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In Love, Never Say Never Chapter 54

With a big grin on her face, Mrs. Eriksen did a thorough clean-up of the villa. I couldn’t help but look at Ashton for any indication.

He did not utter a word but gestured for me to sit down and eat.

“Ashton, did you get Mrs. Eriksen to come over?”

He waited till he swallowed the food in his mouth before finally saying, “Yes. It’s better that she stays here to look after you.”

He was probably right, but I was still worried about Macy. After drinking some soup, I asked tentatively, “Ashton, Macy is still detained at the police station. Could you—”

“Finish your meal,” he ordered before I could finish my sentence.

What the…

My morning sickness was getting more serious these days; there was more food coming out from my mouth than going in. I already lost all appetite after taking a few bites of food.

Putting down my fork, I was about to go to the living room and wait for him to finish his food so that I could talk to him about Macy.

However, I had not expected him to smack the table and bark, “Finish your food!”

“I can’t.” My brows were pulled together into a frown.

I couldn’t take in any more food. Besides, I did finish a huge bowl of soup.

He scowled at me. “Finish the eggs, and we’ll talk later.”

That sounded like there was possibly room for discussion.

With that, I sat at the table again.

However, I soon came to realize that I had been too naive. Right after I managed to force down the fried eggs, Ashton shoved a slice of cake and a glass of milk in front of me and said, “Have these too.”

I couldn’t take it anymore and barked back at him, “I’m not a pig, you know!”

Ignoring my protest, he continued to order me, “Just eat. It’s nutritious!”

This man could really rile me up to no end. “I’m on the brink of bursting, and I really can’t stuff food down my throat anymore,” I retorted.

Despite my pleas, he remained silent and motionless, as though the world was hinging on me finishing my food.

My head was pounding so badly that I had to massage my temples as I tried to gain his sympathy. “Please, I really am full. If I stuff anymore food down my throat, it’s just gonna come right back up. That’s the worst part.”

“Just eat, and we’ll deal with that when it happens”

Son of a…

“Why are you being such a jacka**!” I shot him a deadly look while stuffing the stupid cake into my mouth and washing it down with the milk.

Seeing that his will was obliged, he was pleased with himself, cocking a brow. “I thought you already knew that from the beginning.”

I did? Forget it. I need his help to settle something more important.

“As I was saying, Macy has already been held at the police station for one whole day, so could you…”

“And you’re worried about her?”


However, Ashton did not seem concerned at all. He was now sitting comfortably on the couch, sipping the tea Mrs. Eriksen brought him as though he was on a freaking holiday.

The little warmth that I had felt in the morning was now fumes coming out of my ears.

I looked at my watch and realized that it was already one in the afternoon, but Ashton did not seem like he was going to the office or the police station. At this rate, I might as well take matters into my own hands.

I went upstairs to get my handbag and was about to head to Hour Bar when Ashton stopped me midstride and asked nonchalantly, “Where are you going?”

“To the police station!”

Frankly, I felt that he had no intention to help me at all.

He pondered over something for a while before jumping into the driver’s seat of my car. “Come in”

I got into the passenger seat, still oblivious to his plan. After a while, I realized he was not driving to the police station. Instead, we were on the way to the office.

“Ashton, you…”

“I’ll deal with Macy. You’re going to stay in the office and not cause any trouble, okay?” That did not sound convincing at all, and why was he talking to me like I was a child?

But it didn’t seem like I had much of a choice, considering that he was the one behind the wheel.

I took a deep breath and zipped my lips. When we arrived at Fuller Corporation, he dropped me off at the lobby and drove away.

Once I stepped into the office building, I bumped into none other than that jerk, Joe.

I was not in the greatest of mood and wanted to just ignore his presence.

“It’s already noon. Did you go for a meeting?” Such an annoying person.

“Mr. Quinn, are you working in the HR department now? If not, why don’t you just mind your own business?” I shot him a glare and retorted calmly while pressing the elevator button.

Joe seemed equally irritated as he snorted, “Well, I was told that your good friend is currently locked up at the police station. And here you are, waltzing in casually at noon as if all’s good. You’re more cold-blooded than I thought.”

After being bossed around by Ashton this morning, I had had it up to here, and now he just struck the match that kindled my explosion. “Is it because you’ve been such a lapdog to Rebecca for so long that you forgot how to talk like a human? Your loyalty to Rebecca is really commendable, but I can’t help but wonder, is it because she plays catch with you all the time or because you get to learn tricks from the greatest pretentious snob in the office?”

As I fired away, something suddenly came to mind. “Oh, and there’s something you should know. Although Hour Bar is registered under Rebecca’s name, her assets basically all came from Ashton. If it pleases me, I can always hire a lawyer to repossess them. As Ashton’s legal spouse, I don’t foresee it being an issue.”


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