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In Love, Never Say Never Chapter 79

It felt so horrible when he ignored me.

He let out a snort and retorted, “Mad? Do you think you can cool me down?”

I fell silent at his words.

Mustering my courage, I sat up and leaned into his embrace clumsily.

Perhaps I was too heavy for him as he pushed me away. “Is this how you brush me off?”

I replied timidly, “If I am smart, I wouldn’t have allowed Rebecca to remain by your side.”

“Scarlett!” he roared.

“Yes!” I yelled. Why did he have to speak so loud? It wasn’t as if I was deaf.

“Ha!” he scoffed. “I’ve never seen an apology this indignant.”

After our intimacy, he pulled me into his arms and rasped out sexily, “Come here.”

I said nothing. I didn’t tell anyone about that incident and never saw my kidnapper again.

It felt like a dream to me.

He carried me out of the bathroom. I lay in his arms lazily after the vigorous session.

Before I fell asleep, I said, “Ashton, don’t be mad at me. Nick and I are innocent. I’m pregnant, and he’s younger than me. There’s no way we’d end up together.”

He rolled over and pulled me into his arms. “What about other men?” he inquired.

He was obviously picking on me. I pursed my lips and glared at him. “You don’t trust me!”

A smirk played on his lips. I could sense his satisfaction as he planted a light kiss on my forehead. “Sleep tight!”

I was already sleepy by now, so I soon fell asleep.

The next day, I woke up feeling refreshed.

After the tiring business trip, I finally got to sleep in.

I lay in bed for a while before getting up. Immediately, I spotted a few missed calls from Stacey on my phone.

My phone was on the silent mode the whole time. I immediately returned Stacey’s call and when the call got through, I heard her anxious voice. “Ms. Stovall, we’re in trouble. Last night, Mr. Harrison posted a statement and invited the media to attend a press conference, claiming he’ll announce your relationship. Right now, the reporters and the public are gathered at the entrance of Fuller Corporation, awaiting your arrival.”

What the heck? Had he gone nuts?

I got to my feet and pulled the curtains open to reveal the beautiful scenery outside. The bright rays flooded the room immediately.

Holding back my displeasure, I answered, “Don’t worry. I won’t be going to work today. Nick is an adult. I believe he knows what he should do!”

She replied in affirmation before asking cautiously, “Are you doing okay with Mr. Fuller?”

“Yes, we are doing well.”

After hanging up, I headed downstairs. Mrs. Eriksen was in the kitchen. Ashton was nowhere to be seen. I went to her and asked, “Has Ashton left?”

Mrs. Eriksen was so engrossed in her task that she jolted in fright at my voice. Turning around, she smiled when she saw me. “Mr. Ashton left early in the morning. He told me he has something urgent to do. Oh, I prepared some nutritious food for you and your baby!”

I nodded and patted my bulging belly. I think I’ve gained weight for the past few days.

When Macy’s call arrived, I was still eating. “What’s wrong?” I picked up and asked. “Did something happen?”

“I read the headline. It spells trouble. What if John sees it?” Macy was terrified of John and so was I.

My heart clenched anxiously at the mention of his name.

“I’ll deal with it. Don’t worry. Rest at home and don’t go anywhere for a few days.”

I didn’t know whether John would travel to J City. But before he did, I had to seek Ashton’s protection.

I ate a simple breakfast and left. Outside, I ran into Cameron. To be exact, she came here for me.

Not many people knew about this villa. Only those who were close to us knew we were living here.

Cameron was dressed in an elegant icy blue frock with a designer bag slung across her shoulder.

I hesitated for a few seconds before going out to welcome her warmly. “Ms. Anderson, I’m sorry. I didn’t know you’d be here.”

She smiled faintly and replied, “I didn’t inform you about my arrival. Ms. Stovall, please don’t blame yourself.”

The villa was separated into the rear house and main house. Ashton and I spent most of our time at the rear house, while the main house was where we’d serve our guests. The tea room and garden were in the main house, too.

I brought Cameron to the tea room. After asking Mrs. Eriksen to prepare some fruits and light snacks. I started boiling some water on the stove. “Ms. Anderson, are you here to talk to Ashton?”


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