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In Love, Never Say Never Chapter 43

I nodded as my head buzzed slightly. After reviewing Fuller Corporation’s financial statements, I moved on to Quinn Corporation’s.

Noticing that I kept yawning, Stacey brought me a cup co coffee and asked, “By the way, Ms. Stovall, will the company’s external audit be given to AC Credit or Harrison Credit?”

Thinking about this problem made my head spin. The middle-aged man from yesterday asked me to hold a tender, but left everything else vague.

Perhaps I could use this to my advantage. I contemplated for a while before answering, “How long will the audit take?”

“In previous years, it took about half a month, but I think this year, it’ll take at least one month!” Stacey spoke while placing the audit information from the previous years on my desk.

I gave it a cursory glance, already feeling a pounding headache as I queried, “How much longer do we have this year?” Every year, the company’s audit had to be published on the Economic Network upon completion. Fuller Corporation is a listed company, so many stockholders and investors were waiting to see it.

“Not much, there’s only one and a half months left, but Fuller Corporation has branch offices in other provinces. Although you don’t need to visit every branch office, you’d still need to visit a few of them. Otherwise, there’s no way for you to understand the specific situation.”

I nodded and put away the documents. Checking the time and seeing that it was already noon, I looked at Stacey and ordered, “I need to meet the president of Harrison Credit. Make an appointment for me. The sooner the better!”

“Yes!” She paused a beat before continuing, “Do you still want to see the president of AC Credit?”

I originally didn’t plan on seeing him, but thinking about what happened last night, I couldn’t help but wonder if it was all AC Credit’s scheme to grab this deal.

After giving it some thought, I replied, “I’ll see him. Did AC send some of their people over again today?”

“Well,” Stacey hesitated before continuing, “The president of AC Credit, Thomas Lowe, is waiting in the reception area downstairs.”

The president himself came here? It seems that Fuller Corporation’s audit is indeed a big catch.

“Make a reservation at a restaurant nearby for me.” I got up and took my bag with me. “Do it quick. I’ll go down to meet Mr. Lowe first.”

“Yes!” Stacey left in a rush after that.

Once out of my office, I went straight to Fuller Corporation’s reception area. Fuller Corporation was based in an enormous office building, and with its abundant funds, a luxurious and relaxing reception area was set up in the lobby on the first floor to welcome any guests.

Most employees were on their lunch break now, so there weren’t many people left. Hence, when I arrived at the reception area, I immediately spotted a middle-aged man sitting on the black leather sofa. Thomas seemed like a buoyant person, and I noticed that he looked rather fit for his age.

Seeing me, he got to his feet and walked toward me with a smile. Extending his hand out for a handshake, he greeted me, “Ms. Stovall, I’m the founder of AC Credit, Thomas Lowe. I’m glad you could meet me!”

I returned his smile and said, “Sorry for the wait, Mr. Lowe, but I’ve really been very busy lately, so I couldn’t find the time to meet you until now.” I checked the time on my watch, then looked back at him. “Since it’s currently lunch hour, would you like to have lunch together, Mr. Lowe?”

He smiled subtly and nodded. “Sure, Ms. Stovall. And thank you in advance!”

Both of us didn’t talk about work just yet. When we arrived at the restaurant Stacey pre-booked for us, Thomas still didn’t mention anything about the audit.

He only shared with me some interesting events in his life, and it looked more like a gathering between two friends. Since he didn’t bring up work-related matters, I refrained from it as well, only quietly listening to his narration.

After some time, he peered at me and asked, “Ms. Stovall, I heard that you’re responsible for Fuller Corporation’s audit this year?”

I nodded brusquely. “After the company went public, Mr. Fuller and Mr. Quinn basically don’t have any spare time on their hands, so I had to temporarily take over this project.”

He smiled. “In the past years, Fuller Corporation’s audits were all handled by AC Credit, and now…”

He trailed off, but of course I knew what he meant. With an amicable smile, I replied, “Fuller Corporation and AC Credit have worked together for many years. Logically speaking, AC should be put in charge, but AC’s contract with Fuller Corporation has expired. According to our standard practice, Fuller Corporation will organize a bidding event. Of course, I hope AC and Fuller Corporation can once again cooperate after this bidding.”

This revelation led to the conclusion of our discussion. Thomas smiled, replying in a polished manner, “Mm. We are also looking forward to working with Fuller Corporation.”

After lunch, I sent Thomas off. Stacey followed beside me and questioned, “Ms. Stovall, didn’t Mr. Fuller want this year’s audit to be handed over to Harrison Credit? Why do we need to hold a bidding event?”

“If we don’t, Fuller Corporation won’t just offend AC Credit, but many other audit firms. AC has been in this business for a long time. Moreover, they’ve been working with Fuller Corporation all these years. If we terminate the collaboration just like that, do you think they won’t create a ruckus by using Fuller Corporation’s past audits?”

Another reason I agreed to meet Thomas was that I wanted to see if he had something to do with last night’s incident, but after glimpsing the reluctant look on his face after I mentioned the bidding event, I doubt that he was involved.

However, I couldn’t be too sure. Thus, I decided to keep an eye out.

Stacey nodded with a frown on her face. “Then, why didn’t Mr. Fuller…”


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