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Love from My Dominant Boss Chapter 583

Chapter 583 Seemed To Be Pregnant

Almost tormented by him through the night, I awoke the following morning battered by soreness. As it was late when I got home and compiled with the lengthy anguish he inflicted upon me, it was almost daybreak when I was able to sleep.

Twisting and turning, I then turned to regard the soundly snoozing Michael with profound annoyance. Having gone at me so hard last night, he drifted off to sleep himself with scant regard for my feelings, and that very thought drove me to sit up and shake him.

Even though I had been at the receiving end of some serious punishment, it was he who shouldered the bulk of the physical exertion. That ought to have made him more knackered than I was. When he felt my movements, he groggily opened his eyes. “What’s up?”

“What’s up? Haven’t you realized it yourself yet?” Frowning, I regarded him unhappily when I heard what he said.

“Are you not satisfied with last night? Shall we have another go at it, then?” Confronted with my look of discontent, Michael did not react with displeasure. Conversely, he beamed a faint smile at me.

I was rendered speechless by his nonchalance. How is it that this man’s thought processes always seem to veer in that direction? Since when did I say that I wanted another go at it?

After I shot him a look, I paid him no further heed and clambered out of bed to freshen up.

For some unfathomable reason, while brushing my teeth, I started feeling nauseous like I did the other day.

In spite of going without anything to eat last night, I had gotten through the entire night without discomfort, so I could not understand the reasons for my own sudden urge to hurl.

I supposed that I must have gone at it too hard for too long last night on an empty stomach. Still, I found myself wanting to throw up during breakfast time.

That got the other members of the Shaw family unsettled. However, Josephine instead regarded me in glee.

“What’s happening? Are you feeling unwell?” Michael asked in concern when he saw me that way.

“I’m fine. It may probably just be an upset stomach, so there’s nothing to worry about. A short rest ought to be able to fix it.”

Although those feelings of queasiness did not go away, I still tried to play it cool just so I might lessen Michael’s worries.

Until the conclusion of the meal, I was still feeling quite under the weather. Thus, I went straight back to my own room to rest.

I had barely laid my head down when I heard a knock on the door. Shortly after, Josephine was seen pushing her way in.

“What brought you here, Mom?”

Josephine’s appearance took me by surprise.

“You didn’t have much of an appetite at breakfast just now, so I thought I should bring you some fruits,” said Josephine with a subtle smile as she looked at me with kindliness.

“Thank you.”

I smiled warmly as I met her eyes.

Not feeling too good right now and hankering for something sour, the grapes she brought were exactly what I needed. With nary another word, I helped myself to it.

As she watched me savor the food, her smile only widened.

“When did you start feeling sick, Anna? Have you had yourself checked out at the hospital yet?” Josephine’s gaze lingered upon me when she asked.

“I haven’t been able to do that yet. I felt a discomfort in my abdomen and was nauseous when I was brushing my teeth this morning. You needn’t worry yourself because I don’t think it’s anything too serious.”

Feeling Josephine’s concern for me, I tried to offer her comfort in return.

“When was the last time you had your period?”

Just as I thought this conversation had concluded, Josephine’s question caught me quite off guard, but there was no way I could be daft enough to not be able to figure out why she suddenly asked about that.

As I reflected upon this, it had been over a month since it last arrived. Before, I had attributed it to hormonal imbalance induced by the stress over Leanne’s affair.

Now that she mentioned it, the symptoms of my physiological response suddenly started to make sense.

At that instant, I was a bundle of nerves and anticipation, for I could not be sure whether our conjecture could be correct.

In spite of us already having Amaury, Michael still very much fancied a little girl. With the both of us kept busy by work, however, we had not gotten around to discussing the matter of trying for a daughter.

“Mom, do you mean…”

I raised my eyes to meet Josephine’s with surprise.

“I think that it might be better if you went to the hospital to have yourself looked at, Anna. We’ll know for sure once we have the results.”

While Josephine spoke, her body language told me that she was already sufficiently confident about the outcome.

Personally, I also hoped for that to be the case. If I really conceived, then the child in my belly would be Michael and mine. Naturally, that would greatly please me.

“Very well. I’d head over there in the afternoon.”

An eagerness to ascertain whether our conjecture could be spot on left me extremely antsy.

“All right then. Take a good rest in the morning and have Michael go in with you for consultation in the afternoon,” said Josephine warmly before she exited the bedroom.

Though initially fatigued before, this hypothetical scenario got me so excited that I was not able to catch a wink. I could not wait to get myself over to the hospital to be examined right away.

Till afternoon, I still had not called Michael and had not asked for his accompaniment either because I still was not sure if I was really pregnant myself. Would it not be a waste of his time if it proved to be no more than a simple case of an upset stomach?

He had so much work to deal with every single day so I did not want to take up too much of his time. If I was indeed pregnant, I needed only to share this good news with him when the time came.

In the afternoon, I drove myself to the hospital. Before I set out from home, I rang Ronan up to enlist his help in getting myself registered ahead of time.

When I arrived, I found him waiting for me. Disquiet was etched upon his face the moment he laid eyes on me.

“What’s wrong? Why are you coming in to get a check-up all of a sudden? Are you feeling unwell?”

His voice was filled with concern, whereas I was brimming with joy inside.

“It’s nothing really. I thought that I may be pregnant, and wanted to get some tests done just to confirm whether that could be the case.”

Seeing that this was his hospital, I made no attempt to hide the purpose of my visit as I would not likely have been able to withhold anything even if I tried.

His face stiffened when he heard what I said, and the concern he showed abruptly turned into disappointment.

By this time, we might consider ourselves to be no more than ordinary friends. I had been under the impression that he had already moved past it, but the fleeting look in his eyes told me otherwise.


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