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Let Me Stay The Night Chapter 763

Chapter 763 Exploited

Emilia wrote: That’s right. Barnaby wanted to snatch the evidence from my hands. I tried to use the evidence to blackmail him for money but ended up on his hit list instead. It was during my escape that I bumped into Sheridan.

She was trembling as she wrote, causing the notebook to make a loud snapping sound with each stroke of her pen.

She continued to write: Sheridan’s appearance was no coincidence. He had been tracking both Barnaby and me. He feared the evidence in my possession and sought to eliminate me. It was he who severed my tongue, rendering me unable to speak. He also demanded that I surrender the evidence, but little did he know I had swallowed it beforehand. Taking advantage of his men’s drunken state, I managed to kill them and escape. Christina, Sheridan will never spare anyone who knows about the existence of that evidence. What happened to Victoria and I was just the beginning. Only you can save us now. If you help me, I will surrender myself to the authorities. I’ve had dealings with Winston and David, and I’ve also cooperated with Yerek. I know all of their secrets, and I’m willing to testify in court!

It was evident that Emilia had reached a point of desperation. With nowhere else to go after her escape, she sought refuge with Victoria, only to discover that the latter was also embroiled in a series of troubles. In fact, the woman was in an even more dire situation than her.

With no choice left, she had initially planned to find a place to hide, but in her moments of despair, she unexpectedly caught sight of Christina emerging from Victoria’s villa.

At that moment, only one thought crossed her mind. I need to stay alive… I must survive!

Emilia noticed how Christina was staying silent, so she continued writing: Sheridan used that evidence to blackmail Nigel into doing his bidding. In fact, his seemingly innocent approach to you was nothing more than a calculated scheme! Sheridan is an incredibly ambitious man, and after being defeated by Nathaniel, he is desperate to make a comeback. He wants to start by bringing down Gibson Corporation before gradually eroding Hadley Corporation’s power. I swear, everything I’ve told you tonight is true, and I would face a fate worse than death if I were to deceive you in any way.

Compared to the woman’s oath, Christina was more concerned about the whereabouts of that evidence.

As such, she asked, “So, where’s that evidence now?”

Emilia eagerly took out a flash drive and handed it to Christina before writing: I’ve only glanced through the contents, and I haven’t tampered with anything. Christina, you’ll help me, won’t you?

She added several question marks at the end of her sentence.

“I can save your life, but for now, the safest place for you is the police station,” came Christina’s reply.

When she saw Emilia trembling at the mention of the police station, she added coldly, “Didn’t you promise to surrender yourself and testify in court? Well, it’s not too late to change your mind now, but know that once you leave this place, you may not live to see tomorrow.

Emilia was well aware that once Sheridan had chosen his prey, escape would become a near-impossible feat. It was precisely this understanding that compelled her to turn to Christina for help.

She wrote: I’ll turn myself in, but you must ensure my safety.

“Deal,” Christina agreed.

After receiving the rea*surance she needed, Emilia slumped in the chair, her strength drained. She covered her face and broke down into sobs, choked with emotion.

Christina signaled for Lyle to get into the car. “Let’s go to the hospital first and then make a stop at the police station.”

Two hours later, the car pulled away from the hospital with Emilia curled up in a corner, no longer writing a single word.

She gazed out at the bustling street outside, and her eyes gradually welled up with tears.

I will never have the chance to see such a lively atmosphere after tonight. All that awaits me now is the impending


Just then, Lyle noticed that there were several cars trailing behind them. “Mrs. Hadley, we’re being followed.”

Emilia jumped up from her seat in alarm when she heard that, while Christina glanced at her without showing any expression.

A moment later, Christina’s phone rang. It was a call from Nathaniel.

“Christina, where are you right now?” Nathaniel’s voice sounded slightly breathless.

“I’m outside with Lyle, preparing to take Emilia to turn herself in,” Christina replied, her gaze fixed on the car’s rearview mirror.

“Stop the car immediately and get out!” Nathaniel’s voice grew anxious. “Quickly! Someone tampered with your car. There… there are explosives inside!”

Because Nathaniel was practically yelling by the end of his sentence, the word “explosives” rang loud and clear within the car, causing Lyle’s face to pale. He slammed on the brakes, bringing the car to a halt in the middle of the road.

“Get out of the car!” Christina gave Emilia a push before turning around and opening the door. She all but leaped out when Lyle caught her midway, pulling her close.

They had only taken a few steps when a deafening explosion erupted behind them.

Christina turned her head instinctively, only to witness Emilia being consumed by the raging flames. Subsequently, an unidentified object flew toward her, landing with a resounding thud at her feet. I

It’s the flash drive!

She reached out and clutched the flash drive tightly in her hand.

Chaos ensued as screams filled the air.

Lyle helped Christina to a seat by the flower bed, tending to her while making a phone call.

Meanwhile, the latter was staring fixedly at the burning wreckage ahead, her heart feeling as though it was being squeezed tightly.

After some time, the blaring sound of police sirens and the wailing of ambulance vehicles echoed throughout the area.

“Christina Nathaniel’s voice sounded in her ear.

Christina raised her head dully, and she could vaguely make out the familiar figure towering in front of

her. She opened her mouth. “Nathaniel?”

Nathaniel hugged her tightly and panted as he said, “Yeah, it’s me. I’ve come to take you home.”

He was on the verge of losing his sanity when he heard the sound of an explosion coming from his phone carlier.

“Nathaniel!” Christina finally snapped back to her senses as she held on tightly to the man.

“You’re safe now. Let’s go home first. Lyle will stay behind to handle things,” Nathaniel said, gritting his teeth, enduring the pain of his wounds as he carried Christina toward the waiting car by the roadside.

Back at Scenic Garden Manor, he instructed Raymond to bring a gla*s of warm water. He soon noticed that Christina’s right hand was tightly clenched as if holding onto something.

He placed the gla*s of water on the table and gently pried open her fingers, causing a blood-stained flash drive to roll out from her hand.

Her palm was covered in blood, making it a distressing sight to behold.

Without asking any questions, Nathaniel placed the flash drive on the table before turning around to fetch the first aid kit

By the time he was done tending to Christina’s wounds, the gla*s of water had already turned cold. He turned around and poured her a fresh gla*s of warm water.

“Have some water.” Nathaniel said as he placed the gla*s on her other hand.

Christina shook her head, her gaze fixed on the man. Her voice was laced with despair when she said, “Emilia’s dead… I promised her that I would protect her… Before she died, she handed this to me. Nathaniel, she had taken the wrong path so many times, and this time she had finally made up her mind to start anew, but she will never have the chance again!

“Emilia gave you that item because she wanted you to put an end to all of this, Nathaniel said. “The person who tampered with your car was Yerek. Not only were there explosives in your car, but he also planted a listening device.”

A listening device?

Christina was shocked to hear that. Even though she had slowly calmed down, this revelation still caused ripples of emotion to surge through her.

A cold glint flashed past Nathaniel’s eyes as he explained. “Yerek secretly installed it while you were at the hospital. Sheridan had been feeding information to him all along, cleverly using him as a pawn. Since Yerek was desperate for a chance to turn the tables, he decided to target both you and Emilia. However, they didn’t anticipate that I had planted an informant by Sheridan’s side. The person who lured Sebastian away from Victoria tonight was also Yerek.”

Sheridan! It’s always Sheridan!

Christina clenched her fist. She had a determined look in her eyes when she said, “Nathaniel. I’m going to hand the evidence over to the police!”


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