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In Love, Never Say Never Chapter 69

Both he and his car were ostentatious. The moment the car rolled to a stop, young ladies stared and tittered while young men took photos of his car enviously.

“Tacky!” I commented and got off his car.

Looking around, I inquired, “What do you want for dinner?”

He responded with a smirk, “You decide.”

After surveying the available restaurants, I entered a French restaurant without hesitation. Nick trailed behind me and teased, “Scarlett, you’re quite the romantic.”

I couldn’t be bothered to reply. I had chosen this restaurant because I didn’t want to be ogled by others.

Inside, the server greeted us, “Table for two? We have a couple set today. Would you like to order that?”

“Sure, we’ll take that, and a bottle of wine, please.” Nick ordered without thinking much.

I looked at the server and said, “I’d like a glass of fruit juice, please.”

After the server left, Nick grinned at me. “Scarlett, I forgot you can’t drink alcohol.”

He was doing it on purpose!

I stared at my phone as Ashton had just sent me a text: Where are you?

What a brief message!

I didn’t reply and locked my phone. Nick was gazing at me, so I furrowed my brows. “What is it?”

“Scarlett, has anyone ever told you that you look like a celebrity?” The server was serving our steak when Nick asked.

I thanked the server before answering, “Who?”

Surprised I’d acknowledge him, he straightened his back and replied in all seriousness. “Angelina Jolie!”

I nodded. “Yes. I used to get that a lot in university.”

My friends used to say that, but after I wore glasses, I rarely hear that anymore.

As I seemed arty with glasses, I no longer resembled her.

“Also, you resemble another person I know,” he said in all seriousness. I sliced my steak, thinking he was bored and trying to strike up a conversation.

“Mm!” I replied and focused on my steak.

He didn’t eat his food. Instead, he swirled his wine and commented, “You resemble my mother, especially your eyes. Both of you have similar eyes.”

He was annoying me at that point. Stuffing a piece of steak into my mouth, I glared at him. “I guess I have one of those faces. Someone told me I resembled Rebecca too!”

George used to comment on how much I looked like Rebecca back then. However, I never felt that way. After all, many people had similar brows and eyes. We probably had the same ancestors a few centuries ago.

He pouted and downed his wine. “Why did you transfer away from N University back then?”

I was stunned by his question. It was ages ago. How did he know about this?

Putting my utensils down, I looked at him. “Were we university mates?”

Raising a brow, he refilled his glass before retorting, “You don’t remember me?”

I shook my head. I only remembered seeing him after taking over Fuller Corporation’s audit. That was it.

He shrugged and said nothing else.

“Never mind. Just remember me from now on,” he concluded.

We chatted briefly. Throughout the whole exchange, he ate nothing and finished the bottle of wine. After emptying the wine, he sprawled on the table and stared at me blankly.

As it was getting late, I went to pay the bill. I was afraid I might oversleep tomorrow if I were to sleep late tonight.

Coincidentally, we bumped into Nick’s mother—Cameron, and Rebecca here.

Bumping into Cameron wasn’t strange, nor was bumping into Rebecca. But I was surprised to see them both together.

I didn’t think Rebecca and Cameron knew each other, did they?

I watched as they linked hands and shopped together happily like mother and daughter from a distance.

After paying the bill, I returned to Nick. His cheeks were flushed, so he must be drunk. “Can you walk?” I asked.

“No,” he replied petulantly.

Sighing, I took my bag and helped him out of the restaurant.

A while ago, Nick had entered elegantly. Now, he was exiting the restaurant clumsily.

I placed him in the passenger seat and started the engine. As his sports car was too low, I couldn’t really drive comfortably. I was too used to driving my Cadillac.

Luckily, there weren’t many cars on the road. I didn’t get into any mishap.

I wanted to send him back to Pear Garden. Ashton and I had been there once, but he refused to let me send him back there.

It took me some effort before he revealed he was staying at Peakville Estate alone. I was surprised to find out he was staying in the same residential area as us.

“Scarlett, don’t you remember me?” Halfway home, he suddenly muttered.

I shook my head. “Do we know each other?”

He let out a bitter chuckle. “Am I the only one who remembers the mulberry tree in Winona’s yard, the flowers on the riverbank, and you with a snotty nose?”


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