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In Love, Never Say Never Chapter 68

I nodded and inquired, “What about AC?” The auditing process for Quinn Corporation might take some time.

“Mm! It’s going smoothly.”

I started flipping through the documents. Suddenly, I recalled I was supposed to go on a business trip tomorrow. Looking up, I asked, “What time is my flight to A City tomorrow?”

“5 a.m.!” After a brief pause, Stacey added, “We plan to wrap up things in A City in two days, so we should head there as early as possible. A representative from Harrison Credit will also come along.”

“Okay,” I replied. “I can go by myself. You should stay here to assist Harrison Credit and AC.”


The rainy season in J City shrouded the city in the gloom. Yesterday, the sun was up for a few hours before it started pouring again.

At 5 p.m., I finally finished reading the documents. My eyes were dry, so I told Stacey to help me buy some eye drops.

After wrapping up my daily report, it was already 6 p.m.

My stomach was growling in hunger by now. I switched off my laptop and headed downstairs. It was time to get off work, so the employees were all exiting the building.

They greeted me politely as I made my way out. I forced out a smile and scurried out. There was a KFC right next to our building, so I entered and ordered a meal for one.

When I was waiting for my order to be prepared, a few young ladies greeted me shyly, “Ms. Stovall, what a coincidence!”

I nodded politely. I racked my brains, but couldn’t remember who the girls were.

A professional-looking young lady said, “Ms. Stovall, I’m Isabelle Leek from the Electronic Design Department.”

I was startled. Her words reminded me of who they were. As I was in charge of HiTech’s case now, I would occasionally pop to the Design Department. No wonder they recognized me.

Fuller Corporation was too large a company. In J City alone, it had a few thousand employees. We all worked in the same building, but we’d only see the same few colleagues every day.

Smiling faintly, I greeted the young ladies and left with my fried chicken.

“Izzy, I didn’t know the higher-ups eat fried chicken like us!”

“The higher-ups are human beings too. Why can’t they eat fried chicken?”

“Their annual salary is several times more than ours. I thought they’d eat something better!”

I left the restaurant and didn’t hear the rest of their conversation.

Men would never be satisfied with what they had. When one was poor, one would work hard to earn money. But when one got rich, one would wallow in love.

After spending the whole day working tirelessly, I entered the car and began chomping on my fried chicken. A car honked in my direction, so I wound down the window.

A black Maybach was parked right beside my vehicle. The only black Maybach I knew was parked in the villa’s garage.

Even if my friends were rich enough to afford this car, it was too flashy to drive it around daily.

I couldn’t recall who else had this car, so I thought it was a stranger and wound up my car window.

Suddenly, the Maybach’s window rolled down, revealing Nick’s cheeky face. “Hey, gorgeous. Wanna have dinner together?”

How childish!

I rolled my eyes at him and showed him my fried chicken. “I’m sorry, but I’ve eaten.”

Frowning, he poked his head out. “You’re pregnant. How could you eat this? Is Ashton mistreating you?”

I ignored his remark.

After clearing up the trash, I started the engine and prepared to head home.

He parked his car right in front of mine, blocking my way out. “Scarlett, come on. Let’s have dinner together!”

I was annoyed by him. “I’m full!”

“Then spend some time with me!”

What was his problem?

As his car stopped in the middle of the lane, I wasn’t the only one who got stuck. No one else could leave.

The other cars started honking at him, but he merely gazed at me cheekily.

I put a hand to my forehead in irritation. “Fine. Lead the way!”

Arching a brow, he announced, “Let me drive you there. You shouldn’t drive as you’re pregnant!”

Damn it!

I alighted from my car and went to his car, taking the passenger seat. “Will you leave now?” I asked coolly.

Grinning, he replied, “Of course. Let’s go!”

Young men like him were ostentatious. He was driving a flashy car, and instead of keeping a low profile, he opened the convertible top in the middle of the city.

He was seriously childish.

The wind felt chilly, but I didn’t say anything. He could do whatever he wanted.

“Scarlett, do you think we’ll show up in the gossip column of J City’s news tomorrow?” he yelled over the rock music playing on his radio.

I rolled my eyes and ignored him.

If we appeared in the gossip column, it would be his fault.

His car came to a stop in a bustling section of the city. It was somewhere all the young people liked to hang out.


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