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In Love, Never Say Never Chapter 59

Pin drop silence filled the room instantly.

Right then, all I felt was the burning sensation in my face.

After a while, I narrowed my eyes and looked at the woman in front of me. Her face was distorted with rage, as if she had a lot of pent-up anger.

Rebecca tugged at me and yelled, “Scarlett, you lied to me!”

Did I lie to her?

Was it about the baby?

Seeing that she raised her hand again, I immediately grabbed it and scorned in an icy tone, “Ms. Larson, don’t you have any self-respect? How can you be so impudent when you are a mistress? You’re really shameless!”

The sound of rushing footfalls came from the corridor before she could respond.

Abruptly, Rebecca shook my hand off. The sudden loss of balance caused her to fall and hit her head hard on the desk.

By the time Ashton and Joe hurried in, they saw Rebecca lying on the ground in a disheveled state with blood on her forehead.

Meanwhile, I remained intact and stood condescendingly in front of Rebecca.

D*mn it! What a waste of talent that she didn’t become an actress!

“Rebecca, are you all right?” Joe immediately helped her up and scolded me, “Scarlett, you’ve gone too far!”

Did I?

I could not be bothered with him and turned toward Ashton, whose face was expressionless at that moment. “I didn’t push her. Do you believe me?”

He then looked at the bloodstains on Rebecca’s forehead and warned me with a cold-eyed stare, “Scarlett, know your boundaries!”

Those few words stamped out my trust in him. As I stared at him in disbelief, I let out a chuckle. “I’m so naive!”

He had fooled me into believing he was the right one with his change in attitude for the past few days.

How ridiculous!

Suppressing my sorrow, I walked toward Rebecca and sneered in disdain. “Ms. Larson, you need to improve your acting skills! Have you seen anyone, not to mention a pregnant woman, capable of pushing someone so far away?”

Right after finishing my sentence, I planted a slap on her cheek without giving her the chance to respond. The slap was so hard that my hand hurt as well.

As Rebecca covered her face in shock, I gave her a faint smile. “This is payback! Do practice the code of ethics for mistresses. Don’t make a joke out of yourself!”

With the turn of events, the atmosphere in the office had become unbearably awkward, and I desperately wanted to flee the scene.

After shooting them one last glare, I stomped out of the office. Ashton grabbed my wrist when I passed him. Immediately, I retracted my hand from his grasp and said sarcastically, “Mr. Fuller, you’d better cheer your sweetheart up!”

Upon leaving the office, I headed straight to Glenwood Apartments but soon recalled that Macy was resting at that hour, so I made a detour to the supermarket to buy some groceries.

As she was away from home for the past few days, some of the groceries had expired and needed to be replaced. Besides, I had some spare time on my hands.

Unexpectedly, I bumped into Nick, who was being pestered by a young beauty on the street. It seemed like he had offended that girl and got himself into trouble.

Initially, I had no intention to interfere since I was in a grim mood.

However, Nick noticed my presence and came over, tugging at me helplessly. “Help me!”

Without waiting for my response, he quickly told that beauty, “Sarah, this is the lady whom I talked about. I have admired her for almost ten years. I’m really not interested in you. Could you please stop pestering me?”

Sarah looked pitiful after being rejected. “Nick, just because you fancy her doesn’t mean she feels the same way about you. Besides, she should have been married at this age. What do you like about her?”

What? Do I look that old?

I did not want to be involved in their fight, but Nick was holding onto my hand tightly. With a stern expression, he explained to Sarah, “During our junior year, you once asked me about the picture of a girl in my wallet. Look at her carefully. She’s the one. It’s true that I’ve admired her since ten years ago.”

The girl scrutinized me with her big brown eyes for some time before bursting into tears.

I was starting to get a headache seeing them bickering over such a trivial matter. “Nick, what are you doing?”

He gave me a helpless look. “I just want her to give up. It’s really annoying that she won’t stop pestering me all these years.”

Give up? This is a waste of time.

I rolled my eyes at him, then turned around and walked away. Sarah’s crying could still be heard behind me. However, Nick ignored her and ran up to me. “Scarlett, I really like you. Besides, I’m rich and powerful. Ashton doesn’t have feelings for you, so why don’t you leave him and consider me?”

I was in no mood for his gibberish, so I stopped abruptly and glared at him coldly.

Stunned, he paused in his tracks but soon regained his composure and asked again, beaming, “Could you please consider me?”

I warned him, “I’m not interested in you. Stay away from me!”


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