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In Love, Never Say Never Chapter 45

He narrowed his eyes a fraction, those black orbs glowing slightly. “Scarlett, do you think I’m incapable of doing a good job for Fuller Corporation’s audit?”

My brows lifted, but I refrained from being too direct. With a smile, I said, “You established Harrison Credit at a very young age. Naturally, I believe in your capabilities. But after all, we’ve never worked together before and we don’t know each other well, so Fuller Corporation will be holding a bidding event in the coming days. When the time comes, Harrison Credit will have to prove themselves. If Fuller Corporation’s audit ends up being handed to Harrison Credit, then I hope to have a pleasant cooperation with you, Mr. Harrison.”

“It doesn’t matter!” he huffed. Supporting his chin with a hand, he looked at me with squinted eyes. “It looks like you don’t really trust me, Scarlett!”

My brows drew together slightly as I disliked how he was acting overly familiar with me. “That’s not it, Mr. Harrison.”

“So you think I’m young?” He pushed the food that was just served toward me, his eyes never once leaving mine. “Don’t you think younger men are more passionate, Scarlett?”

Unable to continue this anymore, I stood up and announced, “I will notify you about the date of the bidding as soon as possible. If there’s nothing else, I’ll take my leave first!”

He grabbed my wrist with some force. “Why are you in such a hurry?” He drew out his words and looked out of the restaurant.

Out of instinct, I followed his gaze and met Ashton’s gloomy eyes.

When I glimpsed Rebecca standing beside him, I withdrew my gaze and forcefully tried jerking my hand away from Nick. However, this kid seemed to have a death grip on me.

I frowned and hissed with displeasure, “Let go!”

“Let’s watch the show together first!” With that, he pulled me back down onto my seat and pressed down on my shoulders while flashing a smile at Ashton and Rebecca as they walked in. “Mr. Fuller, what a coincidence! Join us!”

Upset, my face turned icy. “What are you doing?”

“Watching the show!” he merely said, then took the seat next to mine.

Wearing a solemn expression, Ashton walked over with Rebecca, and both of them sat opposite us.

Rebecca had of course seen me since just now. She no longer continued to act friendly, casting me a cold look instead.

I preferred it like this anyway. Couldn’t be bothered with them, I fished out my phone to busy myself with something.

Nick’s enthusiastic voice sounded just then. “Mr. Fuller, Ms. Larson, what would you both like to eat? Allow me.”

I felt the urge to laugh. Didn’t he call him ‘old boy’ just a while ago? Now it’s Mr. Fuller?

Ashton gave him an indifferent glance, then looked at Rebecca. “What do you want to eat?”

This was a habit engraved deep in him. It was impossible to get rid of it.

Rebecca said she was fine with anything, then remained silent. Nick, on the other hand, was a pain in the a** as he kept trying to get me to talk. If he wasn’t blocking my way, I would’ve left by now.

“Letty, are you busy later? Do you wanna go for a movie with me?” It was clear that Nick was trying to stir up trouble. A minute ago, he was still calling me Scarlett. Now, he was shamelessly calling me Letty.

Since when did we become that close?

“I’m busy!” I snapped, then didn’t say another word.

I could vaguely sense Ashton’s eyes on me and ignored him.

Seeing how unresponsive I was, Nick turned to Ashton and rambled on, “Mr. Fuller, I heard that you’re very close to Ms. Larson. My mom even said that she wants you two to come for a meal at Pear Garden sometime!”

“Thank Ms. Anderson on my behalf,” Ashton replied with a stoic expression.

“Is Ms. Anderson the fashion magnate you mentioned last time?” Rebecca asked, an intrigued light entering her eyes.

Seeing this, Nick immediately dived into the topic. “Do you know my mom too, Ms. Larson?”

Rebecca’s eyes gleamed as she responded, “So she’s your mother. She’s known as the Queen of Fashion in Western and Northern Europe, as well as locally. I also heard that Ms. Anderson manages two listed companies. Last time, she ranked third on Forbes List, and she’s the richest woman in the world!”

Nick’s mother is Cameron Anderson? I read about Cameron Anderson in financial magazines before. She was the typical career woman people in this era looked up to. I never expected her to be Nick’s mother.

Once both of them found a common topic, they began to chat excitedly. I was already bored enough, but now, I wanted to leave desperately.

Finally, the two of them stopped talking once the food was served.

“Letty, I hope you like what I ordered for you. It’s very nutritious and it tastes bomb too!” Nick seemed to have hit his head on something because he started cutting up my food as he spoke affectionately to me.

For the sake of maintaining the peace, I didn’t comment on it, but I frowned slightly and protested, “I can do it myself!”

He ignored me, his eyes darting to Ashton who was busy tending to Rebecca. Then, he exclaimed with admiration sprawled on his face, “Mr. Fuller, you’re so sweet to Ms. Larson. I can see that you really care for her!”

Rebecca’s lips arched upward, obviously delighted by what he said. Ashton, however, frowned in response as his eyes found me.

I remained expressionless and bowed my head, turning a blind eye to everything.

As long as I didn’t take it to heart, I’d be fine.

I took a small bite of the cut meat on my plate, but before I could chew it, my stomach turned violently. Slapping a hand on my mouth, I frantically signaled Nick to let me out.


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