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In Love, Never Say Never Chapter 49

I could not think of anything else in that situation and followed the policeman into an interrogation room. After answering a few questions, I could roughly grasp the issue.

Last night, someone found kyanine at Macy’s bar, and there was a large amount of it. However, it was odd that he did not report to the police when he found it. Instead, why did he report it a day after?

After the interrogation, I finally met Macy. Although she had been held for only a few hours, she looked especially haggard, bare-faced and with prominent dark eye circles.

Immediately, she reached for me and pleaded, “Scarlett, someone set me up! I’m sure it is Rebecca. Last night, she came to the bar with a man, and I thought she was only there for a drink. Who would expect her to set me up?”

Rebecca was at the bar with another man?

“Did you see how the man looked like?” Rebecca was only close to Ashton and Joe, so who else would she be with?

“He was tall and looked flamboyant. Oh, and when I went to Fuller Corporation to look for you the last time, someone called him Mr. Quinn.”


Well, Rebecca did hate me. However, why did she have to do this to Macy?

“Why would they call the police today? If I were them, I would call the police last night.” There was something that did not match up.

Rubbing her eyes, Macy responded, “They want to torture me. When the police went there to investigate, they found the drugs in my closet.”

“Macy, are you hiding something from me?” Based on Rebecca’s character, she would definitely try to destroy Macy. Why did she only attack Macy but leave her bar alone?

Macy hesitated before she confessed, “Scarlett, I’ll tell you the truth, but you have to promise me not to get mad. Ashton bought over The Hour Bar. When you asked me to go to Q City, I have already sold the bar to him.”

Her sudden confession took me by surprise, and I fumbled to think of what to say. “Why would Ashton buy out your bar?” He was busy enough with Fuller Corporation. Why would he take over another business?

Shaking her head, Macy stammered, “I am not sure either. A month ago, he came to look for me and paid me double the bar’s worth. Then, he even registered it under Rebecca’s name. I wanted to tell you about it, but you were busy and not feeling well…”

It was a terrifying thought. What is the difference between buying the bar to transfer it to Rebecca’s name and Rebecca buying it herself?

Whatever she wanted, Ashton would willingly give to her. Unfortunately, getting the bar was not Rebecca’s ultimate goal.

I’m afraid she planned to do this to me.

My head started to hurt, so I comforted Macy and left the detention room. Jared, waiting for me outside, immediately walked up to me when he saw me emerging from the room. “Is everything alright?”

“If she gets charged, how many years will she have to serve?” I forced out the words as my head started to pound harder.

“It will be either fifteen years of imprisonment, life imprisonment or the death penalty. The sentence will be based on the details of the case. The heavier the crime, the heavier the sentence will be,” Jared clarified as he walked out of the police station with me.

I could hear a buzzing sound in my head, and my world started to spin. Rebecca was ruthless. Simply by using the bar, she ruined Macy’s life.

“Don’t panic yet. The police are still investigating, and there is a possibility that things may turn out differently,” Jared comforted me as he brought me to a corner to rest.

Immediately, I grabbed onto his arm and looked into his eyes. “How can we get her out of it?”

“There is no trace of the kyanine in her body and her closet was in the bar. There is a high possibility that it may be touched by someone else along the way. As long as the police find out that she has nothing to do with those drugs, she would not be found guilty.”

“Oh yes! We can take a look at the security tapes in the car!” Instantly, I jumped to my feet and headed for the bar.

However, Jared grabbed my wrist and stopped me. There was a sorry expression on his handsome face. “Your guess is as good as the police. You should be worrying about whether someone did something to the security tapes.”

My eyebrows twitched, and in frustration, I tugged at my hair. I turned to Jared and vented, “You should head back first. I need to take a breather!”

Although Jared seemed like he was about to say something, he paused when he sensed my frustration. Then, he left after a short sentence. “If there’s anything you need, I’m just a call away.”

I stood before the police station for a while before I got onto the car.

At that moment, Stacey called. She reported that she had finished the analysis report and had already emailed me. As my mind was in a mess, I could only muster out an “okay”.

After some hesitation, I decided to drive to the villa. It had been a while since I had been there because I was trying to avoid Ashton. Unfortunately, there were some things I could not escape from.

By the time I reached the villa, it was still early and bright. There were not many people in the house, and the bedrooms and bathrooms on the second floor had been renovated.

I knew there was no use in worrying about it now. Therefore, I headed to the study room and looked through the report that Stacey emailed me. I knew that AC Credit had a high chance of winning the audit but was surprised that Harrison Credit was ranked right after it.


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