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Love Coming from the Least Expected Chapter 676

“Mom, stop moving around! I’ll go get you a glass of water!” Instead of finishing it, Isabelle couldn’t move her eyes away from me. Her joy was written all over her face.

“Aren’t you thirsty? If you aren’t, are you hungry? I’ll go get you something to eat!” She grasped my hand and stopped me from leaving when I was about to get up from my seat.

“Just stay right here and let me have a look at you! I never had the chance to look at you ever since the day we found one another!” She started running her fingers across my face and shed tears of joy while praising me, “My daughter is so gorgeous! I’m so sorry for showing you the awful side of mine all this while! I wasn’t given much of a choice since I had to keep you safe! Otherwise, our effort over the years would be in vain!”

“Mom, it’s fine! In fact, I’m glad I can contribute to the plan! To be honest, I had never once forgotten the time we spent together when I was young! Therefore, I had faith in you and thought you must be up to something else!”

“Eve! I miss you so much!” Out of nowhere, she wrapped her arms around me and burst into tears.

We spent the afternoon in the ward and talked about all sorts of things. She finally told me the truth, including the part she was deeply in love with my father when Mark tried to get her into a relationship with him.

Mark, who was still a gentleman, stopped forcing her into submission once she turned him down. However, he morphed into a malicious figure as he slowly got involved in the feud of his family. Things got worse when he was rendered incapable of producing offspring.

He resorted to all sorts of extreme countermeasures against his family members, including poisoning the young and innocent Lucas. Lucas was still alive since his father had groveled himself at Mark’s mercy for Lucas’ sake.

Eventually, Mark turned into a self-centered man and thought Isabelle was obliged to stay with him merely because he had a thing for her.

In an attempt to force her into submission, he brought upon the downfall of the Andersons to isolate Isabelle. He was also the one driving Robert and his wife apart from one another. Robert had faith in his wife and thought someone was pulling the strings behind the scene. Once he figured out the things Mark was up to, he started plotting against Mark to acquire his revenge.

However, Mark sent someone to take him out and framed Julia when she was innocent. In the end, Mark forged the DNA report to drive Isabelle away from my father and took her into custody when she needed someone the most.

“Have you long figured out Christopher’s mother wasn’t the one behind Uncle Robert’s demise?” I was utterly dumbfounded the moment I figured out the truth behind the series of incidents throughout the years.

“I was well aware it had nothing to do with Julia right from the start, but I had to pull through with the act just in case Mark got suspicious. I couldn’t afford to put others’ lives at stake. Are you going to blame me for being such a heartless mother?”

Seated next to Isabelle, I grasped her hand and assured her, “No, Mom! I’m so sorry I couldn’t be of much help when you were in such a nasty situation throughout the years!”

“Taking Crystal in was also one of my attempts to distract Mark’s attention away from you! I thought that was enough to stop him from trying anything silly, but I was wrong! Thankfully, Christopher was a capable man—he was precisely the reason I was able to get rid of Mark so soon.” Isabelle remarked with a smile, indicating she had never felt as great as such over the years.

The silly me asked in a goofy manner, “If that’s the case, am I allowed to get married to Christopher?”

“You’re free to get yourself married to anyone as long as you’ve made up your mind! I’ll always support you!”

I rushed out of the ward with a bright grin and launched myself in Christopher’s direction the moment I saw him. I burst out laughing in his arms and shared the great news with him, “Chris, I’m glad I finally get to marry you! On top of that, Mom is around with us!”

“I’m glad as well! Speaking of which, it’s time for us to take something serious into consideration!” Christopher announced in a serious tone.

“What is it?”

“When are we going to start with our family planning? Aren’t you aware my mother-in-law and your mother-in-law have been anticipating their grandchildren’s companion?”

“If that’s the case, you need to try harder!”

The End


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