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In Love, Never Say Never Chapter 47

“Ah, Scarlett…”

I ignored her whining and went back to my bedroom. Then, I continued on with my work for Fuller Corporation. Tomorrow, the bidding for the audit would begin.

At first, I thought the middle-aged man would reappear that night. After forgetting about him, he had not appeared for a while.

The details of the situation was unclear to me.

The next morning, the sun rays already spilt into the apartment by eight. The weather in J City was getting hotter, but Macy was a night owl, so she was still sleeping.

Meanwhile, my body clock woke me up after being so busy for the past few days.

When I arrived at the office in a hurry, Stacey immediately handed me the documents she prepared. She suggested, “Let’s go straight to the bidding venue.”

Nodding, I brought the documents and my laptop to head out of the office with her.

While waiting for the elevator, I bumped into Ashton and Jared. The latter casually passed me a lunch box. “Devon made some soup for you that will be good for your recovery. I heard that you were vomiting quite badly recently, but I guess it is a side effect of the miscarriage. You should take some time to rest.”

Initially, I was worried that Ashton would notice that something was wrong. Thankfully, Jared phrased it well, and I gratefully responded, “Thank you!”

On the other hand, his boss had a gloomy expression, and I could not tell what he was thinking about. It was hard to figure out what he was feeling and who I was to him. How does he feel about me?

Ding! The elevator doors opened, and four of us entered it. No one dared to speak, as the atmosphere seemed cold.

When we finally got out, Stacey cautiously inquired, “Ms. Stovall, Mr. Fuller and you…”

“We don’t have much time. Let’s get to the bidding venue as soon as possible!” I cut her off and changed the topic. Since I met Ashton at the restaurant that day, we had not seen nor spoken to each other.

Just as we arrived at the bidding venue, we bumped into Nick. Just my luck! He stepped forward immediately after seeing my arrival, and with vigor, he exclaimed, “Scarlett, you are here!”

I hate how he pretended to be close to me. Nonetheless, I politely nodded and entered the site. There were more people here today because they all wanted to fight for the audit of Fuller Corporation.

The bidding exercise went on for a while, and my head began to hurt. Seeing how uncomfortable I seemed, Stacey brought me to the lounge and handed me a glass of water. “Ms. Stovall, for the bidding, there are still a few more companies to go. If you don’t feel well, we can head to the hospital.”

I shook my head. Anyway, I had already listened to the majority of them. I gulped the water down then instructed, “For the remaining companies, you can keep those that you deem suitable. Otherwise, forget about them.”

After listening to so many companies’ speeches, I could roughly gauge the rankings. While I rested in the lounge, Stacey listened to the remaining session in my place.

To be a mother was not an easy task. Someone as tough as me would make mistakes in such situations too.

“A penny for your thoughts?” Abruptly, a cold voice sounded in a mocking tone.

I saw Nick in my peripheral vision. Frowning, I scoffed, “Aren’t you supposed to be preparing for the bid? What are you doing here?”

“I’m concerned about you!” Then, he walked behind me and massaged my temples. His hands were strong, and the amount of power he used was just right. At first, I wanted to move away, but he held me in place.”

“Stop pretending you’re okay.” He chided.

Without the energy to struggle against his grip, I went along with it. Not long after, my headache reduced into a mild throb.

Loosening his grip, Nick muttered, “How does it feel now?”

I smiled. “I feel a lot better. Thank you!”

Settling down in an empty spot, he no longer had the frivolous expression on his face. Sternly, he commented, “What is your relationship with Ashton?”

What a boring topic. I narrowed my eyes before questioning, “Aren’t you supposed to be concerned about the bidding results by now instead?”

He chuckled. “Well, I’m more concerned about you.”

I ignored him. At that moment, Stacey walked in. The bidding event must be over. She informed me that all the relevant information had been put together for comparison.

From the pile, I picked out a few suitable candidates and instructed, “Can you draw up a report and compare the audits that these companies have done in the past two years? After you have filtered them, you can submit it to me.”

Stacey took the documents from me and nodded. Glancing at Nick, she hesitantly offered, “Ms. Stovall, should I send you back or…”

“Ms. Holmes, you can get back to work. I will send her home!” Nick immediately chirped.

However, Stacey still looked at me to see if I agreed. I looked at Nick, then shrugged. “You can leave.”

After Stacey left, I turned to Nick and stated, “If you keep beating around the bush, I don’t mind waiting for you to get to the point.”

He would not show up here for no reason. After the whole time he had been here, he still did not reveal his true intentions. What a waste of time!

In response to how direct I was, he pouted. “Scarlett, it is not always a good thing for a woman to be so clever.”

I could not bother to deal with him anymore, so I took my bag, preparing to leave.

Stopping me, he finally uttered, “Fuller Corporation’s audit is crucial to its future. Aren’t you curious about why Ashton chose to partner with me instead of AC Credit, whom they have partnered with for a long time?”


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