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Let Me Stay The Night Chapter 764

Chapter 764 Beyond Fortunate

Christina wouldn’t act ruthlessly like Sheridan, eliminating all potential threats around her by resorting to any possible means.

“The police will come to take your statement tomorrow, so you can hand over the evidence to them at that time. I’ll arrange for someone to follow up on the rest. No matter what decision you make, I will support you unconditionally,” Nathaniel uttered gently.

Upon hearing that, Christina couldn’t help but tear up. “Nathaniel, will you stay with me tomorrow!”

“Okay.” He kissed the corner of her lips but abruptly collapsed into her arms a second later.

Christina was frightened. She reached out to grope him around his waist and discovered her hand was covered with blood. “Someone, hurry up and call a doctor!” How could I have forgotten that he was injured?

Pandemonium reigned in Scenic Garden Manor.

Christina stayed up all night to care for Nathaniel and only succumbed to drowsiness and drifted off to sleep at the edge of the bed as dawn approached.

When she was woken up by Raymond, Nathaniel had yet to regain consciousness,

“Mrs. Hadley, two police officers are waiting for you in the living room downstairs,” Raymond said in a low


“Please receive them well. I’ll tidy up and come down shortly.” Christina hastily turned around and went into the walk-in closet to change into loungewear. Then, she quickly freshened up and hurried downstairs.

The two police officers who came were familiar faces as they were also in charge of investigating Anya’s case previously. C

Christina exchanged some pleasantries with them before getting to the main topic.

After taking her statement about the explosion that happened downtown yesterday, one of the older police officers said, “After the explosion, we received an anonymous letter and a video at the police station. We’ve identified the handwriting to be Emilia’s, and she confessed to many criminal activities in the letter and the video, including testifying against Yerek

The other police officer chimed in, “After investigating, we found that Yerek was involved in the explosion. The police have initiated an arrest warrant for him. In the meantime, please try to stay home as much as possible.”

Christina didn’t expect Emilia to have that trick left up her sleeve. She handed the flash drive to the older police officer. “I haven’t seen the contents, but this is a critical piece of evidence. My only wish is for you to enforce the law impartially and deliver justice to me.”

The old police officer exchanged glances with his partner. Then, he reached out and received the flash drive. “Rest a*sured, Mrs. Hadley. The higher-ups are paying close attention to this case. We will give you a satisfactory answer in due course. We have to leave for now.”

“Thank you.” Christina got up to see them out. After handing over the flash drive, she felt a wave of relief

wash over her.

At that moment, Raymond approached her and said, “Mrs. Hadley, Mr. Hadley has woken up.”

Christina put all her worries aside, turned around, and hastened upstairs.

Over the next fortnight, Christina and Nathaniel were holed up in Scenic Garden Manor most of the time.

Nathaniel recuperated while Christina was focused on resting for her pregnancy.

Sebastian and Victoria came to visit Christina, but Nathaniel disdained them for interrupting his private moments with Christina. He chased them away with a grimace and gave Sebastian an extended paid leave.

Christina had Lucas and Camila stay with them for a while, but the two kids always clung to Christina, wanting her to tuck them in every night. Feeling threatened, Nathaniel sent the children back to the Hadley residence under the pretext of Christina requiring rest.

“Why are you jealous of Lucas and Camila? They’re just kids and are at the age where they need their parents’ care and company the most.” Christina glared at Nathaniel in dissatisfaction.

He was unfazed and continued peeling an orange for her. “They’re too boisterous. Once you’ve given birth, we’ll have plenty of time to live together. Besides, Mom and Dad won’t feel lonely either with the kids staying over at their place.”

Christina couldn’t refute him because of how justified his reasons were.

Subsequently, the days pa*sed by peacefully. Nonetheless, they also received some good news during that period.

After the police received the flash drive from Christina and carried out a thorough investigation, they arrested Sheridan and Barnaby.

Once the news was released, an uproar broke out on the internet instantaneously.

Stone Group’s share price plummeted continuously. Following the loss of their two key leaders, the fight for the heirship within the Stone family broke out, and in less than two weeks, the Stone family fell apart.

The case from fifteen years ago was revisited for investigation, and the long-delayed truth was revealed, clearing the Hadley family’s name and allowing Christina and Timothy to hold their heads high.

Shortly after Sheridan and Barnaby were detained. Yerek was apprehended at Hallsbay.

It turned out Yerek tried to join forces with the Gibson family’s branches to target Gibson Corporation, which was currently under Christina’s leadership. However, before he could execute his plan, he was caught by the police, who had been keeping an eye on him.

After the scandal subsided, Gideon, considering the last remaining bit of father-daughter bond he had with Emilia, arranged her funeral.

Anya had it worst. Upon learning that Anya was the one who killed Madison, the Taggarts sent their subordinates to desecrate Anya’s grave overnight.

Anya died in a car explosion, so Azure made a cenotaph for her. Since the Taggarts failed to find Anya’s remains, they vented their frustration before returning begrudgingly.

As Christina’s pregnancy progressed, she put on more weight and rarely left the house.

She entrusted her fashion studio to Rayne. Due to the great publicity attained through Victoria and Hera’s fame, the studio’s business skyrocketed.

Meanwhile, Gibson Corporation was managed by Nathaniel.

Sebastian officially took over the position of vice president for Hadley Corporation’s overseas branch. As a result, Victoria frequently traveled abroad. Members of the Lesley family knew they couldn’t separate the couple, so they started to accept that as the reality.

After getting to know Sebastian better, the Lesley family members grew more content with him. In the end, they even took the initiative to urge the couple to get married as soon as possible.

And so, Christina’s leisure days came to an end as Victoria asked her to help with the wedding preparations.

Needless to say, Christina was in charge of coming up with the designs for the wedding dress, while Hera was responsible for designing the jewelry,

During that period, Christina began spending a lot of time hanging out with Hera, and only at that time did she realize Hera and Durkas were a couple.

Sebastian and Victoria’s grand wedding became a sensational topic in Jadeborough. At the same time, Christina also received an invitation to attend Gabrielle and Julian’s engagement banquet.

Five months later, Christina gave birth to a healthy and adorable baby girl.

Charlie and Julia were overjoyed, posting pictures of their three grandchildren on their Instagram account every day. The baby shower to celebrate the newborn baby’s birth was also done in the most magnificent


Lucas and Camila doted on the baby. Having learned most of Charlie and Julia’s flaunting skills, the two kids often boasted about their cute little sister to their teachers and cla*smates at school.

Everyone in the Hadley family regarded the baby with utmost importance, especially Nathaniel. He couldn’t decide on a satisfactory name for the baby even after the baby shower had ended.

One day, Christina exited the nursery and walked past the study when she unintentionally caught sight of Nathaniel earnestly flipping through a thick dictionary. Papers filled with names suitable for the baby girl were scattered across the table and floor.

She was fond of Nathaniel’s serious mien whenever he was focused on something.

Christina leaned against the door frame of the study, staring at him in amusement.

Her thoughts drifted away, and past memories swirled in her mind like a film reel.

Christina suddenly strode up to Nathaniel and hugged him tightly.

The dictionary in his hand fell onto the floor with a thud. He didn’t even have time to catch the book as he wrapped his arms around Christina out of reflex.

She leaned close to his ear and uttered a heartfelt yet not-so-romantic confession, “Nathaniel, I’m beyond fortunate to be able to spend the rest of my life with you.”

-The End-


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