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In Love, Never Say Never Chapter 66

I fell into a deep sleep. Sometime in the middle of the night, the bed dipped. Someone crawled into bed and pulled me into his embrace.

It must be Ashton. I said nothing and went back to bed.

I couldn’t really sleep well the previous night, perhaps due to all the stress recently. When I arrived at the company, I felt muddled.

Stacey entered my office with a few documents for me to sign. She poured me a glass of milk. “Ms. Stovall, you look pale. Do you need to go to the hospital?”

I shook my head. “I’m fine. I didn’t sleep well last night. You should go back to work.”

Indeed, my sleep schedule was horrible recently.

She gave me a concerned look and left with the files. Before leaving, she told me, “Do you want to see Dr. Crest? He’s here today. I saw him in the elevator just now.”

Jared was obsessed with medical research. He was a shareholder in Fuller Corporation, but he rarely showed up.

Ashton must be planning to invest in medical research. That was why he set up a research laboratory for Jared in the company.

I gave a nod. “Sure!”

My condition was horrible lately. I stood up and went to Jared’s office.

His office was on the same floor as Ashton’s. I didn’t mean to eavesdrop, but the moment I stepped out of the elevator, I immediately noticed Rebecca standing in Ashton’s office.

She was clad in a long and flowy white dress, her signature style. That was why I recognized her at once.

Heading straight to Jared’s office, I knocked on the door.

“What is it?” A deep male voice sounded. It was Ashton.

I recognized his voice at once.

“Ash, I thought about it. I’ve decided to neither go abroad nor enter showbiz,” declared Rebecca. She didn’t seem delighted at all.


He sounded quite uninterested.

Jared didn’t answer the door. I knocked a few more times. Was he asleep?

“Joe will be here later. He’ll give you a ride home,” said Ashton coolly.

His words might’ve upset Rebecca because she only replied after a long pause. “I’ve given up. Isn’t that enough?”

A heavy silence hung in the air before Ashton responded, “Rebecca, I told you not to make any decisions involving me! Scarlett is pregnant. If you insist on staying in J City, I’ll take care of you, but that doesn’t include your love life. I have my own family!”

“Your family?” Rebecca shrilled. “What about me? My brother left me in your hands…”

“Parker didn’t ask me to marry you. Rebecca, we have separate lives.” Ashton’s reply was cruel.

“Do you love her?” Rebecca asked in a trembling voice. “You don’t! You think you’re responsible for her because she’s pregnant with your child. Ashton, you don’t even know your feelings. What you have for Scarlett is a sense of responsibility, not love! Just like how you used to care for me. You felt responsible for me, too!”

I heard nothing after her exclamation. I thought it was the end of their conversation. As Jared didn’t open his door, I was going to leave.

Before I could do so, Rebecca’s voice rang out again. “Ash, please let me stay by your side. I don’t want anything else. I will listen to you. Please don’t abandon me. I can’t survive without you.”

Her plea was desperate and inferior.

I lowered my gaze, feeling sorry for her. It was easy to lose oneself in love.

“What are you doing here?” A male voice questioned. Snapping back to reality, I saw Jared walking out of his office tiredly.

I was astounded. Was he really sleeping?

“I’m here for you,” I replied. Before he could say anything, Rebecca’s voice rang out again.

“Ash, I know you don’t love Scarlett. A loveless marriage will ruin you. You have a child, but it won’t make you happy. Instead, it will become a gap between you both. You’ll be forever tied to her because of the child!”

Jared heard her clearly and raised a brow at me. “Eavesdropping?”

I was speechless.

“No.” Afraid he wouldn’t believe me, I added, “I need your help.”

“What is it?” he responded without looking at me. He was evidently engrossed in the ongoing conversation inside Ashton’s office.

“I don’t feel well these days. Can you find out if my child is affected?” I asked.

As he was still eavesdropping, my voice turned louder. “Dr. Crest!”

He shot me a look and gestured for me to continue eavesdropping.

Meanwhile, Rebecca was certain she was right. Sobbing, she continued, “You know Scarlett loves you, but you don’t love her. After some time, she’ll break down. This is not what a girl wants.”


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