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In Love, Never Say Never Chapter 52


When I woke up, the sky was dark.

The moment I opened my eyes, a man’s sleeping face caught my attention. There were dark eye circles around his eyes, and light stubble appeared around his chin.

He was here the whole time?

I looked around to see four white walls. This was the hospital ward.

Out of instinct, I stretched out my hand and touched my tummy uneasily. Fortunately, there was still a slight bulge on my stomach, and it no longer hurt.

“You’re awake?” The man beside me gruffly commented.

I was momentarily stunned. When I turned to look in his direction, I realized that Ashton was awake. He got out of the chair and walked to my side to pour a glass of water.

He placed the cup on my bedside table. “Do you want some water?”

His emotions were hard to decipher, and I cautiously asked, “Am I still pregnant?”

His pair of obsidian eyes pierced through my soul. He looked cold and terrifying. My heart was palpitating extremely fast as I widened my eyes and waited for his response.

He took some time before breaking the silence, “How long were you planning to hide it from me?”

There was no good answer to his question. Given this situation, there was no use in arguing with him. I held back my tears and stammered, “Rebecca forced you to make me abort the child by threatening suicide. I could not bear to do it, so…”

I saw his expression turn ugly, but I continued, “I didn’t want to lie to you. If you don’t want anything to do with the baby, we can get a divorce. Once we file for it, we can go our separate ways. I will not let the baby affect your future with Rebecca, don’t worry.”

“Scarlett!” He raged, and his eyes burned with anger. “Do I seem so pathetic to you that you don’t even think I’m worthy as the father of our child?”

Taken aback by his words, I croaked, “It’s nothing of that sort. I was only worried that you wanted nothing to do with the baby given your relationship with Rebecca…”

“Therefore, you decided to call the shots on your own?” He sneered. I was sure that he would tear me into bits if I were not lying in the hospital bed then. “Scarlett, listen up. That is my child, and you better bring the child up well.”

This was the first time I witnessed Ashton ever being angry and yet happy at the same time.

Judging from his reaction, it was clear that I was still pregnant, so I kept my silence.

Not long after, a doctor in a white coat walked in and explained the situation. He awkwardly looked at Ashton and advised, “The first trimester of a pregnancy is a crucial period. You should try to control yourself during this time.”

I bit my lips and watched Ashton nod with an uneasy look on his face.

Luckily, there was nothing wrong with the fetus. The bleeding was only caused by the stress I was under recently.

The doctor gave some advice before he left Ashton and me in silence.

I knew he was angry and did not want to stay in the hospital any longer. I glanced at him. “Ashton, let’s go home, okay?”

He gave me a cold hard look. I sighed and explained, “Last night, I did not have dinner, and I’m famished now.” Pointing to my belly, I gave him a pitiful look, “The baby needs to eat too.”

At first, I expected him to ignore me. However, I did not expect him to stand up and even suggest, “What are you craving? I’ll buy it for you!”

Stunned, I cheekily smiled. I supported myself up and tugged on his clothes to reply, “I want to eat pork, grilled fish and also the noodles that you always cook !”

In fact, I wanted to trick him so that I could go home. It was unbearable to stay in the hospital for too long.

Studying my expression, he reluctantly agreed. “I’ll settle the discharge papers now.”

Then, he sternly chided, “In the meantime, you should lie down!”

Seeing him exit the ward, I looked at the IV drip. There was not much left, so I pressed the bell for the nurse. She came in and took it out.

“Is there any more medicine for me?” I could not wait to go home.

The nurse replied, “There is no more. Mrs. Fuller, you should lie down and rest.”

It took me by surprise. How did she know I was Mrs. Fuller?

The nurse packed the medicine bottle and looked at me with some envy. “Mrs. Fuller, your husband is very good to you. When you were sent to the operating room earlier, Mr. Fuller did not leave and looked very worried. Although he is an adult, he seemed like a helpless child waiting outside the operating room.”

I was puzzled, and my mind was buzzing. Ashton was worried for me? Or was he worried about our child?

“A penny for your thoughts?” A low voice sounded beside my ear. I looked up and realized that the nurse was not there anymore.

Instead, Ashton came in at some point in time and had a stack of documents in one hand and a bunch of medicine in the other.

“What are those?” I lowered my head and looked at the medicine bag. In response, he stretched out his hand and helped me up.

He carried me out of the hospital, but I quickly tried to get down. “Ashton, let go of me. I can walk by myself.”

It was so awkward!

“If you want to go home, then you should listen to me and stop moving!”

That was how I got carried out from the hospital. I was embarrassed.

After he put me down in the car, he took the driver seat. Taking a look at me, he moved closer to me.


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