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Married at First Sight Chapter 3409

Chapter 3409

Audrey and Serenity exchanged glances.

Audrey smiled and said, “If everyone has no objection, then Seren and I will be relieved. Liberty and Duncan have finally come this far, and we want to support them. No matter what choice they make, we will support them.

I heard from Liberty that she and Duncan will get the marriage certificate first, maybe before the New Year or after the New Year. Liberty is too busy and will not be back until the 20th of the twelfth lunar month. She’s so busy that she can’t take care of anything. Sonny didn’t even go to see his mom during the winter vacation. He said he wanted to go to FC Manor to spend the winter vacation.”

Mrs. Lewis also smiled and said, “I know. I’m still thinking about the winter vacation. I’ll take Sonny over to take care of him so that Seren won’t be disturbed at work. It’s getting late in the year, and everyone is busy. Seren’s vegetable market must supply a lot of vegetables every day.”

Serenity hummed, “The demand is almost outstripping the supply.”

Mrs. Lewis: “This is a good thing; it means your business is doing well. You can also invest in other projects.”

Serenity: “There are other investments.”

Mrs. Lewis nodded. “With Zachary here, we as elders don’t have to worry.”

When Serenity wanted to invest in a new project, Zachary would help her check and give her advice. Even if Zachary was not sure, there were still the old lady and other elders around.

Mrs. Lewis thought that the more stable Serenity’s position in the York family was, the more beneficial it would be for Liberty.

Liberty would be her youngest daughter-in-law, and she hoped more than anyone else that Liberty and Serenity would have a bright future.

“Mrs. Stone, have you found the key person?” Mrs. Lewis suddenly lowered her voice and asked Audrey. She felt that Audrey would not suddenly talk to her about Duncan and Liberty’s future.

There must be progress. The truth may come out soon. It will be time for Liberty and Kathryn to compete with each other.

Audrey and Serenity were worried that the Lewis family would not agree to Duncan coming to Farrell House, so they came to ask about their attitude in advance.

Audrey smiled and said, “I can’t hide anything from you. I found my mother’s assistant. He has some evidence. He also experienced what happened back then, so he is a strong witness. There are also several seniors who can serve as witnesses. When Uncle Jimenez has a rest for two days, he will bring the evidence to us, and then we will fly to Jensburg together.”

When she said this, Audrey’s eyes became unusually cold, and her expression was extremely serious.

Audrey added, “I will not forgive anyone who harmed my family, even if she is my own aunt! I will take back everything she stole!”

Mrs. Lewis said, “If you need our help, just ask us. Don’t be polite to us. Liberty’s affairs are also our Lewis family’s affairs.”

Audrey: “When I need your help, I will definitely ask for it shamelessly. Don’t think of ignoring it.”

Mrs. Lewis smiled and said, “That’s right.”

Mrs. Lewis realized belatedly that there was a new character in Audrey’s words.

Audrey whispered to Mrs. Lewis.

Mrs. Lewis and her husband’s eyes sparkled, and they immediately said, “It’s still not too late for us to go to Wildridge Manor now. Old Mrs. York was so mean that she didn’t even tell us. After all, our two families are related. And Mrs. Stone, you too, why didn’t you tell us about such a big thing earlier?”

Audrey smiled and said, “This just happened yesterday, and we haven’t reacted yet. Today the old lady took them away, and I think the seniors will stay in Wiltspoon for another three to five days. You still have time to rush to Wildridge Manor now. Seren and I will be there soon.”

She had made an appointment with Mrs. Lewis first and had not been there yet.

Audrey picked up a cup of coffee and took two sips. After putting the cup down, she smiled and said, “What are we waiting for? Let’s go over now.”

Mrs. Lewis: “Seren, are you hungry? Why don’t you eat something first? We’ll wait for you.”

Serenity said: “I had breakfast at my aunt’s house.”

She still took two pieces of snacks and ate them. “Just two more pieces of snacks will be fine. I have food in the car too. I won’t starve.”

She loved to eat and usually liked to keep some snacks in the car.


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