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Married at First Sight Chapter 3411

Chapter 3411

“Okay, I’ll treat the eldest young lady to a meal when I’m free some other day.”

Carrie stood at the door with a smile, watching Serenity and others leave.

Then she walked inside, but came out soon after.

She went in just for show.

She appeared here because Mr. Labbe received some news that some big shot had come to Wiltspoon and had connections with several major families in Wiltspoon.

Serenity and Audrey made an appointment to meet Mrs. Lewis here. Mr. Labbe also found out about it and arranged for her to come over immediately.

Regardless of the fact that her body had not yet fully recovered from her miscarriage, Carrie changed her face and hurried over with two bodyguards, but she was still a little late, as Serenity and the others had already left.

After getting in the car, Carrie called Mr. Labbe. After Mr. Labbe answered the phone, she said, “Mr. Labbe, I didn’t find out who came. When I arrived, Serenity and the others were just about to leave. Mrs. Stone and Mrs. Lewis were present, so I didn’t dare to ask any questions.”

Even if the two ladies were not present, it would be difficult for her to get anything out of Serenity.

After countless chance encounters, Mrs. Labbe became an acquaintance with Serenity.

Serenity’s attitude towards her was good, but they just couldn’t be friends.

Let alone becoming close friends, Serenity and Camryn did not dispel their suspicions and always linked her with Carrie.

Unless a fake Carrie can be created, and then she and the fake Carrie appear in front of Serenity at the same time, only then can the suspicion of Serenity and Camryn be dispelled.

“What are Mrs. Stone and Mrs. Lewis doing together?”

Since Mr. Labbe took a roundabout route and wanted to find a breakthrough in Wiltspoon, he naturally had to have a thorough understanding of all the major wealthy families in Wiltspoon.

Before Serenity married Zachary, the Lewis family and the Stone family were not on good terms.

Because the Lewis family and the York family were good friends, while the Stone family and the York family were business competitors and mortal enemies.

Because of this relationship, the Lewis family and the Stone family were at odds with each other.

However, the relationship between the two families was harmonious because Serenity’s biological mother was the younger sister that Audrey had been looking for for decades, and Serenity was Audrey’s niece.

With this kinship, the relationship between the York family and the Stone family eased, and the Stone family and the Lewis family also started to interact.

Carrie said sarcastically and jealously, “What else could it be? It must be to discuss the marriage between Liberty and Duncan. Duncan is blind. He has so many young and beautiful young ladies and insists on Liberty, the divorced woman with a baby. I’ve never seen anyone eager to be someone else’s stepfather. With Duncan’s status and position, what kind of woman can he not find?

What’s so good about Liberty? When he met Liberty, she was still a fat woman, so ugly that her husband despised her fatness and couldn’t bear to be with her anymore, so he found a mistress outside and divorced her. Liberty relied on her sister to marry into the York family and on the power of the York family to suppress and bully her ex-husband’s family.”

Liberty and Duncan’s love story was the most enviable.

Because Liberty was a divorced woman.

When she divorced, she was still a fat man, weighing 200 pounds. Although she successfully lost weight and restored her appearance, she still arouses jealousy.

Many unmarried girls couldn’t marry into a wealthy family and become a lady, but Liberty, a divorced woman, could.

It makes people envious, jealous, and hateful.

Carrie always felt that Liberty had set up the game long ago and lured Duncan into it.

She saw Liberty’s younger sister, Serenity, marry into a wealthy family and envied the life of the eldest lady, so she set her sights on Duncan.


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