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In Love, Never Say Never Chapter 80

She shook her head as her gaze fell upon my hands. In a soft voice, she complimented, “I’m here to see you, Ms. Stovall. By the way, Ms. Stovall, I must say, you have a pair of really lovely hands.”

After a polite greeting, I chuckled lightly and said, “You must be joking, Ms. Anderson. Your hands are even fairer and softer than mine.” Such was the conversation between two women – pretentious, polite, and full of insinuations.

Seeing that she was here personally, I was sure that she did not come for just a mere chat. I went to retrieve some Black Ivory coffee beans that were bought by Ashton and smiled, “I usually don’t drink coffee much. Ashton, however, loves them. Let me serve you some of Ashton’s prized coffee beans today. I hope that you’ll find them suitable to your taste.”

She laughed politely. Spotting the coffee beans in my hand, she smiled, “This is one of the world’s most expensive coffee. Even those with money can’t possibly buy this easily in the market! To be able to taste such rare coffee is indeed an honor for me. I have to thank you for that, Ms. Stovall!”

I chuckled along with her. Meanwhile, I was still wondering what was the reason for Cameron’s visit. Taking a few sips of coffee, I could not hold my curiosity in any longer and uttered, “After chatting for such a long time, I still can’t figure out why you’re here for me today. Is there anything I can help you with, Ms. Anderson?”

She took a sip of coffee, looked straight at me with her beautiful eyes, and said in a soft tone, “It’s nothing much. It’s just that the last time I saw you at Pear Garden, I couldn’t help but think that you look familiar to me. After that party, I can’t stop thinking about it. Hence, I came here to meet you.”

Hearing her words, I was stunned. I had thought that the reason she came looking for me was to discuss about Nick. Never have I expected that she was here because she found me familiar.

As I refilled her coffee, I smiled, “Mr. Harrison has said the very same thing in the past about how familiar I look. For me, I think it’s quite normal. After all, there are many in this world who resemble one another. Even Ms. Larson, who we are both acquainted with, shares some similarities with me in looks.”

Previously I had seen her together with Rebecca at a cafe, therefore I did not hide that fact.

Taken aback for a moment, she regained her composure and smiled as she agreed, “Ah, I guess that makes sense. So, Ms. Stovall, are your parents still around?”

I shook my head as suspicion crept into my heart, “No. My parents left me when I was still very young. I was raised by my Grandma, as such, I don’t have much impression of them.”

“Is your grandmother still around then?” Her follow-up question was getting a little too personal for my liking. Sensing that she might have overstepped her bounds, she quickly changed her tone. Looking at me earnestly, she confessed, “Ms. Stovall, please don’t cast any doubts on my intention. I have this bad habit of being too curious and more often than not, I tend to ask too much. Pardon me.”

Having said that, she took out an exquisite-looking envelope from her bag and handed it to me. “I’m having a small party over at Pear Garden tonight. If It’s alright with you, you’re more than welcome to attend with Mr. Fuller.”

I stretched out my hand and received the exquisite envelope. After breaking open the wax seal, I saw a birthday invitation inside. The piece of paper reminded me that Nick had actually mentioned to me before that his mother was having her birthday tonight.

Putting the invitation card back carefully, I looked at Cameron and replied, “Thank you, Ms. Anderson. It is an honor to be invited by you.”

She laughed politely before lowering her head to take a sip of her coffee. After a momentary pause, she looked intently at me and said, “Ms. Stovall, I heard you’ve been married to Mr. Fuller for two years. I could tell that the two of you have a lovely relationship after seeing you and Mr. Fuller together at Pear Garden last time.”

I simply smiled in response. After all, Cameron was just an acquaintance to me, hence I did not feel like talking about my personal life. After sipping her coffee silently for a while longer, Cameron excused herself and left.

Mrs. Eriksen saw her leave and looked at me questioningly, “Letty, isn’t she the richest woman in the world?”

I was caught in a surprise. Looking at Mrs. Eriksen, I asked, “You know her?”

Nodding her head, she recounted, “When Mr. Fuller was still around, she paid a visit to the Fullers before. I’ve seen her around.” After a brief pause, Mrs. Eriksen muttered softly, “She has been looking for her child for so many years, but I’m afraid her search would be for naught.”

With my curiosity piqued, I could not help but asked, “Mrs. Eriksen, you know that she is looking for her child?”

“The reason she paid a visit to the Fullers last time was because she wanted to ask Mr. Fuller about the matter from twenty years ago. It just so happened that I was there serving tea when I overheard their conversation. Mr. Fuller had been keeping an eye out over the years but to no avail. After all, the child has been lost for more than twenty years! With no particular eye-catching details or distinctive features, it’ll be like searching for a needle in a haystack.”

After cleaning and storing the coffee mugs away, my phone suddenly rang. Taking a glance at the caller ID, I could feel my body tensing up. Without informing Mrs. Eriksen, I quickly got up and rushed to my bedroom.

Back in my own room, I accepted the incoming call. As I held the phone, gearing myself up for the arduous conversation ahead, my body started trembling uncontrollably. “What do you want?” I managed to utter sternly.

There was a peal of leisurely, low-toned laughter on the other end of the phone. “My, my, Letty. What are you so nervous about? As your elder brother, can’t I ring up my own sister anytime?”

I had always hated John’s dark laughter. Biting my lips to control my anger, I told him off sharply, “John, both of us are no longer children like five years ago. We all have our own lives now. So please, I’m begging you, just let us off. Leave us alone!”

I did not want to go through the hellish experience that he put me through ever again.

“Letty, come on. We’re siblings. How could I bear to let you leave just like that? Without you around, such a lonely life is not worth living. I need you!” Such words would have been heartwarming if they were coming from a normal person, but since it was from him, it sounded vile.

I could feel myself on the verge of collapsing as the feeling of despair gnawed on my heart. Still holding onto the phone, I inquired hoarsely, “John what the hell do you want?”


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