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Married at First Sight Chapter 3412

Chapter 3412

Because Duncan was Zachary’s best friend, Liberty was able to see Duncan often as Zachary’s sister. It was unknown what method Liberty used to win Duncan’s heart and make him insist on marrying her.

Mrs. Lewis originally disagreed. It was said that the daughter-in-law in Mrs. Lewis’s mind was a rich girl named Lily Harmon.

Duncan had seen Lily before.

Lily also pursued Duncan for a while, but lost to Liberty, a divorced woman.

In order to be with Liberty, Duncan even had a car accident. As soon as he got into the car accident, Mrs. Lewis and her husband surrendered and acquiesced to his relationship with Liberty.

It was really infuriating.

After Carrie was released from prison, she was filled with jealousy and hatred when she heard these rumors.

Before her parents got into trouble, her mother had been planning to arrange for her to marry into the York family and become a young lady, saying that the York family was the real wealthy family and that the Newman family’s assets were nothing compared to the York family’s.

Her mother had been trying for such a long time but had not succeeded. She did not leave any impression on the young masters of the York family.

Instead, it was Camryn who won the favor of Callum and married into the York family as the second young lady. Why!

Carrie asked the heavens more than once.

Why can’t she always get what she wants, while others can easily get everything she wants?

Mr. Labbe could hear the jealousy in Carrie’s words, and he said, “She has that fate; it’s something you can’t even envy.”

Carrie: “…”

Does that mean she doesn’t have that fate anymore, and her only destiny is to be Mr. Labbe’s mistress?

“I’ll send someone to find out who went to Wiltspoon.” Mr. Labbe said.

“By the way, the kindergarten is about to have its vacation. Keep an eye on the whereabouts of Serenity and her nephew to see if they will leave Wiltspoon and where they will go after leaving Wiltspoon.”

Mr. Labbe’s goal was to contact Ben’s adopted son, Titus, through Sonny and confirm whether the child is the person he wants to silence.

“This is very difficult. Serenity is always followed by bodyguards. Zachary’s information network is powerful, and he has the Bucham family behind him. With my limited skills, how can I follow Serenity without anyone noticing?”

Carrie couldn’t do that.

Mr. Labbe was silent for a moment, then said, “Okay, I’ll have someone keep an eye on it.”

Carrie really didn’t have this ability.

Even Mr. Labbe’s people have to be extremely careful to find out a little information.

No matter how powerful he was, he couldn’t defeat the local tyrants in Wiltspoon City.

“Mr. Labbe, I have a suggestion. I wonder if I can mention it.” Carrie wanted to propose to Mr. Labbe that he create a fake Carrie.

“I have contacted Serenity so many times as Mrs. Labbe, but there has been no progress. She and Camryn still suspect that I am Carrie. I think even if I pretend to be Mrs. Labbe for a year or two, I won’t be able to become Serenity’s friend. Unless her suspicion can be dispelled, Mr. Labbe, can you make a few human skin masks that look like me, and then find a woman who looks and sounds like me, pretend to be me, and then cooperate with me to appear in front of Serenity and Camryn?”

“This way, the two of them will give up their suspicions, and I, Mrs. Labbe, will be able to gain Serenity’s trust step by step and become her friend.”


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