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In Love, Never Say Never Chapter 48

Sitting down again, I said nothing and waited for him to continue.

He found a space to sit beside me and continued, “It has been about a year since Fuller Corporation was listed. On the surface, the company’s growth seems to be in full swing and has yet to meet any problems. However, if you think carefully about it, why would the company lose so much simply because of a short delay in the project you and Caleb handled? Do you really think the loss was due to the delay in funds because the company was growing too fast?”

Frowning, I pondered about it.

“If Fuller Corporation lost so much due to the delay in the final payment of a project, it indicates that the company’s internal funds have been used up. Ashton is not partnering with AC Credit because once Fuller Corporation’s deficit shows up in their audit report, Fuller Corporation’s stock prices will plummet, and investors will panic.”

Squinting at him, I probed, “Wait, but Ashton did not directly appoint you to conduct Fuller Corporation’s audit. Besides, as the director of the company, don’t you think I would know better?”

“Haha!” He mocked, “Scarlett, don’t jump to conclusions too quickly.”

Agitatedly, I rose to my feet and cut him short. “Since we made everyone bid for Fuller Corporation’s audit, we shall see if Harrison Credit is worthy enough to win the project. As for my company’s situation, I think I know it better than you. You should return home and wait for the news instead, Mr. Harrison.”

Then, I left the lounge and headed for my car.

As I started the engine, I recalled what he said. There was some truth to his words, but I could not believe it as a whole. After all, Fuller Corporation had suffered losses from delays of payments before, so this is nothing out of the ordinary.

Nonetheless, I could not assume that there was nothing wrong with Fuller Corporation either.

When I drove back to my office, I was surprised to see Jared there, and it seemed like he had been waiting for me.

At the sight of me, he put down the magazine in his hands and greeted, “How was the bidding?”

“It was alright.” Then, I stared at the lunch box on the desk. Raising my brows, I asked, “What is this?”

“It’s the soup Devon made, and it helps with reducing morning sickness.” He explained while stepping forward to open the lunch box.

I remembered the serving he gave me this morning. It seemed to work as I did not feel nauseous the whole morning since I had some. I guess the soup is effective.

“Thank you!” I gratefully exclaimed and returned to my seat. Then, looking at him suspiciously, I jabbed, “Are you only here to send me soup?”

“Nope!” He replied truthfully. “Have you decided which company to select after the bidding?”

I shook my head. With regards to the selection, it was quite a headache. “I instructed Stacey to come up with a more detailed report. Once it is submitted to me, I will make my choice.”

As though he was disapproving it, he frowned. “Don’t you realize that if Harrison Credit doesn’t get through, AC Credit would be the next best choice?”

Truth be told, there was a huge chance for AC Credit to be selected. I lifted my gaze and stared back at him. “What is the real reason behind why Ashton wants to switch from AC Credit?”

“You should ask him directly!” He advised and defended, “There must be a reason why Ashton chose Harrison Credit.”

This was too complicated, and I did not want to think too much about it. Therefore, I changed the topic. “Once we confirm the bidding results of the audit, I may have to go on a business trip. For my trip, I will need your help to prepare some medicine that I can take along with me.”

Having to be out often, there would be times where I would get tired. Jared had good medical knowledge, and it would probably help to have some of his medicine with me.

Acknowledging my request, he signaled for me to drink the soup. Otherwise, it would turn cold soon.

Before I could take more than two sips, my phone rang. It was Macy. She must have woken up since it was already afternoon.

Picking up the call, Macy exclaimed before I could even speak, “Scarlett, I am at the police station. Please come here!”

I was shocked. Why is she at the police station?

The call ended before I could ask any further. Hurriedly, I grabbed my bag and rushed outside. “What happened?” Jared stopped me to ask.

“Macy is at the police station. I have to go there.”

“Let me go with you!” Jared offered.

Without rejecting him, we arrived at the police station together and spotted Macy at the observation area. When the policeman on duty saw me, he confirmed, “Are you Ms. Stovall?”

I nodded and anxiously enquired, “Why are you detaining Macy? What happened?”

“Ms. Markle is involved in the illegal reselling of kyanine. She will need to be questioned, and I hope you can cooperate with us Ms. Stovall.” The policeman sternly requested.

I broke out in cold sweat. Drugs?

How could Macy be involved in such things?

Grabbing the policeman, I agitatedly raised my voice and rebuked, “Sir, Macy can’t be involved in something like that. I’m sure there is some misunderstanding, so I hope you can clear it up.”

Seeing how emotional I was, the policeman furrowed his eyebrows and assured me. “Ms. Stovall, don’t worry. We will carry out a thorough investigation. There are some questions we have to ask you personally though, so I hope you can come with us.”


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