight and even wants me to bail Yolanda out even though I’m lying in bed and unable to stand up! This was Adania, where Damien’s word was law. He was also the one preventing Yolanda from being released. Sebastian had to go to Damien if he wanted to get Yolanda out. Go to Damien for her sake? In your dreams!

“I’m currently injured now and need to recuperate.” Taking a deep breath, Sebastian said coldly, “If you’re worried about your daughter not being treated well in prison, hurry over. I can’t help you.” After speaking, Sebastian hung up.

On the other end of the phone, the middle-aged man with graying hair sighed lightly. “My flight to Adania leaves in an hour.” He turned to look at his butler. “I must meet Damien and talk to him about matters between the Lenoir and Weiss families before the sun sets today.” Damien had harmed his son and put his daughter in prison… It was time for the old man to have a good talk with Damien.

Cherise watched television until ten in’ the morning. As the clock struck ten, Frances was about to shop for groceries. Damien would have lunch around twelve o’clock, according to his regular schedule. Upon seeing Frances get dressed and get ready to go out, Cherise quickly approached. “Frances, are you going out to buy groceries?”

“Yes, Mrs. Lenoir.” Frances was slightly startled, but she nodded quickly. “Is there anything you need me to buy for you?” Cherise frowned. She thought for a moment, cautiously approached Frances, and whispered. “What does Mr. Lenoir, I mean, my husband usually like to eat?”

Frances was slightly startled. What does Mr. Lenoir like to eat… After briefly pondering, Frances suddenly remembered. “I remember Mr. Lenoir used to say he likes the salmon and pierogis you make.”

Cherise’s spirits instantly lifted. “Frances, can you help me buy salmon and ingredients to make pierogis?” Upon looking at the woman’s timid gaze, Frances’s heart softened slightly. “Sure!” She beamed at Cherise, “I’ll get them. Wait for me at home. Don’t go out!”

Cherise nodded earnestly, “Okay.” After Frances left, Cherise sat on the sofa, thinking about how to make pierogis. Unfortunately, she didn’t remember much about the past. Apart from some basic knowledge, she couldn’t remember many things.

For example, Frances said Damien liked the pierogis she made. But… what pierogi filling does Damien like? What does it taste like? Cherise had no idea. She lay on the sofa helplessly, took out her phone, and was about to look up a recipe.

However, she didn’t expect to receive a call from someone named ‘Lucy Staber as soon as she turned on her phone. The woman furrowed her brows and answered, “Hello, who is this?” On the other end, Lucy was stunned. She hesitated and said, “Um… isn’t this Cherise Shaw’s phone?”

“Yes, I’m Cherise Shaw.” Cherise pursed her lips. “But I have amnesia. I don’t know who you are.” Lucy was dumbfounded. “Do you think you’re in a telenovela? You have amnesia?”

“I really have amnesia.” On the phone, Cherise sounded exasperated. “All I know now is that my husband is Damien Lenoir. My son is Soren Shaw, and my daughter is Serafina Shaw. We have a servant named Frances and a butler named Mr. Hampson at home.”


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