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Let Me Stay The Night Chapter 762

Chapter 762 Resurrected

Christina’s first thought was that the deal between Victoria and Emilia had been exposed.

“Is there anyone else who knows about the deal you made with Emilia?” Christina asked.

Victoria pondered over it seriously for a moment before shaking her head. Feeling at a loss, she replied, “The only ones I told were you and Seb.” The next moment, realization dawned on her, and she exclaimed, “It’s Emilia. She must’ve been the one who spilled the beans!”

Christina could not help but feel like something was amiss.

Casting a sharp gaze at Victoria, she asked solemnly. “Victoria, be honest with me. Other than creating a fake identity for Emilia to go abroad and telling her where the evidence is, did you make any other deals with her?”

Without hesitation, Victoria shook her head and replied, “Nope. Christina, there’s really nothing else. I’m telling the truth.”

As the matter concerned her safety, it would not make sense for Victoria to lie.

If the anonymous sender’s objective was to prevent the truth of what happened fifteen years ago from getting exposed by using Emilia’s tragic end to warn Victoria, it was unlikely that Victoria was his first target, and neither would she be the last.

Anyone who was linked to that piece of evidence from fifteen years ago or had seen the evidence was at risk of being killed!

Who could that person be?

Christina fell into deep thought and remained silent for a long time. While watching Christina silently, Victoria was also paying attention to her surroundings, as she was worried that someone would suddenly appear and a*sault her.

“Victoria, how can you be sure that Emilia is dead?”

“There was a letter in the box warning me to be careful with what I say if I don’t want to end up dying a gruesome death like Emilia. Christina, I tried contacting Emilia, but her phone was switched off. Something bad must have happened to her.”

Taking a pause, she continued, “Emilia did show up at Azure’s funeral yesterday, I saw her talking to Barnaby, but I’m not sure what they spoke about. Emilia needs money, and Winston had gone bankrupt. Since she wouldn’t be able to get anything from him, she would definitely try to get some from Barnaby by threatening him. After all, Barnaby was also involved in what happened fifteen years ago.”

Victoria was filled with regret. Thinking back, she must have lost her mind to have made that deal with Emilia. She wouldn’t be in the current mess if she had not done that.

Victoria paced around in fear while dialing Sebastian’s number repeatedly. However, none of the calls got through.

Kneeling in front of Christina, she said, “Christina, do you think something bad has happened to Seb? I tried asking around, but no one knows where he is. You must help me. I’m begging you. I can’t let anything bad happen to him.”

Christina helped Victoria up and replied with a stern expression, “Get up first. Sit down, and we can talk

properly. I’ll get angry if you kneel down again.”

Upon hearing that, Victoria sat down on the couch obediently. She was so anxious that all colors had drained from her face.

Just then, Lyle returned after inspecting the surroundings. The next moment, Sebastian walked into the room behind him.

Victoria immediately sprung up from the couch and threw herself in Sebastian’s arms. “Seb, I wasn’t able to reach you. I thought something bad has happened to you!” She burst into tears after saying that.

Comforting the woman gently, Sebastian said, “My phone was broken. Don’t cry. Look, I’m back safe and


Victoria gradually stopped crying, but her arms were still tightly wrapped around Sebastian.

Holding Victoria in his arms, Sebastian walked toward Christina and said with an apologetic smile, “Lyle told me what happened. Mrs. Hadley, I’m so sorry to have troubled you. Thanks for rushing over to check on Victoria.”

“No problem. Victoria is my junior. It’s my responsibility to protect her when she’s in danger,” Christina replied before continuing, “By the way, Victoria mentioned that you left in a hurry after receiving a phone call. From what I know, Mr. Hadley didn’t a*sign any tasks to you.”

Nathaniel and Sebastian had gotten injured together, and Nathaniel was still recovering in the hospital. Naturally, Sebastian would not have any work to do at the office.

The caller asked to meet me. If I reject, he will expose everything Victoria did previously when she was overseas.” Sebastian’s expression darkened as he continued, “I was surrounded when I reached the meeting place at the agreed time. While trying to escape, my phone fell on the ground and was broken. That’s why Victoria wasn’t able to contact me.”

Victoria felt extremely guilty when she heard that. “I’m so sorry that I’ve dragged you into this mess.

Sebastian smiled and replied, “It’s not your fault. His aim was to lure me away so that they could attack you. I was too stupid to have fallen into their trap. I’m so glad that you managed to hide. Otherwise, they would have succeeded in their scheme.”

“You’re not stupid. I don’t think so at all. Don’t say that ever again,” Victoria said while hugging the man tightly.

“All right. I won’t say such things anymore,” Sebastian agreed.

Christina cleared her throat before saying, “Now that Mr. Taggart is back, Lyle and I shall take our leave first. Since the other party did not find what they wanted, they might show up here again. You guys should find a new place to stay. Let me know if you need any help.”

Sebastian looked at Christina and replied gratefully, Thanks, Mrs. Hadley. Stay safe on your way back.”

Christina and Lyle turned to leave.

Seated in the back seat of the car, Christina was deep in thought when Lyle suddenly slammed on the brakes, bringing the car to a screeching stop. The woman was propelled forward and almost knocked her head against the headrest.

“Lyle, what’s going on?” Christina looked up at Lyle while placing a hand on her stomach.

“Someone suddenly dashed in front of the car. Wait here for a while. I’ll check it out.” Before Lyle could unbuckle his seatbelt, the person had already climbed up from the ground and was knocking on the rear car window.

Christina turned to look and saw Emilia’s face pressed up against the window.

Her face was as pale and vicious as a ghost’s under the illumination of the car’s headlights.

“Ahh! Ahh! Ahh!” Emilia continued banging on the window desperately. Noticing Christina’s indifference. she attempted to open the door.

Worried that Christina might get frightened, Lyle got out of the car at once and tried to drag Emilia away

However, Emilia continued making unintelligible noises and refused to let go of the car door handle.

The next moment, Emilia broke free from Lyle’s restraint. She immediately ran to the other side of the car and got in after opening the door.

No matter how hard Lyle tried to drag her out of the car, the woman did not budge. She was clutching the car seat with all her strength while staring at Christina with a pleading look in her eyes as if she had something to say.

Christina stopped Lyle and said, “Let her go. I don’t think she means any harm.”

Lyle opened his mouth to speak but swallowed his words when he saw Christina’s intimidating gaze. Despite letting go of his grip on Emilia, he remained cautious, ready to attack at any time.

Christina looked at Emilia and said, “Since you have something to say, spit it out right now.”

She had previously sent a few subordinates to find Emilia and was surprised that the woman had shown up on her own.

“Ahh! Ahh! Ahh!” Emilia opened her mouth wide and pointed to it.

Only then did Christina notice that her tongue had been cut off. She took out a notepad and a pen from the stowage compartment in the rear and said, “Write down what you want to tell me.”

Reading Emilia’s words carefully, Christina said, “Sheridan had sent someone to cut off your tongue. Barnaby wants to kill you?”


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