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In Love, Never Say Never Chapter 46

Realizing that I was about to vomit, he was stunned and got up immediately. He anxiously cursed, “You only ate fish. Why would you feel like vomiting? Are you pregnant?”

His words made me break out in cold sweat.

However, there was no time for me to waste and ponder over it. Within seconds, I ran to the restroom and spent a long time emptying my stomach’s contents into the toilet. When my stomach finally began to settle down, I turned around to see Ashton standing there rigidly.

“Scarlett, we should bring you to the hospital,” he stated gruffly. His low tone sounded emotionless and unfriendly.

“No, I don’t want to go there.” Shoving past him, I left the restroom.

Unfortunately, he managed to grab my wrist, and in the heat of the moment, I gave him a death glare. “Ashton, I told you to leave me alone.”

I paused for a while and continued, “Besides, if there is nothing wrong with your memory, I wonder if you have thought about what I told you last night. I want a divorce with you as soon as possible.”

His eyes turned dark. “Scarlett, do you know what you’re doing?”

“Of course!” I scoffed. Glaring at him, I tried to hold in my laughter. “While you’ve been meticulously taking care of Rebecca, our relationship is still ambiguous. Do you enjoy being entangled with two women at the same time?”

His face turned pale, and his lips were pressed into a thin line. I knew he was angry, but it was the truth. Although I might be too straightforward, he had to face the truth someday.

“What do you want me to do?” There was helplessness in his tone when he finally spoke after an awkward pause.

I froze for a while before I replied, “Let’s file for a divorce. We can cut our ties and live our lives separately.”

“I can’t do that!” He yelled in frustration with his eyebrows pinched together.

Turning to him, I chuckled, “Otherwise, you can choose to stay away from Rebecca instead. Give her some money and ask her to get out of your life.”

“Scarlett, who are you to decide what I should do with my life?” Rebecca suddenly snarled.

I looked past Ashton to see her. Seeing the angry look on her face, I mocked, “Who am I? Well, based on the fact that Ashton doesn’t want to divorce me and I am his lawful wife, it gives me a right to say that. He can’t even let me go.”

“You…” Rebecca stuttered as her face gradually turned red. She was fuming and wanted to rebut me, but I was not interested in dragging things out.

Therefore, I chose to return to my seat. Grabbing my bag, I left.

Nick followed behind me.

“What is it?” I turned back and questioned him.

“Can you give me a ride? I didn’t drive here today,” he whined.

Scanning him from head to toe, I choked out a response, “You aren’t heading the same way.”

Then, I got into my car and started the engine.

“Hey, I haven’t told you the address. How are you so sure that we are going in separate directions?” He complained.

In the following days, my morning sickness became more serious. To avoid Ashton, I found refuge in Glenwood Apartments. Previously, when Macy planned to settle down in J City, we each bought a two-room apartment. That way, we could look out for each other.

After I got married to Ashton, I stayed in the villa instead, and it had been some time since I returned here. On a positive note, Macy took care of the chores here, making it more comfortable for me to stay.

Seeing the state I was in after vomiting, she poured a glass of warm water for me. In a serious tone, she suspiciously asked, “Scarlett, tell me the truth. You didn’t go through with the abortion, right?”

I was not planning to hide it from her anyway, so I took a sip from the cup and nodded. “I did not.”

She paused for a few seconds in surprise and gently responded, “What are you planning to do then?”

“After I divorce Ashton, I will move to Q City and raise my child by myself.” This had always been my plan.

Rolling her eyes, she sighed. “I’m not referring to that. I meant, what are you going to do in this period of time? With the state you are in, it’s already obvious to me. Every day, you are living under Ashton’s nose. Do you think he is an idiot and would not notice?”

I know that, but how can I leave? How can I possibly pack up my things and leave immediately?

If I leave abruptly, Ashton would definitely get suspicious.

After thinking about it, I called Jared. It did not take long for the call to go through.

After the lesson I learnt when Ashton picked up the call the last time, I waited for Jared to speak first. “Dr. Crest, do you have any solution to suppress or reduce morning sickness?”

Macy discreetly inched towards me and whispered beside my ear, “Who is Dr. Crest? How can he help you?”

Instead of giving her a reply, I silently waited for Jared’s answer. “There is a medication for it. However, it may be harmful, and I don’t recommend that you use it. I will consult with Devon tomorrow instead and see whether there are other less harmful medications that you can take to tackle your morning sickness.”

“Sure. Thank you, Dr. Crest,” I thanked him.

“No problem!”

After I hung up, Macy probed, “What is your relationship with Dr. Crest?”

I playfully pushed her head away and left the bedroom. “Don’t be nosy and go to sleep already.”


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