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In Love, Never Say Never Chapter 86

“Your parents…”

“Dad, mom!” Just then, Rebecca interrupted what Zachary was about to say. With a flute of champagne in her hand, she sauntered gracefully over on her high heels. Looking at Cameron and Zachary intently, she said, “Mr. Smith has something to discuss with the two of you. He’s waiting on the second floor.”

Taken aback by the suddenness, both Cameron and Zachary looked at one another before glancing at me, “Ms. Stovall, please excuse us, for something has come up. If there’s anything you need, feel free to tell them to Rebecca.”

With that, they went up the second floor, leaving me behind with Rebecca.

“Ms. Stovall, shall we have a chat?” Rebecca initiated with a look of arrogance.

There were a lot of guests coming and going in the villa. Some I knew while the rest I did not. It was true that I was having a bad mood, and it was also true that I feel like ignoring her.

Releasing a long sigh, I replied, “I would appreciate it if Ms. Larson would keep her distance from me. We have nothing to talk about.”

She scoffed and spat sarcastically, “You do realize this is my mother’s place, right? Where would you want me to go?”

I chuckled, “Ah yes, I forgot. You’re no longer Rebecca Larson, but Rebecca Moore.”

After a short pause, I continued, “Since this is your place, then I shall be the one to keep my distance from you then. Sounds better, right?”

As I turned to leave, she blocked my way and said, “Scarlett, what will it take for you to leave Ashton? He is an outstanding man, destined for greatness. Only those who are standing on the pinnacle of success are qualified to stand alongside him. Scarlett, I’m sure you know very well that you’re not worthy!”

“So you are worthy then?” I could not help but rebutted. Witnessing her sudden boost of self-confidence made me snicker sardonically, “For the last two years, I have been worthy of him. So why would I be unworthy now? Is it because you’re no longer the helpless orphan, but instead the daughter of the richest woman that you’re now denying my worth in such a high-and-mighty manner?”

“Scarlett, he doesn’t even love you. Why would you cling on to him? Is it worthwhile?”

I raised my brow before uttering, “Yes!” I then let loose a small chuckle. “No matter how far he goes, no matter who he actually loves, as long as I am his wife, he will come back to me eventually. He will come back to his family, and to his child who will address him as father.”

“Scarlett!” her face soured terribly as she shot back, “Is this really the kind of marriage that you want? I will grant you whatever you wish for as long as you leave Ashton. How’s that sound?”

I could tell that she was really desperate. Normally, I would think that this meant she loved Ashton very much. Yet now, I felt nothing but pity for her. The feeling she had for Ashton was not of love, but rather of regret for losing him to someone else.

A heart filled with regret would transform into an obsession over a period of time. By then, it would no longer have anything to do with love.

I could not stop myself from chuckling as I narrowed my eyes at her. “Rebecca, I’m really curious. Are you really in love with Ashton, or are you just bitter about losing him? Your so-called ‘mutual feeling’ is nothing more than a one-sided, unrequited love.”

In the end, Rebecca was a proud person who cared very much about her image. Trying to keep her anger under control, she whispered vehemently, “Who are you to question our relationship? You are obviously the third wheel in this relationship.”

I could not help but taunt her further, “Have you ever seen a third wheel who’s also the legally recognized wife such as I?” Pausing to regain my breath, I continued, “By the way, do you know why Ashton’s been avoiding your touch now?”

I purposefully leaned closer and whispered in her ear, “It’s because I told him that I hate it when he touches anybody else. I even gave him an ultimatum, if he dares to touch others, he’s better off staying away from me.”


I sneered, “Bulls**t? Why do you think he would rather have me satisfy his needs by giving him h*ndjobs rather than hooking up with you lately?”

Seeing her in utter disbelief made me felt better. In fact, it was quite fun for me to toy with a pretentious pr*ck like her.

“If that’s the case, why don’t we try it out then? Let’s see if he cares for me or not?”

With that, Rebecca smiled as she approached me. It was the sort of sick, scheming kind of smile. Before I could react, she grabbed me tightly. Shocked by her sudden action, I tried shaking off her grip. However, before I could loosen her grip, she threw herself into the tower of wine glasses behind us.

In that instant, the exquisite and elegantly arranged wine glass tower came crashing down. Glasses fell and shattered all over the place. The sound was maddening. Plenty of nearby guests suffered from the incident as well.

Some of them screamed while some stepped back trying to avoid the disaster. There were also some others who were still blissfully unaware of what happened.

“Rebecca!” Cameron’s screamed with worry, as chaos erupted in the scene.

A figure brushed past me and swiftly picked Rebecca up from the midst of shattered wine glasses.

The glass bits on her body were cleaned before she was placed on the sofa. Several family doctors rushed in and began to examine her.

Someone had contacted the ambulance, while some were busy comforting Cameron.

Just then, Rebecca opened her eyes slightly and searched around for Ashton. When she saw him standing in front of her, she called out to him in a pitiful voice, “Ashton!”

“I’m here,” he replied, his furrowed brows loosened as his worry and tension dissipated.

“It hurts!” she whimpered, her soft and delicate hand holding on to the corner of Ashton’s suit.

Someone had driven the car over. Picking Rebecca up, Ashton consoled, “Since it hurts, Stop talking and just take a rest.”

She leaned on him, quiet and content.

As Ashton held her, his pair of dark eyes glared at me ominously for a brief moment. Carrying Rebecca in his arms, he left.


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