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In Love, Never Say Never Chapter 88

The moment he spoke, he seemed to have remembered something as he nodded and snapped his fingers, “Oh, I nearly forgot! He should be in Rebecca’s ward now caring for his beloved woman instead. I doubt he has time to pay any attention to you!”

Having said that, he leaned closer, his tobacco-filled breath made me even more disgruntled and I spat, “Hey, John. If I die, will I be finally liberated?”

His face turned grim, “You can try.”

How could I? It was not the right time yet. But even if it were, I guess it would not be a bad thing if I could drag a devil with me to my death.

Just then, the yard was lit by the headlight of another car. Turning my head, I saw Ashton’s jeep driving up.

I glanced at my watch. It was twelve midnight. I was slightly surprised that he had actually come back.

John’s car was easily spotted by Ashton upon the latter’s return. However, he did not get down immediately. Instead, he stayed in his car, lit up a cigarette, and started puffing away while observing us with a deathly glare.

John, being the despicable opportunist that he was, leaned closer to me and sniggered the moment he saw Ashton. “I wonder what will Ashton’s reaction be if he witnessed me kissing you?”

“You sick b**tard!” I screamed and tried to move away from him, but alas, there was not enough space in the car.

Lunging his body forward, he managed to plant a kiss on my lips before moving back. Licking his lips in satisfaction, he deliberately stared back at Ashton with a taunting look on his face.

“John, are you crazy?”

“Yes, I am!” John nodded just as Ashton got out of his car.

I stared at him fiercely and demanded, “Open the door now!”

He totally ignored my demand. He was busy tracking Ashton who just got out of his car. When he saw that the latter went straight back to the villa. He turned to look at me before laughing, “Letty, he doesn’t love you at all. He doesn’t even care if others touch you!”

John had indeed learned the essence of tormenting his prey as his words struck a nerve deep within me. I retorted, “So what? It has nothing to do with you. Just let me go…”

Smash! A loud noise reverberated throughout the whole car. It was immediately followed by the sound of a car window cracking.

Lifting my gaze, I was shocked to see Ashton standing beside the car. His eyes were full of cold malice. Great, here comes another devil.

From afar, they all looked like well-dressed well-mannered gentlemen. But upon closer inspection, everyone’s souls were rotten to the core.

John’s a rotten guy. I was no better. And even Ashton could be despicable at times.

Concealed behind his cold sophistication and high nobility laid a feral, bloodthirsty soul.

And that untamed side of him was unleashed that night. Ashton was holding a sledgehammer in his hand which was left by the stone smith who repaired the yard rockery a few days ago. Against a hammer, a car’s window could never withstand its smash.

John stared icily at the shattered window glass. He simply watched as Ashton stretched his hand in and opened the car door.

As soon as the door was opened, I got out of the car silently before glancing at the two evenly-matched men that were locked in a stare down contest.

John broke off the stare first as he blinked. Even though he was sitting on his car seat, the imposing aura he was exuding was not any less than Ashton’s who was standing towering over him. “How about a showdown?”

Since the beginning of time, men had always resolved problems using their fists. Physical altercation seemed to be the preferred way to solve any disagreements for the masculine species. Perhaps they found joy in beating the daylight out of one another or maybe it was the only way they could think of to vent their emotions.

Ashton’s dark eyes glinted as he smirked, “Sure!”

The commotion was enough to wake up Mrs. Eriksen who was living in the outer courtyard. She turned on the lights to the yard and rushed out.

Her gaze landed on me and Ashton before it fell upon John. Seeing an unfamiliar man in the yard, she was stunned for a while before she worriedly offered, “Mr. Ashton, shall I call the police?”

Ashton took off his black, custom-tailored suit. His eyes were glinting dangerously as he commanded, “No need. Go into the house and get my wife a chair so she can sit and spectate.”


Mrs. Eriksen nodded and hurried in.

I knitted my brows. Feeling upset, I looked at Ashton and said, “I’m not going to stay here and spectate anything. It’s not good for our child. Just be careful and try not to hurt yourself. I’ll wait for you at home.”

My words seemed to liven him up. Ashton’s dark expression seemed to lighten up. He smirked confidently as he gazed at me, “Got it, go back and wait for me then.”

“F**k!” For some reason, John got even more agitated by the whole scene as he let loose his fists toward Ashton.

The two men started fighting without so much as a warning.

I did not even stop to look back. Instead, I walked on and blocked the sound of fists hitting against flesh from reaching my ears.

Back in the living room, Mrs. Eriksen asked me with a very concerned expression, “What is going on?”

“It’s okay. It’s no big deal,” I said as I shook my head. Since I had barely eaten anything at the party, I was feeling quite famished. Looking at Mrs. Eriksen, I diverted the topic by asking, “Is there still food at home?”

“Yes… Of course,” she affirmed before rushing toward the kitchen to bring out a plate of scrambled egg and a pot of chicken stew.

Seeing the food before me, I could not help but feel a little surprised, “Mrs. Eriksen, you do know it’s midnight now, right? These dishes… How did you even…”

The fact that these dishes were still piping hot made it even more astounding.

She grinned and revealed, “Mr. Ashton called a while ago, saying that you didn’t manage to eat much at the party and that you’d be hungry upon reaching home.”

Upon hearing that, I was pleasantly surprised and was at a loss for words.

But… Is he concerned for his child or me?

Just as I was lost in my own thoughts, muffled grunts and yelps could be heard coming from outside. While serving me a meal, Mrs. Eriksen asked worriedly, “Why don’t we just call the police?”

Shaking my head, I concentrated on chewing my food slowly and muttered, “There’s no need.”

Since both of them were evenly matched, I was very confident that none of them would die.


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