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In Love, Never Say Never Chapter 61

I placed a pair of furry slippers at the entrance. As there was no response, I shifted my gaze to the door.

That was when I saw a stern-looking man with an unfathomable gaze at the door, his slender figure looming over me.

I could not help but frown. Why is Ashton here? He should be lying on Rebecca’s bed now.

I wanted to close the door, but Ashton stopped me in time. As his face darkened, he demanded, “Who are you waiting for?”

He pushed against the door so hard that I couldn’t close it. With that, I gave up and replied languidly, “Who else could I be waiting for in the middle of the night? Of course someone who can ease my loneliness.”

He blocked me in after entering. A sharp glint flashed across his eyes as he sneered, “Ease your loneliness?”

Then he straightened his hip and thrust it at me. “Do you think your loneliness can be eased by this?”

At a loss for words, my face flushed a bright red.

“Why’re you so quiet?” While pressing his body against mine, he landed a soft kiss on my forehead.

Then, things started getting steamy.

“Why didn’t you go home?” He bit my lip and continued in a hoarse voice, “Why are you hiding here?”

“Ashton, let go of me!” I had never seen such a brazen guy. He was just doting on Rebecca earlier on, but now he had the audacity to come here and mess around with me.

He held me close and whispered, “Do you think I’m able to do that now?”

I was dumbfounded.

Usually, I would have played along. However, after the previous incident, I could hardly respond whenever he touched me.

He frowned after noticing that I gave no reaction when he was fingering me. Following that, he carried me to the shoe cabinet and placed me on top of it.

I immediately stopped him when he tried to take my clothes off. “Don’t even bother. I don’t seem to feel anything toward you anymore.”

I did not know what precipitated it. Sometimes things might seem fine on the surface, but deep down, they were already riddled with holes.

Furrowing his brows, Ashton stared at me coldly. “No feelings toward me?”

I opened my mouth to speak, but no words could escape from it.

Abruptly, he grabbed my hand and dragged me to the bathroom. I was then held in place under the showerhead with the icy cold water raining over me.

“Ashton, why are you doing this? You should get Rebecca to satisfy your lust. Don’t torture a pregnant woman!” I almost broke down.

Since he has always been doting on Rebecca, why can’t he just look for her and leave me alone?

The explosion of anger suddenly subsided. Ashton stopped unzipping and became silent for quite a while. He then turned the tap off and stepped away from me.

I averted my eyes from him. With little strength left, I slumped onto the floor after losing his support.

Perhaps due to consecutive days of sultry weather, a thunderstorm broke all of a sudden, followed by a heavy downpour.

The bathroom was filled with an eerie silence. Initially, I thought Ashton was angry at me, but apparently, he was not.

After regaining his composure, he tidied himself up before turning to me. “Get some rest!”

After that, he left without saying another word.

What a temperamental man!

I was sitting in a daze when Macy entered the bathroom. When she saw my disheveled state, she yelled at me, “Scarlett, what have you done to yourself? You must think of the baby no matter what happens!”

Following that, Macy took me out of the bathroom and towel-dried my hair while I sat on my bed, staring into space.

After a while, I asked her, “Will a man fall in love with a woman because of their baby?”

Macy paused for a moment and thought about it. “It’s possible. After all, many women tend to fall in love with someone due to that reason.”

Indeed, there are many such cases.

I looked at her in a daze and asked, “What if the baby is gone?”

Shocked by my words, Macy patted me on my shoulder. “What’s on your mind? You are two months pregnant now, and the baby has grown substantially. You should deliver the baby. Don’t overthink the situation!”

I covered my face in frustration. Recently, I had been feeling flustered and irritable.

After Macy dried my hair, she brought me to the bed and tucked me in.

Ashton didn’t turn up again for the rest of the night. Worried that I would be unable to sleep because of the thunderstorm, Macy stayed for the night.

It turned out that she was right, except that I was too irked to sleep instead of scared. Eventually, I stayed up until the middle of the night.

I had barely slept before I was awakened by the buzzing of my phone and realized that it was already morning.


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