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In Love, Never Say Never Chapter 44

“Inform me beforehand?” I interjected. My eyes darted to hers before I explained, “I’m not Ashton’s only subordinate. If he has to explain every little thing word by word, then what’s the point of employing so many people? He might as well do everything on his own.”

“But you’re his wife!”

I found it funny, looking at her to say, “Yes, I’m his wife. Putting aside the fact that he’s not satisfied with me as his wife, even if he was, he’s still the president of Fuller Corporation, while I’m the director. In the company, we are superior and subordinate. If I’m so stupid that I need him to point out everything, he might as well tell me to go home and be a full-time housewife!”

In the world, pure intelligence would get you nowhere; only experience slowly accumulated from hard and laborious work would bring you far.

Back in my office, Stacey made a dinner appointment with the president of Harrison Credit. I didn’t mention last night’s incident to anyone, only keeping it locked up in my heart and bearing it on my own.

Fortunately, the company was huge, so I didn’t have to meet Ashton if there wasn’t anything of utmost importance. To distract myself from thinking about how he was going to handle the matters between us, I poured myself into my work.

After a whole day of work, it was finally time to clock out. Stacey came into my office carrying her bag. “Ms. Stovall, do you need me to follow you for your dinner appointment with Mr. Harrison from Harrison Credit tonight?”

It took me a while to recall my appointment. Sensing that she was eager to leave, I shook my head. “It’s fine. Just give me the address and I’ll head there alone in a bit.”

She smiled and answered, “Thank you, Ms. Stovall. I’ve already sent the address to your phone.”

I nodded, then cupped my chin and narrowed my eyes at her. “Are you dating someone?” Stacey wasn’t young anymore. Over the last two years she worked for me, her love life was non-existent. Hence, I immediately noticed how starry-eyed she had become recently.

“No! It’s just a simple get-together with an old classmate of mine, so…” Although she phrased it like that, her face had already turned red.

With a nod, I gestured for her to go ahead without saying anything else.

People said that the eyes were the windows to the soul. I agreed, because no matter how much you verbally denied it, your eyes would betray your feelings.

After tidying up my desk, I drove directly to the address Stacey sent to me. I initially thought that the president of Harrison Credit would be a middle-aged man.

Hence, I was shocked to see that Nick Harrison was only a young man in his early twenties.

“Scarlett Stovall?” Upon spotting me, Nick stood up from his seat and raised his brows at me.

I offered him a cordial smile. “Mr. Harrison?”

“Please, don’t call me Mr. Harrison. It makes me sound so old. Just call me Nick.” Nick had well-shaped eyebrows and defined features. When he spoke, two dimples would occasionally appear on his cheeks, making him look very cute. However, the look in his eyes showed that he was wise beyond his years.

It seemed like this kid was quite capable.

I made my way to the table and took a seat. Nick smiled at me cutely as he asked, “What do you want to eat, Scarlett? I’ll order it for you!”

For someone of his age, I wasn’t surprised that he had immediately dropped the formalities.

“I’m not a picky eater,” I answered while putting my bag aside and then raised my head as he looked through the menu.

After expertly placing our orders, he rested his chin on his palm and squinted at me. “You’re even more beautiful than I expected!”

I raised my brows. “Is Harrison Credit your company?” From the looks of it, this kid was about twenty-three years old. Even though Harrison Credit wasn’t considered a large firm, there was definitely a reason Ashton chose them. I was surprised that a kid was capable of managing a company like that.

He slumped against the table and answered in a rather disinterested tone, “Yeah. I was bored in university, so I founded Harrison Credit just for fun.” Then, he tilted his head at me. “Let’s talk about something else, Scarlett.”

He really is a kid.

I nodded. “Sure. What do you wanna talk about?”

He instantly perked up, straightening in his seat and sending me an imploring gaze. “Are you and Old boy planning to get a divorce?”

I blinked in bewilderment. “Old boy?”

He hummed a response and explained, “Ashton is already thirty plus years old, so if he’s not an old boy what is he? You’re only twenty-six, Scarlett. Do you really plan to be with him for the rest of your life?”

I was stupefied by what he said for a moment, unable to formulate a response. In the end, I smiled wryly and asked, “Are you that interested in my private life?”

“Of course!” He nodded and regarded me seriously. “Hasn’t anyone ever told you how beautiful you are, Scarlett? Especially how you just radiate elegance.”

I smiled at this peculiar young man and said succinctly, “Thank you!”

“What do you think about me, Scarlett? Am I your type?” There was no end to this kid’s peculiarity.

After drinking some water, I glanced at him and avoided his question. “Do you think you’ll be able to successfully complete Fuller Corporation’s annual audit if I hand it over to you?”

Seeing that I had changed the subject, he pursed his lips and sprawled on the table again, speaking in a feeble voice, “I’ll only know after doing it, so how am I supposed to answer your question now, Scarlett?”

I furrowed my brows, slightly reluctant to continue the conversation. “Fuller Corporation has recently gone public, so there’s a lot of funds involved. I’m sure you know better than me how the slightest mistake can lead to a colossal loss. Since I’m the person-in-charge this year, of course I’d have to be more mindful!”


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