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In Love, Never Say Never Chapter 85

“I don’t care! Figure out yourself how you’re going to clean my suit!” Not wanting to say more, Joe took the food in his hand and walked to Rebecca’s side before handing it to her. The birthday banquet officially began, and Cameron went up the stage to speak.

Rebecca noticed how Joe was looking distracted, hence she scanned around. When she spotted me, her delicate face produced a provocative yet disdainful smile.

I returned her look before realizing that the suit in my hand needed my attention more. As I racked my brain, trying to figure out what to do with it, Ashton walked up to me with a small gift box in hand.

With a cold look, he said curtly, “This is Ms. Anderson’s birthday gift.”

With that, he passed me the box in his hand. When he saw the suit in my hand, he frowned and asked, “Whose suit is that?”

“Joe’s. I accidentally bumped into him and spilled some food onto it just now,” I explained while examining the box he passed to me. Did he prepare it?

He glanced at the suit with impatience and suggested, “Just throw it away!”

At this moment, the banquet had become lively as Rebecca was ushered onstage by Cameron. Squinting and trying to get a better view, I poked sarcastically, “Isn’t my dear Mr. Fuller supposed to be escorting the lovely Rebecca?”

His face soured as he ignored my jibe, “Scarlett, shouldn’t you explain to me how you and John got acquainted?”

If it were half an hour ago, I would definitely have explained it to him. At this juncture, however, I did not feel like explaining at all.

Walking to a nearby trash can, I threw Joe’s suit in as I coldly answered, “There is nothing to explain. It is exactly as what Mr. Fuller sees.”

Meanwhile onstage, Rebecca and Cameron were hugging each other, staging a mother-daughter bonding scene. To show her maternal love, Cameron announced that she would put fifty percent of her properties under Rebecca’s control. Also, the latter would gradually be integrated into Cameron’s company to learn management skills.

At the same time, Rebecca would also move in with Cameron at Pear Garden. After all, she was the long-lost daughter that was finally found after two decades. With Zachary onstage as well to show his support, the signs were clear. The stars had aligned in such a way that Rebecca now had the powerful backings from two of the most prominent persons in both D City and J City.

Turning to look at him, I could tell that Ashton was really in a bad mood. Luckily, we were at a party, or else he would have initiated a quarrel. He restrained himself and said sternly, “You will be my dance partner later.”

In response, I scoffed and said, “Is Mr. Fuller not afraid that Ms. Larson may… Ah, no. I mean she should be Ms. Moore now. Shouldn’t Mr. Fuller be Ms. Moore’s dance partner instead? Don’t worry, I won’t participate so as not to disturb you two.”

“Scarlett!” he gritted his teeth as he pulled my wrist. His sudden force made me felt a jolt of pain. Seething with suppressed anger, Ashton threatened, “Stop being so stubborn.”

Me? Stubborn?

I was bitterly amused. Locking my eyes on him, I nodded and said, “Ashton Fuller, you really are something else, you know that?”

Glancing around and seeing John approaching, I shook myself loose of Ashton’s grip and headed toward John. Sometimes the devil can be much better than the angel.

John’s eyes narrowed and studied me as I approached. With a smirk, he remarked, “Letty, this is the first time you’ve voluntarily come to me.”

Ignoring the gloom in his eyes, I asked, “When can I leave?”

“For you, anytime!” he shrugged as he raised his eyebrows questioningly, “Where do you want to go?”

Since he had stated earlier that he wanted me to accompany him to this party, and he did not mention anything else, I took it to mean that as long as I had shown my presence, I was free to leave at any time.

With that thought in mind, I glanced at the gift box in my hand before turning to look at Cameron who had already finished her speech.

Carrying the box, I walked toward her. When she saw me, she beamed at me and greeted, “Ms. Stovall, I do apologize should you feel any misgivings about my lack of reception, it seems that I’ve underestimated the number of guests.”

I smiled faintly. Her politeness had seemingly added more distance between us. “Ms. Anderson is too polite. Here’s the birthday gift I prepared for you. I wish you a happy birthday and may you stay youthful at all times!”

It was obvious that she was in high spirit that night. Laughing good-naturedly, she took the gift and replied, “Ms. Stovall is too kind. I’ll gladly accept your blessings and wishes then.”

Zachary, who had brought Rebecca to mingle with the other guests, saw me chatting with Cameron. After whispering a few words in Rebecca’s ear, he proceeded to walk toward us.

Rebecca peeked at me with a darkened glare before she walked away.

Zachary was tall and imposing. Even with his age, his noble temperament and awe-inspiring aura were still present. Peering down at me, his dark eyes had a hint of affection in them when he asked, “Are you Scarlett?”

I nodded, and simply greeted him in a way that I usually do to other people. “Hello, Mr. Moore.”

“Hahaha!” he guffawed good-naturedly as he nudged Cameron who was beside him, “This girl looks like you when you’re younger. Not only the looks but also the attitude and resolve.”

Cameron nodded in agreement as her eyes softened. She smiled and said, “When I first saw her, I had the same thought too. If I hadn’t read the DNA test results, I would have thought that this child is my daughter.”

“Letty,” Zachary called as his gaze fell upon me again. “May I call you with that name?”

I nodded. Something in my memory seemed to be triggered. However, perhaps it was a memory from long ago, all I could see was a fleeting scene that flashed past my mind in a blur. All I got from that memory was the vague sense that his voice sounded really familiar.


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