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In Love, Never Say Never Chapter 51

Maybe because of my guilty conscience, I stiffened. Sensing it, Ashton became more cautious.

After listening to the recording about him and Rebecca, I began to resist him.

He turned, but…

After a long time, he got out of bed and changed into his pajamas. Walking to the balcony, he stood there for a smoke.

Lying in bed, there was a mysterious feeling creeping into my heart.

Following suit, I walked to him. Wrapping my arms around him, I pressed my body against his back. “Let’s go back to the bathroom and try again.”

I could feel him stiffen as he stubbed his cigarette out. He turned around, and with some hostility in his voice, he asked, “When did it start?”

I was stunned. Did he mean how I was rejecting him?

Lowering my head, I gritted my teeth and uttered, “Maybe after the miscarriage…”

His relationship with Rebecca will always be like a knife lodged in my heart. Even as time passed, the wound only festers.

Taking a long look at me, he pushed past me and commented, “I’ll wait in the study room.”

Instinctively, I grabbed his arm. I pleaded, “Did you buy over Macy’s bar for Rebecca? Macy was framed. Can you help me?”

I knew he would be furious if I asked him now. After all, I did not satisfy him, but I could not delay the question any longer.

He lowered his gaze and matched mine. His eyes narrowed, and he scoffed coldly, “Did you come back because of that?”

Startled by the look in his eyes, I fervently shook my head and denied, “No, I…”

“You wanted to persuade me with your body. Is that why you allowed me to do whatever I wanted to you?” He chuckled and mocked me, “Scarlett, don’t you even realize that you are no longer attracted to me?”

I shook my head. Regardless, while his words made me flustered, he was right.

Staring back at him, I choked, “Ashton, you have Rebecca and many other friends. However, I have no one else but Macy. Please, I beg you.”

“Haha!” He sneered, “You don’t have anything but Macy? Scarlett, what a surprise!”

He was evidently livid. However, I had no other solution for this.

If I had another way out, I would never have asked him. Unfortunately, he was my only way of helping Macy.

Grasping his hand, I looked away from his furious gaze. I bit my lips, and with tears in my eyes, I apologized, “Ashton, I can only plead with you. I’m sorry.”

The temperature in the room had dropped several degrees, and with the little clothes I had on, I was chilled to the bone.

Ashton saw me falling into despair, and his anger slowly dissipated. After a pause, he sighed. He grabbed my arm and sternly ordered, “Go to the bathroom.”

I was taken aback but quickly realized what he meant. At that instance, he carried me bridal style and headed for the bathroom.

“Scarlett.” He called out hoarsely.

I turned to look at him with teary eyes. He lowered his head and covered my eyes.

I gasped, “Ashton, please be more gentle!”

I was afraid that something would happen to my baby.

Suddenly, I felt a throbbing pain in my lower abdomen. Startled, I stammered, “Ashton, please stop. I’m…bleeding.”

He froze and lowered his head to see a pool of blood that had accumulated at my feet.

I twitched in pain and tugged his arm. With sweat dripping off my forehead, I panted, “Hurry, take me to the hospital!”

The sensation I felt this time was a different type of pain.

Ashton’s mood dropped instantly, and his gaze scattered. He took a towel beside him and wiped off the water on my body before he carried me out.

Laying me on the bed, he searched for his clothes and dressed me with them. Then, he called Jared. I grabbed the end of his shirt and huffed in pain, “There’s not much time left. Ashton, you need to take me to the hospital now!”

“F***!” This was the first time I had ever heard him curse.

He immediately carried me to the car and started the engine. His eyes darkened, and his lips were pressed into a thin line. I could not tell what he was feeling.

Along the way, he sped and ignored many red lights. When we finally arrived at the hospital, he rushed me inside, and a nurse greeted us with a wheelchair.

“What happened?” Someone in the crowd asked anxiously.

Ashton coldly glanced at me and demanded, “Scarlett, will you tell them, or should I tell them?”

My heart pounded wildly, and I broke out in cold sweat. Despite so, the pain in my lower abdomen left me with no choice. I grabbed the nurse beside me and exclaimed, “I’ve been pregnant for less than two months, and there are signs of a miscarriage. Please make sure I’ll be able to keep the child!”

The nurse nodded understandingly and comforted me, “Don’t worry, we’ll bring you to the operating room first.”

In the midst of the chaos, I gradually loss consciousness.

I felt an overwhelming sense of regret for being so careless. Initially, I thought I would be fine since I had been to the hospital several times before but ended up fine.


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