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Love from My Dominant Boss Chapter 584

Chapter 584 A Second Child On The Way

“You two are really efficient. Didn’t expect that you’ll be conceiving again so soon,” chuckled Ronan bitterly as he met my gaze. Having not foreseen this situation when I called Ronan, I began to regret letting him in on this when I saw his reaction to it.

If he had not quite moved on, my asking for his help in this matter would be tantamount to the rubbing of salt into his wound. “Uh, if it isn’t convenient, I can go wait in queue myself,” avoidant of making eye contact with him, I hastily uttered these words before I tried to step around him.

Ronan furrowed when he saw me that way and, in an instant, placed himself in my way. “Come along now. I’ve already made arrangements prior, so you need only head straight in.”

The subdued smile he wore intimated that he was suppressing his own emotions. I exhaled haplessly as I felt ill at ease inside. Sincerely, I did not want to hurt him, but no matter what I said or how many times I turned him down, his feelings for me had never wavered. That had me deeply moved, but at the same time, profoundly troubled because my love was reserved for Michael and Michael alone, and could never have reciprocated his affections for me.

Without speaking further, I made my way directly to the examination room. Upon the release of the test results, I felt that I had wind beneath my wings when the doctor confirmed that I was pregnant.

I wonder how Michael might react in response to this news. Ronan stayed with me throughout the process and naturally heard everything the doctor said. The stoic look on his face revealed nothing about what he felt.

In his presence, I refrained from expressing my own joy too overtly, and merely slipped the medical report into my bag and strode out ahead of him.

“Thanks for your help today. I’ll be making a move first.”

Right now, I could not wait to break the news of my pregnancy to Michael.

“All right then. Take care.” Ronan smiled softly at me and said no more.

“Yeah,” I replied staidly before turning to depart.

I could no longer bottle up that grin on my face after I exited his line of sight, and following that, I drove straight to Michael’s office until I arrived downstairs.

As many people there already knew about the relationship between Michael and myself, I was able to reach the CEO’s office unhindered.

Michael’s sensual and magnetic male voice emanated from the other side of the door when I knocked.

“Come in.”

Pushing my way through, I saw Michael earnestly reviewing a document he had on hand. He did not look up when I entered.

“What is it?”

His head remained bowed and paid me no heed.

When I saw that he was not paying any attention to me, I cleared my throat before continuing. “Ahem… I came in today to announce something major.”

Perhaps that had the desired effect. In the next second, he lifted his head in surprise. His eyes lit up momentarily at first when he saw that it was me, and later on, he broke into a furrow.

“What brought you here? Aren’t you feeling unwell and resting at home?” Michael stood up and strode toward me with a look of concern about him.

“I’m here to tell you something important.” I lifted my head to meet his eyes.

“What matter could be so important that it couldn’t wait? That you had to make the trip down in spite of feeling sick?”

Michael was less interested in whatever I had to say and more concerned about the state of my health. I could tell that he was really worried.

“This is important enough that I have to break it to you in person. I assure you that you’d also be delighted when you hear it,” I looked into his eyes and said this excitedly.

“So, what is it?” he asked with his brow slightly arched. Hearing me repeat myself finally roused Michael’s curiosity.

“I’ve just done a checkup at the hospital. I’m pregnant.”

Producing the medical report I got from the hospital as I spoke, I then brought it before Michael.

His expression froze at the moment of this revelation and regarded me with a look of utter astonishment.

“What’s that you say?” Michael looked at me and took some time to process this before he replied.

“I said that I’m conceiving, and this is the test result.”

His mannerisms had me quite tickled as I had never seen him behave this way before.

Michael took the document from my hands and after he reviewed its contents, his face broke into a smile.

Then, he lifted me up and spun me around in situ.

“You’re pregnant, and I’m going to be a father for the second time?”

He seemed even more thrilled than I was, and I could tell that he was looking forward to becoming the father to both of our children.

I allowed him to spin me round and round, and in that instant, I felt extremely blessed.

It was only when a woman truly loved a man that she would experience such joy at carrying his offspring.

Only after some time passed did Michael set me back down and carefully caressed my belly.

“I hope that I didn’t hurt the baby by getting too carried away. Tell you what, why don’t you head on back to rest? I’ll go join you at home as soon as I’m done with this bit.” Michael smiled as he regarded my still-flat stomach.

“I’m not tired. There’s no need to get so worked up as I just got pregnant. It’s not like I’m about to go into labor.”

I found Michael’s demeanor to be quite hilarious as it was still early days and, as such, no cause for him to overreact like this.

Although I had been experiencing some morning sickness, there was surely nothing for him to be too concerned about.

“Of course, I have to take this seriously. I certainly have to take good care of you because you’ve got my future little princess inside there.”

Placing a hand on my abdomen, Michael regarded me with tremendous joy in his eyes.

I was flabbergasted at how he responded. This man must really be so crazy about having a daughter to automatically assume that the one in my belly must be a girl this early into my pregnancy.

“How can you be sure that it’s a girl? What if it’s a boy?” I looked at him and laughed.

“I’ve got a feeling that she’s my lover from a past life. How could I possibly be wrong about that?” Michael’s stylish arched brows perked up in affirmation.

Lover from a past life, huh. I had no good retort for that. Did he want to see what his lover from a past life looked like? No wonder he wanted a daughter so badly.

“I’ll have my secretary send you home. Don’t drive since you’re now with a child. I don’t feel safe about it.”

Just a moment ago, he wanted me to head home to rest. Now, he would not even allow me to drive and wanted to have his secretary send me back instead. I was speechless at the level of caution Michael was exercising but also overflowing with happiness inside.


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