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Marrying the Man in the Dark Chapter 933

Chapter 933 A Wimp

Candace was dumbstruck and slightly flustered. Judging from Damien’s voice, demeanor, and gaze, he didn’t seem like he was joking! She was a proper lady, after all. She would be utterly humiliated if she was sued for spreading such rumors! As she thought about this, she pouted. “I’m sorry, Mr. Lenoir. I shouldn’t have believed rumors…”

“Good.” Damien smiled faintly. “You can make up for your mistake by giving me a list of everyone in the company who shares your thoughts. I’ll sue each of them.” Candace was stunned and immediately shook her head. “Mr. Lenoir, why don’t… you let it go?”

“Why should I?” Damien raised his brows. “You can’t live with a charge of defamation because you fear being embarrassed, but you casually believe such promiscuous rumors about me and my wife. Lenoir Group doesn’t need employees with such double standards.”

Candace pursed her lips, finally realizing her words had offended Damien. She thought that… after such an incident, Damien would no longer defend or stand up for Cherise. However, she didn’t expect… that Damien had such affection for Cherise… He didn’t even care if Cherise had slept with someone else or betrayed him… “Mr. Lenoir, I understand.” Candace bowed deeply. “I’ll tell others not to continue spreading rumors!”

“I never expected our boss to be cuckolded in this lifetime!” Before Damien entered the room for Lenoir Group’s morning meeting, he heard the people inside gossiping freely. “Impossible! I don’t think the boss’ wife is that kind of person…”

“Nothing is impossible. Don’t you know that the Weiss Group snatched shares worth one billion from Lenoir Group? One billion! Have you ever seen so much money in your life? But if you think about it, our boss’ wife is valuable. One night with her is worth one billion. That’s a fortune!”

“Nonsense. Do you think Cherise’s body is worth so much? Our boss’s reputation is the most valuable! She’s not priceless because of her charm. It’s because she’s Damien’s wife!” said Paulo Blatt, the sales manager of Lenoir Group’s fifth sales department. Damien didn’t recognize this person’s voice because of his outstanding performance but because this person was good at sucking up to him.

Every time Damien met with the sales departments, Paulo, the sales manager from the fifth department, would always fawn over Damien and serve him drinks. Paulo would also applaud and praise Damien for everything he said. Hence, Damien naturally remembered this man’s voice.

If Damien remembered correctly, Paulo had taken some documents from Cherise during a meeting a few days ago. What did he say back then? Paulo had said Cherise and Damien were a perfect match, destined to grow old and be together forever. But now, he was saying such things behind their backs after such a rumor had spread.

“Speaking of Cherise, although she’s pretty and gorgeous…” Inside the room, Paulo certainly didn’t expect Damien to resolve the situation outside so quickly, so he continued to blabber endlessly in the meeting room. “This woman is really materialistic. If she wasn’t, would she marry Mr. Lenoir? She humiliated her husband for one billion and basically told the world that her man is a wimp…”


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