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In Love, Never Say Never Chapter 60

Nick was unlucky for bumping into me that day as I was still feeling indignant about the misunderstanding that happened earlier.

I suppressed my anger and headed straight toward the apartment.

Unbeknownst to me, Nick was trailing behind me the entire time. All of a sudden, he grabbed my hand and asked with rage written all over his face, “Are you still treating me like a kid?”

D*mn it! I can’t get rid of him!

“Yes! You’re really annoying. I… Ahh!” Right then, he wrapped his arms around my thighs and threw me over his shoulder before I could finish my words.

“Oh really? This kid will show you what he’s capable of!” he growled as he became increasingly flustered. After that, he raised his hand and slapped my buttocks twice.

I was rendered speechless.

Due to my pregnancy and the pressure exerted on my belly by his broad shoulder, I started feeling dizzy.

As he hurried away, I could not bear it anymore and shouted at him, “Nick, put me down! This is dangerous because I’m pregnant.”

Hearing that, he came to an abrupt halt and let me down. He then stared at me with intense curiosity. “Since when?”

Still feeling dizzy, I looked at him helplessly. “I’m two months pregnant, so keep your antics to yourself and stay away from me!”

D*mn it!

“Is Ashton the baby’s father?”

I tried to hold my anger in and looked at him solemnly. “Of course! I’m his wife. Who else could it be? Please leave me alone!”

However, the man lost his temper and blocked me in. He then asked while gazing at me intently, “Does he know?”

Exasperated by his question, I replied, “Duh, he’s the father of the baby.”

He became deflated upon hearing that, but I was really upset and exhausted, so I ended the conversation and entered the apartment.

As expected, Macy was sleeping soundly in the bedroom. I supposed she did not get to sleep well in the lock-up.

It had been quite a while since my last visit here, and her place was in a mess. After cleaning it up, I prepared some fruits and swiped my phone in the living room while waiting for Macy to wake up.

Unexpectedly, I fell asleep as well. When I woke up, I realized that Macy had left a note on the coffee table, saying that she went out to buy some stuff.

It was almost midnight at that time. Thus, I decided to go home since my apartment was just next to hers.

When I got home, it was already eleven at night. At that moment, my phone vibrated a couple of times. Its screen displayed a string of unfamiliar numbers, and I did not want to answer the call.

However, that person kept calling and left me no choice but to answer, “Hello!”

“Scarlett!” It sounded like Joe.

Why is he calling me at this hour?


“Ashton didn’t go home, right?” He seemed to be gloating as he continued, “You thought that you would be treated differently after you got pregnant, didn’t you? Honestly, I really pity you. Your husband is sleeping with another woman now while you are left alone at home. Are you upset?”

I pinched my glabella and replied impatiently, “Mr. Quinn, are you mad because Ashton and Rebecca are having sex and they left you behind? That’s why you’re calling me at this hour to treat me as your punching bag, isn’t it?”

After a pause, I continued, “Don’t call me to vent your anger! If you really like Rebecca, you can discuss with Ashton. There might be a possibility that the three of you could…”

“Scarlett, screw you—” I ended the call before he could finish his sentence.

It was an awful day with both work and relationship problems coming my way.

My apartment measured approximately one hundred square meters. It was not spacious but big enough for me to live comfortably.

Feeling irritable after having a bad day, I intended to sleep my worries away. But after taking that short nap earlier on, I couldn’t fall asleep anymore, so I turned on my computer to study some data.

Upon logging into my email account, I was stunned by that conspicuous email in my inbox. I had almost forgotten about it. Harrison Credit was supposed to handle all of Fuller Corporation’s audits. However, I had not expected Harrison Credit to set me up. It gave me no choice but to ask John for a copy of AC Credit’s internal report over the years. That report was intended to counter the trouble caused by AC Credit.

However, that report became futile as Quinn Corporation’s audit would be handled by AC Credit instead of Harrison Credit.

Hence, I decided to ignore the email. In fact, I wouldn’t even have sought help from John if there was an alternative plan.

I felt that I should let bygones be bygones.

Suddenly, the doorbell rang. Assuming that Macy had returned from grocery shopping, I tried getting to my feet but ended up feeling dizzy, possibly due to long hours of sitting.

Right after opening the door, I bent down to get her a pair of indoor slippers. “You went out for quite some time. What did you buy?” I was still feeling light-headed.


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