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In Love, Never Say Never Chapter 98

“Do you know why?” Ashton would not deliberately increase the workload for others for no apparent reason.

“It seems to be AC Credit had missed out on certain aspects during the audit. It wasn’t a serious issue. However, Mr. Fuller was angry,” Stacey muttered timidly.

I did not probe further. Since Ashton had requested it to be redone, it didn’t matter what I have to say. Besides, he would know what he was doing.

I hummed in response. While I was pouring the mineral water to the planters on the balcony, I suddenly recalled something. “Is there any problems in HiTech?”

“No, the market responded very well. However, there seems to be something wrong with OrbitTech.”

I was startled and looked at her. “What’s wrong?”

“There’s a technology company in A City that is preparing to acquire them lately. The matter is still being discussed as there were differing opinions.”

Stacey had been keeping an eye on OrbitTech. I nodded and uttered, “Look up information for the company in A City. Then quickly make an appointment for me to meet with the management at OrbitTech.”

Since Ashton had been paying attention to OrbitTech, it meant that he was planning to acquire them. It seemed that the other party was also anxious to acquire OrbitTech because of their technological expertise.

After our chat, Stacey went back and continued her work. I turned on the computer and did some research on OrbitTech. Even though the company was small but the market value was decent. Clearly, the boss was only good at technical knowledge. Otherwise, the finances of the company wouldn’t be in a mess.

While I was reading up on OrbitTech’s information, Ashton entered the office. He removed his coat and revealed his tall and slender figure. Without the usual seriousness, he looked stunning at that moment.

“What are you looking at?”

I turned off the computer and stood up. “OrbitTech. Are we leaving now? Did Dr. Ludwick give you the address?”

He nodded and pulled me into a hug. “Yes, let’s go. Are you hungry?”

“No!” Even though I didn’t remember eating that afternoon. I had not been hungry for a couple of days already.

Ashton’s car was parked in the garage. Due to my bad experience with the garage, he went to his car alone while I waited for him at the exit.

It was crowded in the lobby. I couldn’t bear standing for too long, hence I took a seat on a bench.

Everyone was rushing to leave the office after working hours and it was inevitable for me to see a few familiar faces. I saw Stacey who had changed into a light yellow dress with her makeup done. After exiting the building, she happily got into a black Cadillac which was stopped in front of the office.

For someone who was about to get married, her face was filled with happiness. I was curious to know what type of man could bring a smile to Stacey’s usually rigid expression.

The driver’s side window was wound down so I managed to get a look. The man looked like he was in his late twenties He appeared well-groomed and intellectual.

Suddenly, a car honked and I returned to my senses. Turning my head around, I saw Ashton’s car.

I went into the car and glanced at the office entrance again but the Cadillac had already left.

“What are you looking at?” Ashton came closer to me and fastened my seat belt.

“A friend,” I replied while looking away.

He did not probe further and drove to the restaurant where Caleb had made a reservation.

After we arrived at the entrance of a high-end Chinese restaurant, Ashton stopped his car. Right after, he took me to the room which Caleb had reserved.

Caleb and his wife had already arrived. Standing beside them were two other people whom we had never met.

After seeing Ashton and I had arrived, everyone introduced themselves to one another. Other than Caleb and his wife, one of the strangers was a middle-aged woman who was a gynecologist, while the other was a young lady who was Caleb’s niece. She seemed very vibrant and adorable.

“Mrs. Fuller, I have ordered a salted chicken and their signature soup for you. It tastes pretty good. I hope you will like it.” As I was acquainted with Martha, we began to chit-chat once we were seated down.

She whispered to my ear, “You don’t know how much you have scared me. I thought you had really aborted the baby.”

I was remorseful and said embarrassingly, “I have no intention to hide it from you. I’m really sorry.”

She shook her head and smiled. “What are you apologizing for? Things are looking good now, aren’t they? Let’s not mention the past anymore.”

After Caleb and Ashton chatted for a while, he turned to me and said, “Mrs. Fuller, Dr. Linnard is a gynecologist at our hospital. Mr. Fuller requested for me to get a specialist to look after you during your pregnancy.”

Dr. Linnard looked at me and smiled. “Mrs. Fuller, you are welcomed to visit me anytime if you have any problems.”

With a smile, I poured some juice into my wine glass and toasted with both of them. I looked at Caleb and said, “I might need to trouble Dr. Ludwick in the future. I would like to thank you in advance.”


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