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In Love, Never Say Never Chapter 99

After some formal exchanges, the atmosphere in the room had gotten more vibrant.

In the meantime, the young lady next to Caleb seemed to be hinting at him about something. Caleb looked at us and said, “Actually, I have a favor to ask from you both. I hope you can agree to it.”

In response, I said with a smile, “Dr. Ludwick, we have been working together for many years. Let us know what do you need from us and we will do our best to help.”

Dr. Ludwick laughed and thanked us profusely. However, he was embarrassed to make his request.

Seeing as his husband was embarrassed, Martha uttered, “Well, the truth is, our niece has just graduated from university not long ago. Joining Fuller Corporation is her dream. She may be shy but she is really smart. Knowing that Fuller Corporation’s hiring requirement is extremely strict, we are hoping if you guys could assign a position for her in the company.”

I was stunned for a moment before looking towards Ashton. Fuller Corporation’s recruitment had always been strict, and every employee was carefully selected by the Human Resources department.

The strict procedure was not without reason. Firstly, Fuller Corporation was a listed company and the remuneration was way higher than other companies.

Secondly, one could gain a lot of exposure to the industry in Fuller Corporation. After all, employees had to go through extensive training in the company. Hence, ex-employees of Fuller Corporation were highly sought-after by companies of the same industry.

I had to go through the selection process as well to join Fuller Corporation. With George’s help, I was able to climb up the corporate ladder. Though, it was not without great effort on my part.

At that moment, the young lady was staring at Ashton with admiration clearly written all over her face.

After Ashton heard what Martha had said, he didn’t say anything but serve me a bowl of soup. “Drink more soup, it with calm your nerves and help you sleep better.”

I nodded and was curious about how he was going to deal with Caleb’s request. He looked at Caleb then shifted his gaze to Martha. “It’s an honor to be valued highly by the both of you. As you know, even my wife had to be assessed by Human Resources back then. Fuller Corporation will hold a job fair in June, maybe she could go for a tryout then.”

I was speechless upon seeing how Ashton dealt with the matter, seeing as he was unconcerned about doing others a favor on goodwill.

In truth, he was telling the young lady to enter the company based on her own abilities.

After seeing Caleb turned slightly embarrassed and that young lady didn’t look too pleased as well, I couldn’t help but say, “Ms. Ludwick is a graduate of a top university. With her ability, I believe we’ll be able to work together under the same roof.”

The young lady seemed better after hearing that. She looked at Ashton timidly and asked, “Really?”

It’s normal for young graduates to be hopeful about their future. Ashton was too direct with his approach. Hence, it would be better for him to stay silent in such a situation. Fortunately, he wasn’t a man of many words. Seeing as he remained silent, the young lady interpreted his silence as agreement.

After a satisfying feast, the dinner came to an end.

Upon leaving the restaurant, Caleb and Martha were very polite. As I was feeling tired and cold from the night temperature, I spoke less as well.

Suddenly my shoulders felt warm. I lifted my head and saw Ashton covering me with a coat. I was stunned and said to him, “Thank you!”

A black Cadillac stopped in front of the restaurant and a well-groomed gentleman stepped out of the car. He looked at Caleb and Martha, then said, “Dad! Mom! Please inform me half an hour in advance next time.”

Martha pulled his arm lovingly and said to Ashton and me, “This is my son, Felix. Initially, he was supposed to join us but he couldn’t make it due to some matters. It’s great that you bumped into him here. Now everyone can get to know one another.”

After a few exchanges, I thought that Felix looked familiar, but I couldn’t recall where I had seen him before.

According to Martha’s introduction, he was working in AC Credit, and that caught my attention.

Since the dinner was over and there wasn’t anything important left to discuss, we all bid our farewells and headed back to our own homes.

After getting into the car, I furrowed my eyebrows and stared blankly outside.

I felt something warm covering my hand. As I turned around, one of Ashton’s hands was holding mine and the other was on the steering wheel. I uttered right away, “It’s not safe like this!”

He glanced at me smilingly and said, “Are you concerned about me?”

Not at all!

“I’m in the car too, with the baby in my belly!”

His eyes darkened while he held my hand tightly and said, “Don’t worry. Even if I die, I’ll protect you and the baby.”

I did not reply to him further. At that point, all I could think about was Felix. It was also a black Cadillac that had appeared at the office’s entrance earlier today.

However, I was at a distance at that time and couldn’t see that man’s face clearly. I couldn’t help but frown and a sense of uneasiness came over me.


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