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In Love, Never Say Never Chapter 63

Jared paused for a moment before replying, “Mm, you must’ve exerted yourself for the first two months. I’ll prescribe some medicine for you. Remember to take them and rest well.”

I mumbled in reply and sprawled on the table unhappily. “If I knew being pregnant is this exhausting, I wouldn’t have gotten pregnant in the first place!”

He chuckled. “What nonsense are you talking about? I’ll join you on your business trip in a few days. I can take care of you.”

Stunned, I asked shyly, “You’re coming along just for me? Or…”

“That’s not it. I have something on, too.”

“Okay. I’ll contact you then!” I replied, feeling reassured. Jared was a great friend—attentive and thorough.

After hanging up, I remained sprawling on the table, utterly drained out. I was two months pregnant by now.

I thought I’d get a divorce and leave J City after handing off my work. Alas, life was unexpected. What should I do now?

If Ashton liked our baby, I could stay. I’ve already endured Rebecca’s existence for two years. With my child, things couldn’t get any worse, right?

Compared to my child not having a father, my worries paled in comparison.

For the next few days, it kept raining buckets. Some areas in J City would be flooded during the rainy season. The company was kind enough to let us get off work earlier than usual.

I knew Ashton would be spending his time with Rebecca as she was afraid of thunder. I didn’t return to the villa and remained at Glenwood Apartments with Macy.

Macy had stopped going to her bar because of the drug incident. She started throwing herself into cooking at home. I was glad to spend more time with her.

After I thought it through, I stopped clinging to the hope that Ashton would drop by and visit me. However, I’d stare blankly into space sometimes.

Sometimes, my limbs would go numb if I sat for too long. Jared gave me plenty of medicine and reminded me to take them on time, but I’d forget about them. Macy had to remind me every time.

After a week of torrential rain, it finally cleared up. The sun started showing itself in J City.

The audit process of Fuller Corporation had begun, and I was busy with HiTech. Macy, on the other hand, told me she wanted to travel alone for a few days.

I knew she was frustrated over being wrongly accused of possessing drugs. If Clinton hadn’t helped get her out of jail, she would be serving her sentence by now.

She was frustrated because she couldn’t do anything. Even if we knew Rebecca was behind this, Ashton was protecting her.

Hence, I could understand why Macy wanted to go on a vacation.

Since Macy was not around, there was no point for me to stay at Glenwood Apartments. So, I returned to the villa. With Mrs. Eriksen there, I wouldn’t be alone.

After work, I drove back to the villa. Coincidentally, I bumped into Rebecca at the entrance of the villa.

She was dressed in a long and flowy blue dress, looking like a Greek goddess beside Ashton’s black Jeep.

“How gorgeous!” I couldn’t help but praise out loud.

At the same time, my heart broke into a million pieces, releasing the anger and hatred within.

I should slow down by then, but instead, I floored the accelerator, heading straight for Rebecca. My evil side was showing itself.

As long as Rebecca was dead, I would not have to endure her and worry whether Ashton would return or leave.

When I sped toward her, I seriously wanted her to die.

Suddenly, Ashton appeared and stood between the vehicle and Rebecca. His expression was dark.

I immediately slammed on the brakes in a daze. For a moment there, I really wanted Rebecca dead.

Ashton strode to my vehicle and pulled me down menacingly. “Scarlett, what are you doing?”

I crumbled weakly to the ground. He grabbed and steadied me as anger flashed across his gaze.

Tearfully, I gazed at him. “Ashton, ask her to leave, please.”

Tugging his hand, I pleaded, “Ashton, I love you more than you can imagine. Seeing her here is driving me insane. Please ask her to leave, or else, I don’t know what I will do to her.”

Yes, I couldn’t hold back my emotions anymore. I had ripped my heart open, showing him my cruelty, selfishness, and everything else within.

As our gazes met, Ashton pursed his lips as his gaze softened. He reached out and brought me closer to him. Pressing his nose against mine, he rasped, “What a fool!”


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