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Married at First Sight Chapter 3410

Chapter 3410

After Serenity married Zachary, he was more considerate of her and prepared more for her, especially after she became pregnant. Zachary was always worried that she and the child would be hungry, so he would check every day to see if there were enough snacks in her car.

He became more and more attentive and considerate toward her, but also more and more fussy.

Of course, she was enjoying the kindness of the handsome man and felt very sweet in her heart.

If you want to marry someone, you should marry Zachary.

Serenity married the right person.

“Would you like to pack two boxes of snacks? It will take some time to get back to Wildridge Manor from the city.”

The three elders were worried that Serenity would be hungry on the way back.

Serenity thought about it and decided to follow the advice of her elders and pack two boxes of snacks, mainly to reassure everyone.

When they were leaving, the group of four met Carrie, who appeared here as Mrs. Labbe.

Following her were the two bodyguards from the Labbe family.

“Mrs. York.” When Carrie saw Serenity, she greeted her with a smile.

Serenity stopped, and Audrey and others also stopped.

Both ladies looked Carrie up and down.

They had never dealt with Carrie directly, but they knew that new people had joined the upper-class circle of Wiltspoon.

They had also seen Carrie’s photos.

“Mrs. Labbe.” Serenity smiled politely and said, “What a coincidence, meeting you here.”

Carrie smiled and said, “Yes, what a coincidence.”

She looked at Audrey and Mrs. Lewis and asked politely, “Are these two ladies, Mrs. Stone and Mrs. Lewis?”

“This is my aunt, and this is Aunt Lewis.” Serenity gave an introduction.

Carrie greeted the two ladies generously and appropriately, but the two ladies just nodded without saying anything or even smiling.

They just stared at Carrie from time to time.

Carrie was no longer stage-frightened in front of Zachary, but she felt uneasy being stared at by two wealthy ladies who had been influential figures in the business world when they were young.

Even before the incident at home, her mother tried her best to please these two ladies.

Her mother was a very arrogant person, and she developed an arrogant personality as well. However, every time she attended a banquet, her mother would remind her in advance that she must maintain the image of a lady in front of a lady of noble status like Audrey.

Be generous and decent, and don’t offend others if you can’t please them.

As for Elisa, the daughter of a wealthy family in the Stone Dynasty, her mother also told her to stay as far away from her as possible, saying that the Newman family could not afford to offend Elisa.

Even if they felt that Elisa was not a good person, they could not show it.

“Are the two ladies and the eldest young mistress leaving?”

Carrie felt uneasy, but she was trying to remain calm on the surface. She kept repeating in her mind that she was Mrs. Labbe now, not Carrie. She was Mrs. Labbe. She was wearing an exquisite human skin mask, so no one could recognize her.

Even Camryn couldn’t prove that she was Carrie.

Thinking of this, Carrie relaxed a little.

“Um.” Serenity responded, “Mrs. Labbe, we have something else to do, so we’ll leave first.”


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