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In Love, Never Say Never Chapter 95

Shortly later, I heard the sound of Ashton starting the engine of his car downstairs.

As I was still feeling drowsy, I fell asleep again soon after he left.

It was already 9 a.m. when I woke up. The moment I opened my eyes, I received a phone call from Ashton.

Still lying down, I picked up the phone. “Hello?”

“Are you awake?” He sounded like he was in a good mood.


“Wake up and let’s have breakfast together. I’ll be waiting for you in the office.”

Stunned, I replied instinctively, “I’m eating at home.”

“Joseph’s waiting for you downstairs,” replied Ashton. When I vaguely heard someone knocking on the door on his end, I guessed that he had something to attend to. As expected, he quickly repeated, “I’ll be waiting for you!”

Then, he hung up.

Lying on the bed, I rested for a while before washing up and heading downstairs. I saw Mrs. Eriksen making a pot of tea, while Joseph sat in the living room solemnly.

When Mrs. Eriksen spotted me, she smiled and said, “Letty, Mr. Ashton asked Mr. Campbell to fetch you for breakfast.”

Mrs. Eriksen had not prepared breakfast yet. It seemed like Ashton had already reminded her beforehand.

I nodded and left the villa.

When we arrived at the office, Joseph directly brought me to Ashton’s office and left after pouring me a cup of water. Ashton was still in the middle of a video conference.

When he saw me enter, he stood up and walked toward me. He placed a plate of nuts in front of me, kissed my forehead before going back to the video conference.

As I had just woken up, I did not have much of an appetite. Hence, I sat on the sofa and fiddled with my phone. Soon, Ashton finished his conference and sat down beside me.

“Are you hungry?”

I shook my head and kept my phone. He gave Joseph a call before holding my hand and massaging my fingertips. Smiling, he asked, “Is your hand still sore?”

I only realized what he was talking about after some time. Blushing, I pulled my hand away. “What are we eating?”

“You’ll find out later.” He pulled me into his arms and gently pressed my head against his chest.

Feeling uneasy, I was about to move away when he hugged my waist. “Let me hug you for a while.”

Joseph entered with a bag that contained a few boxes. He left after placing it on the table.

At that moment, Ashton received a call again. Knowing that he was busy, I took out the boxes one by one. They contained some pastries and soup from Granger’s.

I took a few bites. Since Ashton was quite busy, I did not disturb him either. I stood up and was about to return to my office to work when I bumped into Rebecca.

I was not surprised to see her. She was holding some lunch boxes, which looked like they were meant for Ashton.

When she saw me walking out of Ashton’s office, she stretched out her arm and blocked my path. “Why are you here?”

She sounded like she was interrogating me.

I stared at her and raised my eyebrows. “Ms. Larson, do you think that you’re superior to everyone else just because you wear luxury clothes and watches?”

Her aura seemed completely different now that she was part of a wealthy family.

“Yeah, I’m superior to you. Only I am worthy enough of Ashton.” Her face was filled with arrogance.

Not in the mood to quarrel with her, I replied calmly, “Yeah, both of you suit each other.”

With that, I brushed past her and walked toward my office.

However, I wore a pair of high heels when I left for work this morning. When I was trying to distance myself from Rebecca, I forgot about the two pots of plants placed outside Ashton’s office and tripped over them.

As I was walking quickly, I lost my balance and lurched forward.

Instinctively, I grabbed the nearest thing to me. As Rebecca was right beside me, I clung to her. However, she fell down with me because she was wearing a pair of high heels as well.

Both of us crashed onto the ground simultaneously. My instincts as a mother kicked in and I quickly landed on my knees and elbows.

Rebecca fell in the opposite direction and landed on her butt. She let out a loud shriek when she fell. “Argh!”

Her voice was so loud that she caught Ashton and Joseph’s attention.

Ashton was still on the phone. When he saw both of us sprawled on the ground, he frowned and quickly helped Rebecca, who was right beside him, up.

Then, he rushed towards me. By then, Joseph had already helped me up. As he scrutinized me, he asked in a deep voice, “Are you alright?”

I nodded. When I looked at Rebecca, who was clutching her wrist miserably, I noticed that there was a bleeding cut on the back of her palm.

Intentionally avoiding Ashton’s outstretched hand, I said, “Ms. Larson is injured. Send her to the hospital to treat her wound.”

Then, I looked at Joseph and asked, “Can you help me over there to take a seat?”

Joseph nodded and helped me walk toward a couch in the lobby.

As Rebecca had fallen down for no reason, she felt hurt and aggrieved. With tears streaming down her cheeks, she stared at Ashton pitifully. “Ash, it hurts!”

Ashton shot a glance at me before instructing Joseph, “Send Ms. Larson to the hospital.”

“No!” interrupted Rebecca as her eyes reddened. “Send me there, Ash. Otherwise, I won’t go!”

“I still have work to do.” Ignoring Rebecca’s expression, he directly headed back to his office.


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