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In Love, Never Say Never Chapter 71

I glanced at the files in his arms and asked, “Aren’t you going to work in their office?”

“Not here,” he replied. “I ordered food to be delivered to our room. You can rest after you eat.”

I was startled by his attentiveness. Nevertheless, I gave him a nod.

Our rooms were booked earlier. The bellboy brought us to our room and said, “Your meal has been delivered. If you need anything else, please call the front desk.”

Although we booked two rooms, for our convenience, the lunch was sent to Nick’s room. We thanked the bellboy and entered the room.

We had an early flight and immediately started working upon arrival. I was exhausted and hungry after a few hours.

I ate my share and got up, preparing to leave the room to Nick. He looked at me and said, “You can rest here. I’ll leave after a while.”

As he was still eating, I nodded in acknowledgment. The room was a suite, where the living room and bedroom were separated.

I entered the bedroom and switched on the air conditioner. Plopping on the bed, the last thought I had before falling asleep was to take a shower after Nick left.

When I jolted awake again, there was a blanket covering my body. I could hear someone flipping through files in the living room.

Stunned, I jumped up and walked out of the room. Nick was sitting on the sofa, flipping through the files and typing on his laptop occasionally.

It seemed like he had been dealing with work the entire afternoon.

It was unhealthy to sleep right after a meal. I sat on the bed for a while with a bloated stomach.

After a long while, I exited the bedroom. Nick was sprawled on the table, engrossed in a document. He didn’t seem to notice I was awakened.

I poured a cup of water for him. “Why don’t you take a break?”

He looked up and nodded, seemingly in a daze. After taking a sip of the water, his gaze cleared. “You’re awake!”

I gave him a slight nod. Judging from the report on his laptop, I had to admit he was bold and efficient at work.

He soon finished the report and snapped his laptop shut. Leaning back on the sofa, he massaged his temples and shut his eyes. “Mr. Wrangler called earlier. He said he wants to buy you dinner later,” he uttered in exhaustion.

“Okay,” I replied. “Why don’t you take a nap in the room?”

Glancing at his watch, he shook his head. “It’s alright.” He paused briefly before adding, “The financial report for the branch office isn’t right. I wouldn’t have found out about it if I hadn’t looked closely. I think a manager embezzled the funds and made up a project to fool everyone else. A few million were gone. Take a look for yourself.”

I opened the accounts and read them carefully. The branch office was operated based on Fuller Corporation’s operating model. As it was doing well in A City, Ashton gave the president a lot of power.

He rarely interfered in the business decisions here. I scanned the accounts and realized a construction project that seemed odd. In usual circumstances, a minor construction site accident wouldn’t cost millions. Even if they had to compensate the injured staff, it wouldn’t cost that much. Obviously, someone had ripped us off.

“I think we need Howard to deal with this,” I spoke, looking up at Nick. To my surprise, he was already asleep.

Getting to my feet, I went to the bedroom and got the blanket and put it over him.

We had two hours left until the next schedule. He could get some shut-eye before that. After all, we got home late last night.

I received a call from Macy after I sorted everything out.

When I answered her call, I could hear she was in a noisy setting. “Scarlett, I’m in A City. Send your location to me. I’ll be there later!”

“Oh! You’re in A City, too?” I questioned in astonishment.

Didn’t she says she’ll be traveling in H City? Why was she in A City all of a sudden?

“I saw your post, remember? I immediately booked a ticket to A City when I know you’re here. Send me your address. I’ll be there soon.”

I sent my address to Macy after the phone call. There were some unread texts, too. Scrolling down, some of them were from Stacey, reporting work stuff. There were also a few texts from Jared.

I nearly forgot about Jared. He had told me earlier he’d be in A City, too. Hence, I called him at once.

My call got through almost instantly. “Where are you?” Jared asked in his deep voice.

“You’re in A City, too?” What a coincidence!

“I’ve just arrived. I was about to call you, but you beat me to it. Which hotel are you at?” His voice was low, but his surroundings were noisy.


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