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In Love, Never Say Never Chapter 62

It was a call from Stacey, and she seemed quite anxious. “Ms. Stovall, Harrison Credit has liaised with the Finance Department. What about Quinn Corporation?”

I was aware that I might not make the right decisions in my current state. Thus, I instructed her, “Contact AC Credit now and hand over Quinn Corporation’s audit to them. You’re taking charge of this matter.”

Stacey murmured in acknowledgment before continuing, “Sure, Ms. Stovall. HiTech will operate end of this month. You may have to go on a business trip for a few days.”

I nodded as I knew that the business trip was inevitable. After I ended the call, I got up from bed though I was uncomfortable and tired.

Macy had prepared soup for me. She looked at me awkwardly and said, “I’m so sorry! I seem to have lost my touch as I had not cooked for many years.”

After stealing a glance at the burnt soup on the table, I chuckled. “You won’t be so cruel to a pregnant woman, will you?”

Her lips curled up into a wry smile. “Try it anyway.”

Judging by the appearance of the burnt soup, I could guess its taste without even trying it. But seeing how eager Macy was, I had no choice but to put my life on the line and try some.

“How’s the taste? Is it nice?” She waited expectantly for my answer.

I could not come up with a sincere compliment even after racking my brain. Yet, I did not want to discourage her, so I laughed and replied curtly, “You need more practice!”

I couldn’t bear to see her dejected, so I hastily grabbed my bag and left for work.

However, Macy followed me to the door, refusing to give up. “Come back earlier. I’ll cook something delicious.”

What? No!

Spare my life, please!

It was still early by the time I arrived at the office. Unfortunately, Joe was in the elevator when I entered it. I could not agree more with the saying, “The more you hate someone, the more likely you will run into him.”

Joe greeted me with an enigmatic smile. “Good morning, Ms. Stovall! Did Ashton stay with you during the thunderstorm last night?”

I remained silent while he continued talking in a sarcastic tone, “Rebecca is afraid of thunder, so Ashton will stay with her whenever there is a thunderstorm. I’m sure Ashton didn’t leave her alone last night.”

As I looked at the pearls on my shoes, I had a strong urge to laugh.

It all makes sense now. Last night, Ashton only snapped out of his frenzy because he was worried that Rebecca wouldn’t be able to sleep if she were alone during the thunderstorm. There was no way he would have left his lover alone.

Joe was right this time, and I had no reason to retort him.

In a tripartite relationship, the two who love each other are the actual couple, whereas the other person is the third wheel, which is me in this case.

Joe suddenly nudged me. “Hey! Why are you in a daze? Did you hear what I just said?”

I looked at him calmly and responded, “Yes, I did. They are a perfect match!”

Having said that, I got out of the elevator as the doors opened just in time.

Joe shouted from the elevator, “Scarlett, what’s wrong with you?”

As soon as I entered the office, Stacey passed me a stack of documents and explained, “Ms. Stovall, you need to sign all these papers before the audit. Harrison Credit has already started and should complete J City’s audit within these two days, whereas AC Credit will start auditing Quinn Corporation today.”

I nodded and signed those documents. “Pay more attention to Fuller Corporation’s audit and inform me of any problems. Keep an eye on HiTech as well. We can start when everything is ready.”

She nodded while waiting for me to finish signing those documents.

However, I started to feel uncomfortable after looking through some documents. I had been unwell for the past few days and to make matters worse, I did not get enough sleep last night.

Since there were only a few documents left, I told Stacey, “You go ahead! I’ll pass it to you once I’m done.”

She replied with a smile, “It’s fine! I can wait. I have to pass these documents to Harrison Credit and AC Credit shortly and prepare for the audit.”

It gave me no choice but to finish it as soon as possible. While I was signing the documents, I felt a throbbing pain in my temples. Thus, I quickly finished up and handed the documents over to Stacey. “Here you go!”

Noticing my condition, she asked out of concern, “Ms. Stovall, are you all right?”

“Don’t worry. I’m fine!”

After all, there was nothing much that could be done, even if I told Stacey about my headache. I had been suffering from it for quite a while.

With that, she left with the documents.

When I was about to call Jared, I received a call from him.

Before I managed to talk, he asked me, “Are you going on a business trip once Fuller Corporation’s audit is settled?”

I answered, “Yep.” While rubbing my glabella, I asked irritably, “I have been suffering from dizziness recently. Occasionally, I even get headaches. Are these normal symptoms during pregnancy?”


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