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In Love, Never Say Never Chapter 41

“So what if you’re married to her? You don’t love her. Didn’t you say you love me, Ash? My body is all recovered now. Let’s have another child, okay?”


What came next were the sounds of a man and woman getting intimate with each other. I squeezed my eyes shut and struggled to tune out those sounds.

The harder I tried not to listen, the more I was tormented by those noises.

As Rebecca’s moans became louder, my body trembled violently. I even felt nausea rise in me and started to dry heave.

I had always known that there was something going on between Rebecca and Ashton, so I wasn’t surprised that they had slept together. However, I never expected to have to listen to them right in the act, nor did I want to know anything about how passionate they were in bed.

It lasted for a long time. By then, I had already thrown up everything in my stomach and my whole body felt drained of energy. I sat limply on the bed, and my heart started to crack, shattering into a million pieces that were impossible to pick back up.

“Ms. Stovall, how was the show? Entertaining enough?” The door was opened, and the plump man walked in. I could clearly hear the smile in his voice, making me feel disgusted.

Even though I couldn’t see his face, I looked straight into his eyes and spat, “Is Rebecca behind this?”

Apart from her, I couldn’t think of anyone else who would do something so disgusting.

“Does it matter?” He snickered. “I’m sure you must be in a special mood after listening to such a good show, Ms. Stovall!”

“What do you want?” They wouldn’t have gone through all the trouble to kidnap me just to spite me. There was no way things were that simple.

“Clever woman!” The plump man raised his voice and continued, “I heard that you’re in charge of Fuller Corporation’s audit this year, Ms. Stovall. I wonder if you’d be interested in making a deal with me?”

I scoffed derisively. “What makes you think that I’d make a deal with you after you’ve used such dirty means to bring me here to spite me?”

He pondered for a while and said in a low voice, “The baby in your belly, Ms. Stovall.” I was stunned, instantly breaking out in cold sweat. How did he know?

He seemed to be satisfied with my reaction, smiling lightly as he said, “What do you think? It seems to me like you don’t want Mr. Fuller to know. I’m guessing you have your own plans. If that’s the case, we might as well work together. What do you say?”

“What exactly do you want?” Whoever got to handle Fuller Corporation’s external audit would make a lot of money. Hence, it was normal that someone would fight to get their hands on it, but this method was too despicable.

“An open tender for Fuller Corporation’s audit!” he answered.

I was taken aback and my brows knitted together. “That’s it?”

“That’s right. As long as you agree, you have my word that henceforth, you and the child in your belly will be safe. I will make sure that nothing happens to you,” he said in a very convincing tone.

My frown deepened. “Why should I trust you?”

“Because you don’t have a choice, Ms. Stovall!” His reply grated on my nerves.

Despite my frustration, I had to get myself out of this situation first and figure out the rest later on, so I looked at him and nodded. “Fine!”

He grinned in return. “Then it’s a deal!”

After that, he motioned to the thin man to cover my eyes again. “Is this necessary?” I frowned.

His chuckle reached my ears. “Don’t worry, Ms. Stovall. We’ll send you back the same way we brought you here!”

Later on, I was pushed into a car. My hearing sharpened due to my lack of sight, but I fell asleep not long after.

When I came to again, not only was I back in the underground car park, but I was also inside my own car. Everything around me was the same, as though what happened earlier was nothing but a dream.

I fumbled for my phone to check the time and found that it was twelve midnight already. I could hardly believe that in the past two hours, I had experienced a life-and-death situation.

Fear still lingered in my heart, so I didn’t stay in the car park for long, hastily starting the car and heading back to the villa.

My emotions were all over the place.

Back at the villa, when I stepped in and saw the man looking through some documents in the living room, the earlier sounds of their lovemaking flooded my mind.

A retching sound escaped my lips. Before I could even change my shoes, I made a run for the bathroom and retched in the sink. I had already vomited quite a lot earlier, so there was nothing left for me to throw up now.

“What did you eat?” His low and icy voice reached my ears.

I was trembling all over and my stomach felt awful. He stepped forward and reached out to stroke my back, but the sounds they made overwhelmed my senses and I felt sick to the core. I snapped my head up and shoved him away.

Ignoring the dark look on his face, I immediately dashed up the stairs.

Once in the bedroom, I locked the door. Knowing what had transpired in here, my stomach turned. I quickly opened all the windows and changed all the sheets on the bed.

Knock, knock! Two rapid knocks sounded on the door. “Open the door, Scarlett!” The man’s voice had a dangerous undertone.

As my mind was swamped by those revolting sounds they made, not to mention the discomfort in my stomach was unbearable, I automatically tuned out everything that was happening beyond the door.

Desperate to get rid of his scent in the room, I cleaned every inch of the space. When I was done, I felt disgusted by my own body. After taking off my clothes, I went into the bathroom and turned on the shower to full blast, wanting so badly to wash off every part of me that he had touched.


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