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Marrying the Man in the Dark Chapter 934

Chapter 934 Damien’s Sincere Feelings

Before Paulo could finish, the office door was kicked open from the outside with a loud bang. Damien stood coldly at the door, his dark eyes staring at Paulo icily. “Go on.” The meeting room instantly fell silent. Paulo’s jaw dropped to the floor.

Damien walked in indifferently and sat at the head of the meeting room. Despite what had happened, Damien still had a frosty presence. The man’s indifferent demeanor effectively lowered the meeting room’s temperature. Damien shifted in his seat, lit a cigarette, and looked up at Paulo coldly. “What else do you want to say?”

Paulo stood frozen in place. After a moment, he smiled at Damien with a pale complexion. “Mr. Lenoir… I… I was just talking nonsense. Please don’t take it seriously…” Damien chuckled. He flicked his cigarette ash elegantly and asked, “What if I did take it seriously?” Paulo’s face turned ashen instantly. Behind Damien, Blake leaped out and slapped Paulo before dragging him out.

The meeting room door closed, and the man’s screams could be heard outside. Amid the screams, Damien glanced casually at the people in the conference room. “If there’s nothing else, let’s start the meeting.” Throughout the meeting, everyone besides Damien was on edge, afraid of saying the wrong thing and meeting the same fate as Paulo.

Despite being the source of everyone’s panic, Damien was relaxed after the meeting. He instructed his secretary to order a large bouquet of roses. Although Cherise had lost her memory, he could tell she was still herself, the girl who loved reading romance novels and watching romantic movies. Therefore… roses were still his indispensable weapon to win favor with his wife.

News of Damien buying roses for Cherise undoubtedly sparked more rumors throughout the Lenoir Group once again. “Even though there are such rumors… Mr. Lenoir is still buying roses… It seems Mr. Lenoir’s feelings for his wife are sincere…”

Meanwhile, Sebastian lay in bed in a ward at Adania Hospital. “Is Yolanda a fool? Does she have a brain?” He cursed angrily with his phone in hand. “Did she really declare war with Damien online and barricade herself at Damien’s office early in the morning for me? She’s just dying to tell the whole world I was injured by Damien and hospitalized, right? I bet she’s eager for everyone to know that Damien is a brave man willing to stand up for his wife.”

“Sebastian, Damien is suing your sister for obstructing his company’s operations. He wants your sister to pay the price…” The old man on the other end of the phone sighed lightly. “I consulted a lawyer. In cases like this, where the accused was provocative and acted out of line, she’ll be locked up for a week at the very least… Maybe even longer…”

“Sebastian, your sister has lived a pampered life since she was young. Staying even one day in a place like a prison is torture to her…” The old man’s voice on the phone was slightly pleading. “I’ve never asked you for anything, but I’m begging you now to get your sister out… no matter what. I’ve already booked a flight to Adania…”

Sebastian chuckled as he held his phone. He was hospitalized after Damien shot him in the leg last night, but his father had barely asked about it over the phone.


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