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In Love, Never Say Never Chapter 73

“Fine. Tomorrow, then!” Macy replied and hung up at once.

Our cab rolled to a stop in front of the hotel. I paid the fare and got out with Nick. Glancing at the stairs in front of us, I couldn’t help but sigh in exasperation.

What a strange five-star hotel… Was there a need to build these stairs right at the entrance?

Complaining silently, I helped Nick up the stairs slowly. Luckily, it wasn’t tiring at all as I was wearing flats.

Halfway there, my phone started ringing. I put a hand into my bag to grab it, but Nick’s hand snaked around my waist.

I instinctively shoved him away. Alas, I forgot we were climbing the stairs.

Nick promptly tumbled down the stairs.

I froze in my tracks, utterly dumbfounded. It wasn’t until the security came to help him up that I snapped back to my senses. “Hurry, send him to the hospital!”

Hopefully, he did not hurt himself…

With the security’s help, Nick and I arrived at the hospital smoothly. After running the necessary checks, the doctor confirmed Nick had only sustained injuries to his head. He had to be hospitalized for a few days.

After all the hassle, Nick was still unconscious. The doctor couldn’t be sure what went wrong, so he told me he’d be back tomorrow morning when Nick regained consciousness.

Nick’s wound had been bandaged. The doctor said someone had to stay with him, so I remained there.

When Macy called again, it was dawn. I was nodding off on the bench outside Nick’s ward.

“Scarlett, let’s go shopping!” Macy declared once I picked up. I knew at once she was tipsy.

It was already dawn, so I yawned and sat up. “Macy, where are you?”

Did she drink alone again?

“Southvale Avenue. Come, let’s go shopping together!” she announced drunkenly.

I couldn’t help but worry as she was drinking alone in a foreign city. As Nick was still hooked on an IV drip, I couldn’t leave right now.

I thought about it and consoled Macy over the phone. After cutting the line, I called Jared.

“Hello?” Jared answered sleepily. I seemed to have woken him up from his sleep.

Feeling apologetic, I inquired, “Dr. Crest, can you do me a favor? My friend is on Southvale Avenue. I think she’s intoxicated. Can you help me pick her up? I’m currently busy.”

After a brief pause, Jared responded, “Sure. Send me her number. I’ll be there in a while.”

Sighing in relief, I proceeded to thank him profusely. I immediately sent Macy’s phone number to him.

After all the hassle, I made myself comfortable on the bench and fell asleep promptly.

The next day, when Nick woke up, he asked me, “Why am I in the hospital?”

I smiled awkwardly. “You drank too much last night and fell down the stairs. I brought you to the hospital after that.”

Frowning, he asked, “I fell down myself?”

I nodded guiltily.

Suddenly, he broke into a grin. “Scarlett, I remembered it was you who shoved me down the stairs. Why are you feeling guilty, huh?”

I couldn’t talk back to him. “Why did you get drunk in the first place?” Glaring at him, I added, “Use your brain. If you’re fine, we can go back now.”

Our business trip was a short one to begin with. As he was in the hospital, our work had to be delayed.

The doctor examined again and announced he was fine. He could leave right after changing the dressing. After his discharge, he shamelessly insisted I had to take responsibility for what I’ve done to him.

I had no time for his antics. We went to the office and showed Howard the evidence about the embezzlement.

Howard was shocked to hear the news. He hastily ordered a thorough investigation of the Finance Department and other relevant departments.

It wasn’t a huge issue. After Nick prepared the final statement, I scanned through the overall operation of the branch office and listened to some reports. As there were no other problems, we ended our business trip.

We were supposed to go back to J City, but Nick insisted we should eat something good before returning. So, we ended up at the biggest food hall in A City.

I called Macy to invite her out. She only picked up after several rings. “Hello?” she uttered sleepily.

How could she still be asleep at this hour? “Are you awake? Wake up. I’m at the food hall now!”

“Mm!” Macy replied. “You go ahead. I’ll be there soon.”

I was about to hang up when a man spoke, “You’re awake?”

Damn it!

Did she get herself a man last night? I thought she was wasted!

“Ms. Markle, pray tell. What’s going on?” I couldn’t stop myself from asking.


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